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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Sati Kazanova Told What Four Shortcomings of the Russians Anger Her Italian Husband

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 18:38:15

A former soloist of the group Fabrika Sati Kazanova recently married an Italian photographer. According to Sati, her husband, Stefano, has been living in Moscow for just over a year, and he still can’t handle some of the differences between Russia and Italy: rudeness, punctuality (not what I’m talking about), optionality, and indifference.

Sergey looks back on his life in sunny Italy with a hint of nostalgia.

– As a huge fan of the sun, Casanova told Wday.ru that last year was the most cloudy year in Russia ever, and he had to count how many days in a row he saw the sun! He also likes Russia-Casanova said.

Singer Sati travels to Russia and frequently tours the country with her husband, Stefano. On the road, the Russian-born performer lets down her hair and uses substances like alcohol and drugs. Men often travel to Europe and there, too, in a world apart from their families.

– Although there are services that provide vegetarian options at many hotels and restaurants, it wasn’t feasible for the artist to get around allergenic foods. That’s why, years ago, she decided to give up meat and goes on a vegan diet.

Recently, it was announced that Sati is going to emigrate from Russia. Casanova’s plan is to build a life that feels more stable in his homeland and slowly end things in Russia. They’ve bought a property in Italy and are looking for a house there for them both to live in. The reason for this is that Sati has a job in Russia, which means they spend quite a lot of time there. In the future, she wants to become “territorially independent of Russia.”

– Until now, we’ve primarily been based in Moscow because our business is connected with Russia in many ways, especially as it relates to my personal life and my colleagues. On the other hand, I often use the word “until now”, which means that over time I’ll be more and more independent of Russia. This independence will allow me to continue my work, travel, and carry out normal daily activities.

While Sati Khan doesn’t reveal the name of her lover, we do know that back in 2011 he presented her with a luxurious three-bedroom apartment just off Mosfilm Square in Moscow. She set up the apartments with exclusive Versace furniture and named them “Paris” because the city has always been one of the most romantic places for them. Sati’s direct benefactor was Timur Kulibayev, a Kazakh billionaire whose estimated personal wealth is $3 billion.

Sati’s chosen one was married, but she says her “love didn’t die. I’m sure it would have been better if I wasn’t a mistress and had a husband.”

– I can’t say his name, but this man was married and is still married. However, I loved him very much and wanted to give him a child. – With him, I was like a delicate flower. He gave me diamonds and bought me a car within a year. A year and a half later, he surprisingly gave me an apartment. His wife had to have guessed everything that was happening; influential people are always surrounded by someone confidential!

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