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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Results of the “New Season”: the most anticipated series – “The Boy’s Word” by Kryzhovnikov, opening of the festival – director Daria Moroz

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 16:53:12

Gavriil Gordeev presents the award to Daria Moroz

Photo: provided by the organizers.

On September 12, the closing ceremony of the New Season online film festival took place at the Rosa Khutor resort. Let us remember that for almost a week the platforms presented new projects (20 films in total), which all guests of the festival could see and then vote on in the “New Season” application. Let’s add that the films screened at the festival have not yet been released and will be presented exclusively on various online platforms.

On the occasion of the closing, the organizers of the New Season, producers, directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, actors and simply guests of the festival met in the Rosa Hall concert hall. Among the stars were Daria Moroz, Maxim Matveev, Andrei Merzlikin, Sergei Burunov, Alla Sigalova, Vladimir Yaglich and many others.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: provided by the organizers.

Young actress Liza Ishchenko took the stage to announce the hero of the “New Season”. The winners were named starting from third place.

1st place – Denis Vlasenko, “Matvey Passion”.

2nd place: Ivan Yankovsky, series “The Word of the Child.” The award was received by Sergei Burunov, who plays Ivan’s “on-screen” father.

3rd place: Alexey Guskov, TV series “Bonanza”.

“Thank you very much! Very nice. Love will win,” said Denis Vlasenko from the stage.

Denis Vlasenko

Photo: provided by the organizers.

The heroine, or rather, the heroines of the “New Season”, were named by Vladimir Yaglich: “They called me to announce the most beautiful thing in cinema – these are the actresses.”

Vladimir Yaglich

Photo: provided by the organizers.

1st place: Victoria Isakova, “The Sleepwalkers”, Maria Matsel (“Black Cloud”, Valeria Zoidova (“Passion for Matthew”).

2nd place: Anastasia Krasovskaya, “The Child’s Word.”

3rd place: Yulia Snigir, “Bonanza”.

Sergei Burunov

Photo: provided by the organizers.

“Best Picture” was announced by Sergei Burunov.

1st place – “Matvey Passion”, director Sergei Ilyin.

2nd place – “Unidad Montevideo”, director Tatyana Lyutaeva.

3rd place – “Sleepwalkers”, director Yuri Moroz.

Let’s add that Sergei’s film “The Passion of Matthew” was his debut.

Sergei Ilyin with his partner

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

“The most anticipated series” was announced by Andrey Merzlikin. The actor began by joking: “It’s a good name for the series. For the first seven years I watched Goodnight Little Ones, I liked the first few seasons. Then I went to school and again something went wrong and then it was fine again. We came here during beach season and we are leaving for ski season. And thanks to all the organizers and actors! “You tore my heart.”

Andrey Merzlikin

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

1st place: “The Child’s Word”, director Zhora Kryzhovnikov (Andrey Pershin – real name).

2nd place – “Sex. Before and after”, directed by Daria Moroz.

3rd place – “Black Cloud”, director Karen Oganesyan.

Before announcing the winner, Merzlikin joked again:

“Andrés! I understand that you can’t do that. But I’m willing to play bench with you!

Zhora Kryzhovnikova

Photo: provided by the organizers.

Andrey aka Zhora came on stage and encouraged everyone to join his production company MMKS.

The winner of the special nomination “Opening of the new season” was named by the chairman of the festival’s board of directors Gavriil Gordeev. The owner of this honorary title was Daria Moroz.

Daria Moroz

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

“I can now officially include the word “director” on my resume. It’s great to be open to colleagues at 40 years old. Thanks to the festival, Slava Dusmukhametov, thanks to my team, thanks to OKK, for what everyone will see soon. As an artist, I am very damaging. I always appreciate professionalism and it turns out that it has helped me a lot in the director’s profession. My dad told me, “Don’t become an artist, but now I can say it was a journey from start to finish,” Daria Moroz said.

Nika Zhukova

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

Victoria Vlasova

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

Irina Starshenbaum

Photo: provided by the organizers.

Gabriel Gordeev with his wife Irina

Photo: Provided by the organizers.

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