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Singer Natalie spoke about her husband’s terrible foreboding at death and his last will.

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:14:45

Natalie said that her husband loved her very much, but he never insisted that she become a mother to many children.


Singer Natalie (Natalya Rudina), 49, and her husband and producer, Alexander Rudin, 53, have been married for 32 years. They lived happily, raised three children: 21-year-old Arseny, 12-year-old Anatoly, 6-year-old Zhenya. The most difficult were the last two years that the man was ill. Unfortunately, Alexander did not cope with the disease. Natalie told kp.ru the cause of her husband’s death: “Consequences of covid. We fought the disease for two years”. According to unofficial data, Alexander Rudin could have committed suicide: the producer’s body was allegedly found in the visor at the entrance to a high-rise building in the north of Moscow. A tragedy occurred 2 weeks later of the death of Alexander Rudin’s father. On July 30, Natalie and her family and friends buried her husband Alexander in their hometown of Dzerzhinsk, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. There they met…

“Oh my God, what a man…”

Natalie and her husband celebrated two dates of the creation of their family: the wedding anniversary on August 24 and the day they met on May 13. They met in 1990: then Natasha was graduating from a musical class on the piano, became a soloist of the VIA school “Chocolate Bar” and performed at a local rock festival. There, 16-year-old Natasha was noticed by 20-year-old Alexander Rudin: he came up, met and offered to help the girl record songs. Natasha and Sasha fell in love and started dating. Before the end of the school graduation class, Natalya managed to record several songs of her own composition in the recording studio – Rudin organized the process. Natalie had a choice: “I immediately realized that he was not a womanizer. He didn’t invite me anywhere, he just walked me home. And I myself became interested in them. Although I tried to go to another young man, then I realized that it was Sasha that I needed. She called and said that she was wrong … ”Natasha says that she already felt then: she wants this particular man to become the father of her children. In the summer of 1991, an acquaintance with Natasha’s mother’s nurse gave the couple a fake pregnancy certificate for the registry office so that they could get married. The singer’s mother, after the birth of the third child of Natasha and Sasha, recalled that story with a fake certificate: “I was not against my daughter’s marriage. Then my friends judged me. But I gave it to my daughter with a calm heart. We liked the guy right away. Mom was not wrong! And already in September 1991, the newly-made wife Natalya Rudina became a student of the pedagogical school and continued to write songs.

In 1993, the Rudins moved to Moscow, and over the next two years Natalia, under the pseudonym Natalie, released two music albums: she herself sang and was a composer. Her popularity came in 1997 with the hit “The Wind Blowed from the Sea” and the album of the same name. And the producer was her beloved husband, Alexander. Sasha was always by Natasha’s side: at recordings, concerts, tours and at home. Insiders advised Natalie not to announce that she was married to attract the attention of fans: “I was warned not to talk about having a spouse.” Producer Rudin approved such a fashionable at that time tactic of promoting a star.

Natalie explained: “Sasha is used to the fact that men like me. During the years of marriage, she endured so much! Especially the first two years, when I hid from the fans that she was married. Once a guy from the Far East came up to my mother: “Where is Natalie? I want to marry her!” And I found out the address from somewhere. Yes, she did not come empty-handed, she brought a box of berries. Even when I starred in a candid photo shoot, I bare my chest. That husband did not care, but my fans called him and said: “How could you allow this? Is it terrible?!” In general, in our family, I settle almost all disputes and am the first to apologize. I have a hard time living in a conflict environment. I go up to my husband or my children and kiss them. For the natives, kisses are above principle.

In 2013, Natalie recently underwent breast surgery, and we had a photo shoot in swimsuits, then the singer told KP about the idyll with her husband: “We didn’t bother. Because we don’t look at each other, but in the same direction. Sasha doesn’t like being called a producer. He says, “I’m the coordinator.” It was completely her idea that she sing on stage … “Then the song that Natalie sang” Oh God, what a man “became a hit – she wrote the music for the composition herself. It was dedicated to her younger sister Olesya and a little to herself, but more to her ideal husband.

“The children asked…”

The story of the birth of the couple’s children was not easy. Natalie said: “When I got married, I still didn’t think about children. I got pregnant once by accident and ended up in the hospital; I had a miscarriage in the sixth week. So I did not attach any importance to this. After a while, I got pregnant again; it was a miscarriage, also for a period of six weeks. Yes, it so happened that I was waiting for my first child for nine years. I prayed to Saint Panteleimon for him, and then, when my son was born, I prayed to Saint Matrona for a second son. This is how I begged for two children … “, assured the husband Natasha, supported.

After the birth of her children, Natalie dreamed of a daughter. Natasha became pregnant, but she suddenly fell ill on tour. The doctors said: a frozen pregnancy… She experienced the loss of a child hard. And in 2017, the singer managed to get pregnant and give birth to her third child.

Natalie said that her husband loved her very much, but never insisted that she become the mother of many children: “Sasha never asked for heirs. When she was born the first, she did not even think that they could be more, since he himself was the only one in the family. Now three children – it happened, I somehow convinced him. Every time she made round eyes: “Where from?” And after all, all the children are very similar to him … ”The children are really a copy of Papa Sasha.

Producer Rudin took care of his wife, did not force him to work hard: recently they gave a couple of concerts for a month to ensure a normal life. Natalie’s fee for a private concert – from 1 million rubles.

A few years ago, the Rudins bought their first luxury apartment in Moscow and moved from the “three-ruble note” to a six-room apartment. And on the same site we bought an apartment for my husband’s parents. At the same time, Natalie never “lit the star”: she herself cooked and ironed her husband’s shirts, without housewives. Problems came to the family when, 2 years ago, Alexander was sick with covid. Complications began. They say there was a severe post-covid syndrome… The man died last week. Now Natalie will be alone: ​​to raise her children and sing …

On July 31, 2023, the singer Natalie wrote her soulful cry on social networks: “My beloved, only, dear Sasha passed away. Alexander Alexandrovich Rudin. This August would have been 33 years of our marriage. All my life is a song for him and about him. I can’t live without him… yet. He will be studying. He gave me my profession, he gave me you, and you gave me three children. To be honest, my life was kind, good, a real fairy tale, with him. He came out of the consequences of the covid, two years of fighting the disease. I fought, and he seemed to have a feeling that he would leave and taught these two years to live without him. But he was there. And now he is buried in our native Dzerzhinsk, so I decided. Two weeks ago, his father, also Alexander, was buried in the same cemetery, all my relatives and his relatives, who had gone to another world, were buried there. I do not stop concerts and performances, such was the will of my husband, this is his lifelong business, even more than for me, I will sing, I think I can. Forever, my love, “Oh, God, what a man!” Peace and light to you.”


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