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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Rostelecom brings the quality and reliability of communications to a new level – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:37:20

TSUMS-Vostok’s area of ​​responsibility includes Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. TSUMS-West opened last year in Krasnodar. Now Rostelecom networks throughout the country are part of a unified control and management system. And the two centers, western and eastern, will become mutually superfluous, that is, if necessary, one of them will be able to take over the functions of the other.

There are no analogues of this model in Russia, especially since we are talking about a colossal scale of responsibility – 49 thousand settlements in 89 regions of the Russian Federation. In total, this is about 200 thousand kilometers of communication lines, including 8.4 thousand kilometers of underwater fiber optic lines, 5 thousand servers, 2.6 thousand IPTV channels, about a million network units and almost eight million units of customer equipment.

According to the governor of the region, Andrei Travnikov, TSUMS-Vostok impressed him with the concentration of equipment and the number of jobs. The center’s “brain” is a 750 million-pixel multimedia wall, displaying information about the status of the company’s network devices 24 hours a day. As Sergei Onyanov, Vice President of Technical Service and Network Operation at Rostelecom, explained, a multi-display allows you to quickly notice a problem that has arisen with a specific active user and quickly respond to it. And the digital core is an overall system for integrated event processing, integrating data from 300 monitoring systems. As noted by Alexey Sapunov, senior vice president of technical infrastructure at Rostelecom, it makes it possible to very quickly correlate local data and accurately determine the cause of the accident.

The TSUMS-Vostok team consists of 200 specialists. Engineers are united in groups, each of which monitors a specific area: data network, transport network, multimedia and telematics, interactive television, IP telephony, network life support systems and technical support. The health of each node is evaluated within a range of 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and the total number of parameters examined exceeds 25 million. At the same time, such productivity is ensured mainly by the domestic equipment with which the center is equipped. After detecting a network incident, engineers quickly reconfigure the network and shift traffic to backup equipment. That is, in most cases, due to the high response speed, problem resolution will go unnoticed by customers.

Photo: Ilnar Salahiev

“The transition to a higher level of management, the concentration of information in one place allows us to see the picture on a larger scale, quickly and, most importantly, make decisions: send repair teams, activate a backup channel and simply find out what really happened,” Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky said in a conversation with journalists.

By the way, it is planned to actively use artificial intelligence in the work of network control and monitoring centers: it already accounts for the analysis of 12 percent of the data volume.

Rostelecom has long appreciated the advantages of a centralized management and monitoring system, but work in this direction developed in stages. In this way, TSUMS-Vostok will replace 28 former regional headquarters.

– The modern infrastructure of such a large operator as Rostelecom requires very responsible, professional and modern management, which is now implemented through our two centers. We have been making this decision for a long time, moving from management in the federal districts to management throughout the country,” explained Mikhail Oseievski.

In his words, the presence of not one, but two centers is explained by security requirements: working synchronously and having the ability to transfer the load to themselves, the central information centers guarantee the uninterrupted operation of networks throughout the world. country. And the choice of Novosibirsk as the location of the second center is not coincidental.

– Novosibirsk is the third largest and most important metropolis in Russia, the largest scientific, educational and industrial center and for us the most important place of development. Here we hire staff without problems and maintain relationships with universities, because the main value is people. The center will have a great responsibility: more than half of the country is in the service area and it operates 24 hours a day. All the latest knowledge and technologies are concentrated here not only on infrastructure management, but also on ensuring information security, which is especially important today. This is a very important object for the whole of Russia, since people, companies and the state work on Rostelecom’s infrastructure,” Mikhail Oseievsky emphasized.

Governor Andrei Travnikov, for his part, thanked the Rostelecom management for choosing Novosibirsk.

Photo: Ilnar Salahiev

– For us this is not an image event. The need to demonstrate our capital status has long since passed. This is due not only to the geographical location or the size of Novosibirsk as a metropolis. The opening of the center is a confirmation of the competencies that have been developed in the Novosibirsk region in the field of information technologies, communications and radio electronics, as well as our strong educational and personnel school. The center will contribute to the further development of our universities and colleges, to the emergence of new specialists, teachers and skills. The implementation of this project is very important for the Novosibirsk region and to strengthen cooperation with Rostelecom,” the head of the region noted.

Direct speech

Photo: Ilnar Salahiev

Nikolay Zenin, Vice President and Director of the Novosibirsk Branch of PJSC Rostelecom:

– Our company is today a technological leader. We offer a full range of IT and telecommunications services. Millions of households, tens of thousands of enterprises, social institutions and government bodies at all levels have become customers of Rostelecom in Siberia. Market requirements and customer expectations encourage us to make every effort to improve the quality, availability and reliability of the services provided. The opening of the TSUMS in Novosibirsk serves this purpose. We have a great responsibility to our customers for the stability of the network infrastructure. TSUMS-Vostok will significantly increase its reliability and accelerate the development of digital technologies in Siberia.

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