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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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State Duma deputy Gavrilov explained how to get free land KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 04:59:18

“The main way to get land to own or lease is through a tender,” he said.

But the law provides for other cases in which land can be purchased on favorable terms, added the head of the committee.

preferential categories

A plot of land in ownership is provided free of charge to the following categories of citizens:

– have three or more children,

– Heroes of Socialist Labor,

– Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation,

– full knights of the Order of Glory of Labor,

– Heroes of the Soviet Union,

– Heroes of the Russian Federation and

– Full Knights of the Order of Glory.

The regions may also provide for the right to acquire land plots free of charge for other categories of residents of the Russian Federation, except for those indicated, the deputy recalled.

“If you fall into the listed categories, you should contact the administration of the locality where you are registered,” Gavrilov advises. “Write an application and attach the necessary documents that will be required of you. The right to provide a plot of land free of charge, you also need to contact the administration of the locality where it is registered.

According to him, it should be clarified whether the legislation of the region, republic, territory or district provides for the possibility of obtaining land ownership free of charge to other categories.

“Rural Amnesty” and “Garage Amnesty”

In addition, there are cases when citizens have the right to register their land for free, Gavrilov noted.

This is true if the citizen owns:

– garden and garden soil,

– a plot with a residential building located on it,

– a plot of land previously provided to a citizen with the right of heritable possession for life or permanent (perpetual) use,

– a plot of land under the garage.

“To register your land, you must contact the administration of the town where it is registered,” recommends the parliamentarian. “Gather the necessary documents for registration and submit them along with the application.”

free use

The agrarian legislation gives the regions the power to determine the municipalities in which a person is entitled to receive land for free use for a period not exceeding 6 years:

– for the construction of individual housing, the management of a personal subsidiary plot or the carrying out of its activities by a peasant farm (farmer);

– for the construction of individual housing or personal subsidiary agriculture in the event that a person works in a municipality in a specialty that is included in the list established by law of a subject of the Federation.

“To find out if it is possible to get land for free use in your case, you need to contact the administration of the locality where you are registered,” Gavrilov explained.

He also advised to find out in which areas land can be obtained and whether the specialty in which the land applicant works is a condition for receiving it in free use.

The deputy recalled the law “On Amendments to the Land Code” approved by the State Duma, which allows authorities, local governments of their region, republic, territory or district to approve a list of specialties and professions in demand, in which people work will have the right to assign a plot of land for free use.

Rent at a reduced price

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09.04.2022 No. 629, an individual entrepreneur, whose land plots cannot be used due to the shelling of Ukraine, has the right to receive land plots for the continuation of business activities for rent for 1 ruble, Gavrilov appointed another option.

In addition, the authorities, local governments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation have the right to establish cases when a piece of land is leased at a reduced price, but not less than 1 ruble, he added.

“To clarify the availability of these benefits, you need to contact the administration of the locality where you are registered and clarify all the nuances of the procedure for obtaining land for lease at a reduced price,” said the head of the committee.

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