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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Sumar promises to make the universal income payment of 20,000 euros at age 23

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 19:22:15

The spokesman for Sumar’s electoral campaign Ernest Urtasun The left-wing platform, in which up to 15 political parties have joined, proposes giving 20,000 euros to young people who turn 18, although the transfer would take place when they turned 23.

Urtasun has responded to the criticism of the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, that a prospective document from Moncloa for the year 2050 was in favor of the use of this measure. In this sense, she has defended that this measure is a measure of “social justice” and has a redistributive nature because it will be financed through a higher tax burden on large fortunes, with an endowment that is equivalent to 0.8% of GDP.

Questioned about the reproaches of Calviño, who this morning charged against this type of subsidies without applying any type of restriction or level of income, Urtasun responded by citing a paragraph of the document drafted by Moncloa that alluded to the inequality of redistribution of inheritances in Spain and advocated for creating a universal from the public powers. “I don’t know if Calviño has anything to do (in the writing of this document), understanding that it does”, launched the speaker from Sumar, who was not surprised, on the other hand, by the criticisms made by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

He has also criticized that the model of the ‘popular’ in Madrid resides in “massively lowering taxes for the richest, cutting services and tax ‘dumping’ the rest of the autonomous communities”, precisely the opposite model to the one promulgated by Sumar. Urtasun explained that the “universal inheritance” proposed by Sumar consists of a transfer of 20,000 euros, a right that is acquired when he turns 18 and that will be paid at 23.

During those five years, the idea is that young people have “administrative support” from the administration to develop a project based on three premises: job placement, entrepreneurship or training. In this sense, he has highlighted that it is a wealth redistribution measure that would be approved during the next legislature because it is financed from a tax on large fortunes.

Therefore, this redistribution of wealth generates the new right, this universal inheritance, which involves transferring resources to guarantee “equal opportunities” and “greater social justice”, and which also goes hand in hand with the reinforcement of public services. Urtasun has also detailed that there is a large volume of income from capital or assets in Spain on which there is room to continue taxing more, and that the measure will not be retroactive, but will begin to be given to young people who turn 18 from the date of time of approval.

“Health is a right and it is not regressive!

Through messages on Twitter, the leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has claimed that this “universal heritage” will be “a springboard that promotes the freedom to choose your path in life.” The Second Vice President Has Explained That This Transfer of 20,000 euros to the j will gain through an “Ambitious” Tax on great Fortunes and that it is “Iversal, not regressive, but Effective Because Its Criterion Precisely For Its Endowment Is The Redistribution of wealth.

A “universal inheritance” of 20,000 euros upon reaching the age of majority will be a new right that will help young people to continue training, start their professional career and become independent.

It will be a springboard that promotes the freedom to choose your path in life.

I explain it 👇

— Yolanda Díaz (@Yolanda_Diaz_) July 3, 2023

“Health, education or pensions are also universal rights for all people -regardless of their income level-, and that does not mean they stop being strongly redistributive policies”, Díaz has deepened. Likewise, he has censured that the “rights speak of” paguitas “, but the first thing that those of Feijóo and Abascal do as soon as they govern is raise their salaries.”

Finally, he explained that renowned international economists, such as Tony Atkinson or Thomas Piketty, “have raised the need to implement this measure”, with which Spain would be “a pioneering country in its development”. “Improving training, or launching a work or business project, should not depend on where we were born. There is no true equality of opportunity without redistribution of income that provides support instruments for those who begin their journey in life”, has settled .

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