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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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“Sport is not your private store.” Scandalous skirmish between a well-known deputy and the head of the ROC

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 14:44:47

It is strange to deny that Russian sport has been in limbo for the last year and a half. On the one hand, our athletes are almost not allowed to participate in international competitions, on the other hand, they seem to promise to lift the sanctions before the Olympics. But not for everyone. And this duality is everywhere.

The IOC’s actions are arousing more and more supporters of the view that it is time to leave the modern Olympic movement. And sometimes all this results in heated arguments. Now this was arranged by the deputy of the State Duma Sergei Mironov and the head of the Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnyakov. The speakers were not shy in their expressions.

On whose side is the truth?

“Painted Corpse”

The discussion was opened by politician Sergei Mironov, who said that Russia should no longer participate in the so-called “Olympic movement” farce.

“The head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, assures that the ROC “is a full-fledged participant in the Olympic movement.” Only “full participants” are not used as a doormat to wipe their feet, they do not wait to be invited or not to the Paris Olympics and under what conditions. Climbing out the window after being shown -and more than once- to the door, and even pretending to walk up the main stairs with a rug, is a strategy that is a failure in every way.

Sergey Mironov

Photo: RIA Novosti

Now the Olympic Movement is a painted corpse, thrown around by political and business scoundrels to make it look alive. We don’t need to participate in this farce. And it seems that there are steps in the right direction: the World Friendship Games will be held next year in Russia. But officials immediately clarify that this is not an alternative to “traditional” competitions, but a “powerful addition” to them. Again self-deception! As long as we consider ourselves “appendages” to something, nothing good will come of it. Russia must take the initiative to revive Olympism, in which there will be no room for discrimination, division and rejection of gender identity. Olympism should unite, not divide people. This is a difficult path, but any other leads to a dead end, ”Mironov said.

After the story with Harlan, it’s hard to argue with Mironov:

The IOC awarded the Ukrainian for the scandalous duel with the Russian. The Olympic Movement is rotten!

“Graphomania and populism”

Stanislav Pozdnyakov’s emotional response was not long in coming.

The head of the country’s Olympic Committee believes that calls to withdraw from the Olympic movement have no future and play into the hands of those trying to isolate Russia. He also advised deputies not to get involved in sports.

“It would be nice if some stupid deputies, who in recent months have unexpectedly become interested in the Olympic movement and its future, sometimes reminded of the classics, and not, as Bulgakov’s Professor Preobrazhensky said, advice on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity in matters in which they are completely incompetent.

Stanislav Pozdniakov

Photo: RIA Novosti

Graphomania and populism, from which Mr. Mironov’s statement is woven, could be dismissed as a desire to draw attention to himself without going into the essence of the issue. The rabid opponents of Russia are doing everything possible to cancel our participation in world processes. Deputy Mironov, judging by the message from him, is ready to help them in this. His position coincides with his interests, and this is no longer just rhetoric out of boredom.

I am sure that Sergei Mikhailovich now has a lot to do in his main area of ​​u200bu200bactivity, in which, unlike sports, he is professionally versed and can contribute to ensuring Russia’s equality in the international arena. Not in a word for the needs of the electorate, but for the good of our Motherland,” Pozdnyakov wrote.

However, Russia is also getting concessions:

“They won’t let me in, there will be a scandal!” Polish and British sanctioned for not allowing Russians to participate in tournaments

“Sport is not a private shop”

Without reaching its climax, the discussion continued.

Sergei Mironov added fuel to the fire. And he said sports officials took his initiative to create an alternative Olympic movement as a threat to their personal business.

“No one yearns for isolation, no one is excited by the prospect of breaking old ties. But there is a reality that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, and we must respond appropriately to it. And it is such that we have been declared marginalized and we behave accordingly. In fact, we have already been isolated. However, sports officials claim there is an unfortunate misunderstanding and that Russia’s status in the Western-controlled Olympic movement has not changed.

Gentlemen, sport is not your personal assignment, it is not a private shop, which you are obviously used to. If only because the state spends a lot of money in this area. Big sport means big money. This is the people’s money. So great that for our officials, it seems, this factor prevailed, and everything related to national prestige, to the patriotism of athletes and fans, receded into the background, and even to the third plan, ”the press quoted. to Mironov as said party service.

Pozdnyakov has not yet responded to this attack. But the positions are clear.

Which side are you on?

Link to the survey.

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