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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Russian stars told how much their shoes cost: Todorenko wears shoes for 5 thousand rubles, and Lerchek – for 150.

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:17:19


Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Celebrities spend a lot of time on their outfits and select them carefully. Footwear, especially shoes and sneakers, occupy an important place in celebrities’ wardrobes. The KP.RU website learned from Lerchek, Alena Vodonaeva, Sevil, Regina Todorenko and Olga Seryabkina how much they were willing to spend on this element of the set.

Olga Seryabkina

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Olga Seryabkina stated that she has no maximum limits for shoe prices. According to the singer, the main thing is that he likes her.

“It’s such a crazy world now that there are no limits to anything at all. It depends on how much I liked them. If not, then I think a very expensive pair of shoes is somehow inappropriate. In fact, you still need to stay in touch with reality. A pair of shoes cannot cost a month’s salary. But on the other hand, when you really want it and you’re like, well, I work so little that I can’t afford it? – said Seryábkina.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

TV presenter Regina Todorenko admitted that she has a wide variety of shoes in her wardrobe: cheap and expensive.

“I assign a budget about once a year, depending on what is needed. I have different shoes: some for five thousand rubles, others for 55 thousand rubles,” Todorenko admitted.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

“House-2” star Alena Vodonaeva honestly admitted that she does not set any standards for her shoes. She is willing to spend even a month’s salary on this item from her wardrobe, just to please herself.

“I don’t set standards, not just in footwear. There is simply something you want. And a whim may happen for which you are ready to pay all your hard-earned money and then spend the whole month eating breadcrumbs, but at least buy it,” Vodonaeva told the KP.RU website.


Photo: Daniil OPARIN

The singer of the group Artik & Asti Sevil refused even to indicate approximate amounts, claiming that it was indecent to talk about such things. But he let it be known that he doesn’t skimp on shoes.

“I will say this: I love myself very much and I love pampering myself. But in society it is not customary to talk about quantities,” said the singer.

But blogger Lerchek, who recently came out of house arrest for non-payment of more than 300 million rubles in taxes, is now hiding nothing. Valeria Chekalina communicated with the correspondent of the KP.RU website as with a tax representative: she honestly mentioned all the amounts, unlike her colleagues.

“I think the maximum price for shoes is probably 100 thousand rubles, 150 if I really liked something. That’s why, in principle, I love good shoes. But I use both Russian brands and mass market brands. But, as a rule, the mass market quickly becomes unusable. And those shoes and bags I bought 6 years ago are more expensive now. I invest money correctly in shoes and bags,” says Chekalina.


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