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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Retired military from the Northern Military District area will be paid 100% of their time in service – let’s find out exactly how much money they will receive

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 16:58:42

A decree was signed on a new procedure for paying military pensions to those who are in the zone of special military operations (SVO).

Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a new procedure for paying military pensions to those who are in the zone of special military operations (SVO).

The Decree, in particular, establishes:

“In order to offer additional social support measures, I decide to establish, in addition to the monetary allowance, a monthly compensation equivalent to 100 percent of the seniority pension.”

The document came into force on the date of its signature: September 11, 2023.

At the same time, the Head of State instructed the Russian government to determine the procedure for such monthly payments and ensure the financing of expenses.

And one more important point: the Decree clarifies that for military personnel who have entered into a contract, compensation will be made from February 24, 2022, and for those called to serve in the Armed Forces as part of mobilization, from September 21st. 2022.

Well, now let’s try to figure out what it all means.

First of all, this is a fair and important incentive for those who, after military service, took up arms again and, risking their lives, found themselves in the trenches.

In addition to the monetary allowance established in the zone of the Northern Military District (which is 204 thousand rubles per month and further bonuses for the successful completion of combat missions, destruction of enemy equipment, etc.), a retired serviceman will now also receive an allowance complete. payment for time of service.

To avoid misunderstandings, pay special attention to this phrase from Putin’s decree: FOR LEN OF SERVICE. It is very important to know what constitutes a military pension. Now it is calculated taking into account the rank of the serviceman, the position he holds, as well as the length of military service (length of service). And also the so-called (and not wanted by the military) reduction factor. What does this relationship mean? Yes, when entering the reserve the soldier does not receive the full pension, but only 54%. Then another 2% is added to this amount annually. And to get 100% military pension, a person has to wait up to 23 years! But let’s move on.

An allowance is granted for length of service. The soldier receives it during his service, and it also migrates to his pension. Today it looks like this:

10% – with service from 2 to 5 years;

15% – with a duration of 5 to 10 years;

20% – with a length of service of 10 to 15 years;

25% – 15 to 20 years old;

30% – 20 to 25 years old;

40% – with service of 25 years or more.

In fact, Putin abolished this “percentage price list” for those located in the Northern Military District area (everything else continued as before). From now on, people in the trenches will immediately receive 100% service time. This currency innovation will no doubt be an incentive to many retired reservists who have only recently retired from the service and whose hands, as they say, “remember guns.”

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