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Secret diets of the stars: how Eteri Beriashvili lost 23 kg and Galustyan and Shufutinsky lost 13 kg each

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:32:20

Eteri Beriashvili lost 23 kg. Photo: Rossiya TV channel

Several popular artists boasted this fall of a radical transformation. The stars lost weight just in time for the start of the new season: concert, television, theater and filming. We tell you how they did it.

Eteri Beriashvili – minus 23 kg

Viewers of the fifth season of the television show “Let’s go, all together!” (Russian Channel) did not recognize the permanent member of the hundred (jury) Eteri Beriashvili. The singer and singing teacher lost weight for a year, her result was minus 23 kg.

– Eteri Beriashvili weighed 80 kg before losing weight


Eteri Beriashvili told kp.ru: “My weight was 80 kg and now I weigh 57 kg. I lost weight on my own. A year ago, at the end of August, I ordered ready-made food for the first time, where calories were counted. This is a nutrition system for those who don’t have time to cook. For the first three months I was aiming for 1500 calories a day. After the second month, I felt physical and energetic lightness, then visual changes began: my pants were sliding down. After three months, I switched to 1000 calories per day because I noticed that my weight loss was going a little slower than I would like. Now I have 1000 calories a day. Now for a year I will work to maintain this result. There are two kilos left and I will reach the desired weight: 55 kg: the ideal weight for my height (168 cm – approx.) according to my age.”

Eteri Beriashvili carries boxes of prepared food with her to filming and rehearsals: she eats five times a day, 150 grams per meal. The main thing that the artist has changed this year is the size of the portions, and her diet is extremely healthy and varied, without fried crusts or flour; At the same time, there are desserts, but these are, for example, gelatin, not ice cream. And Eteri also eats her favorite ice cream: once a month she allows herself to eat whatever she wants on the “forbidden” side. The artist has completely changed her wardrobe: for the first time she does not buy what she fits, but rather dresses and suits that she likes. Now none of her new acquaintances tell Eteri that she is 51 years old; the singer she began to look at least 10 years younger. She says that she feels very good, her body accepted those changes with gratitude. And after losing weight, the star supported her face with the help of cosmetic procedures.

Anastasia Ivleeva – minus 14 kg

The television presenter and blogger decided that she had gained weight and began to lose weight. From May to September, 32-year-old Anastasia Ivleeva got rid of 14 kg. Result: she with a height of 173 cm, she weighs 49 kg.

– Anastasia Ivleeva lost 14 kg. Photo: social networks

Ivleeva said on social media: “In the spring I overfed myself quite a bit. From the beginning of May and throughout the summer a great movie happened in my life that helped me get in shape. Minus 14 kg. Her face also emerged from the darkness. Hurrah! It’s curious: how is it possible to get carried away like this… But on the other hand: we are people, living organisms. We are sad, we eat, we suffer, we drink! And no one is immune to sadness. In short, it doesn’t happen to anyone! Now I have my ideal weight and my physical and mental health! As her breasts “disappeared” along with the delicious barrels, the blogger said: she was thinking about enlarging them with the help of breast implants.

Interestingly, Anastasia discovered her “extra” weight by looking at different angles of her photos on her phone. In addition to her busy work schedule, a personal rule of hers helps her lose weight: she tries not to eat four hours before bedtime. And once she has developed a routine, it is easy to “keep her mouth shut” before bed.

Mikhail Galustyan – minus 13 kg

The artist surprised this week with his photography. 43-year-old Mikhail Galustyan demonstrated such athletic form that he did not have 20 years ago: then the KVN team “Burnt by the Sun”, where he was captain, became the champion of the Major League. Mikhail not only lost weight, but he also got quite bloated: he had six-pack abs and a mountain of muscles on his arms.

Misha Galustyan does not eat at night, he does physical exercise regularly: this is how he lost 13 kg and became an athlete. Photo: social networks

Galustyan began following the new regime in winter. At the end of spring we had the first results: “She weighed 80, now I’m 69. I want to be 67, I need to lose a couple more kilos. There are cubes, but I won’t show them to you! At the beginning of autumn – already 67 kg!

There are three secrets to the artist’s new physical form: diet (there is only one principle: proper nutrition), not eating after six in the evening and regular physical activity. In addition, Mikhail Galustyan had additional workloads: for a new project, he taught Indian dance and acrobatics.

Mikhail Shufutinsky – minus 13 kg

Mikhail Shufutinsky, 75, has long been approaching his current weight and achieved his personal best result at his big annual concert in Moscow on September 3.

Mikhail Shufutinsky now leads a healthy lifestyle, so he lost 13 kg since the winter

Photo: Oksana ZUYKO

Behind this transformation of Mikhail Zakharovich is the care and control of his wife and director, Svetlana Urazova, 47 years old. Two years ago, the artist lost 30 kg in two years. And from February to September 2023 I lost another 13 kg. The celebrity’s rules for losing weight are simple: proper nutrition, a series of sports exercises, daily swimming (although this is not always possible due to touring) in the home pool.

Ida Galich – minus 12 kg

Blogger and television presenter Ida Galich has been losing weight for three years. Three years ago, after giving birth, Ida quickly lost 25 kg that she had gained during pregnancy and returned to her usual weight: 63 kg with a height of 170 cm. Over the past year, Galich “lost” another 12 kg. . Now 33-year-old Galich weighs 51 kg. Over the past year, Ida gradually abandoned some components of her diet: “A friend recommended that I eat sugar and sweets once a week, on Saturdays. Only the first four days were difficult. And then you realize you have to survive until Saturday.” The same thing happened with another “forbidden” food: fast food, rice and potatoes were prohibited. The blogger rejected the garnishes. If before she could have meat, buckwheat and salad for dinner, now she limits herself to meat and salad. There were rumors that the star was taking diet pills, but she categorically denies this.

Galich gained 25 kg after giving birth. Photo: social networks

Ida’s methods are exclusively a healthy lifestyle. Now Galich has a new experiment: 10 thousand steps a day and during the second month she has not drunk a gram of alcohol. After giving up alcohol, Ida’s bloating disappeared and she also got rid of the habit she had developed after taking even a small dose of alcohol: “I can’t help the urge to gobble up everything at home and at the nearest delivery . …”


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