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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Raising the Military Age, Surplus Earnings Tax, and School Labor: What Laws Did Vladimir Putin Sign?

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 22:43:45

Russian President Vladimir Putin.



Most of the laws signed by Vladimir Putin concern the army and everything related to it. In particular, the recruits are now older.

The conscription age in Russia is now extended to 30 years (was – up to 27). At the same time, the minimum recruitment age remains at the same level – 18 years. In other words, anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can now be drafted into the military.

The fact that it is necessary to increase the age of recruitment has been said before. Then Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed making the age of conscription from 21 to 30 and gradually changing it. Actually, as he suggested, the upper bar was raised immediately, but the lower one remained at the same level. That is, there will be no transition period. The law will enter into force on January 1, 2024.

What is important! The law is not retroactive. In other words, citizens who turn 27 this year become conscripts and will not be called up in 2024.


The same law regulates the issues of conclusion of military contracts. Recruits or shopkeepers may celebrate it for one year or less:

– during emergency situations (including natural disasters);

– participate in boat trips;

– maintain international peace and security;

– suppress international terrorist activities outside the country.

And if mobilization, martial law or wartime is announced in Russia, then the contract can be concluded:

– for one year or less with those who are in reserve;

– for a year with recruits or shopkeepers.


A Russian conscript who has received a summons is automatically restricted from leaving the country. Such a law was also signed by Vladimir Putin. This is a temporary ban. As soon as the recruit reaches the draft board, he will be removed and the borders will open again.

The conscription age in Russia has now been raised to 30.

Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA


Money and accounts of foreign citizens who are subject to sanctions in Russia will be blocked. This applies not only to individuals, but also to countries, organizations, and individuals with and without citizenship, as well as all legal entities that fall within these categories. All transactions with money or property fall under the block. If someone tries to circumvent this ban, then the bank that helps in this may lose its license.


Russian business assets will now be transferred under Russian jurisdiction faster. This is another law signed by Vladimir Putin. This document will allow through the courts to eliminate foreigners (individuals or companies) from hostile countries from the structure of the owners of our companies.


Now they will be easier. According to the law, which was also signed by Vladimir Putin, the Ministry of Defense for the needs of the army in a special operation may enter into contracts in any form, if purchases are made from only one supplier. According to experts, this will help to significantly reduce red tape and eliminate red tape during small purchases for military units. By the way, the law even allows you to pay in cash.

The Ministry of Defense for the needs of the army in a special operation may enter into contracts in any form, if purchases are made from a single supplier.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV


People who have access to state secrets or simply classified information must notify the FSB and the SVR (foreign intelligence service) before traveling abroad.

Even under this law, the list of reasons why state secrets cannot be allowed is expanding. Permission will not be granted if you or your family members have foreign real estate or foreign bank accounts.


– A law was signed on the compulsory participation of schoolchildren in socially useful work.

– As of the 2024-2025 academic year, the subject “Fundamentals of Homeland Security and Defense” will appear. He will replace the

– Starting this academic year, graduates will receive silver medals “For Special Achievement in Teaching” II degree.


Companies that have received excess profits will pay an additional tax: 10%. This is a one-time payment that will affect only those organizations that earned more than a billion rubles in 2021-2022.

By the way, there are exceptions to this law. Small and medium-sized companies, oil and gas companies or coal miners are exempt from paying additional taxes.


The management company cannot be changed more than once a year. The purpose of this law is to combat the foreclosure of residential buildings. More than once there have been cases when a management company invested its funds, laid out all the procedures, and then a competitor came, bribed the owners (or falsified the minutes of the residents’ meeting) and took control of the house.


– The National Guard will now be able to have heavy military equipment on duty.

– The security forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and private security companies will be able to stop the movement of aerial, underwater, surface and other drones;

– For working in non-registered foreign non-governmental organizations you can face up to two years in prison;

– Penalties of up to 400 thousand rubles have been introduced for violation of traffic regulations for heavy or large foreign vehicles.

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