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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Tests, unexpected events and secrets from the past: the astrologer told what to expect in August

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:26:31

Mars square Uranus. Create risks of conflict

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“June promises to be hot, literally and figuratively. The struggle of the authorities and the ambitions of leaders of various calibers will also spiral out of control. It will not be easy to negotiate, even despite the new moon in Gemini,” astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich, author of the book “Your Best Horoscope” published by Komsomolskaya Pravda, told KP.RU on the eve of this summer.

He especially highlighted the dates from June 24 to 27. Mars square Uranus. It creates risks of… conflicts. It reinforces the tendency to adventurism and reckless actions. Also, situations arise suddenly and move very hard. Prigozhin’s sudden adventure with the march of Wagner PMC to Moscow on June 24 became the number one topic in Russia and the world. And it was very difficult to resolve the situation.

In her horoscope for the second summer month, Tatyana Lukashevich warned the readers of KP.RU: “We will survive July 17! But be careful, friends… closer to July 17, choose places to relax that are far from hostilities.

In fact, it was on July 17 that Ukraine carried out a terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. A married couple from the Belgorod region, who were going on vacation to the Crimea, died. Her teenage daughter was taken to the intensive care unit. The bridge was closed to traffic. Thousands of people in cars who wanted to relax in the Crimea, or return from vacation, were forced to stand in long traffic jams, change the route. “On July 17, the issues of alliances between countries will come to the fore.” Tatyana said. It was on this day that Russia notified Turkey, Ukraine and the UN Secretariat about withdrawing from the grain deal, withdrawing the guarantee of safe navigation in the Black Sea and restricting the maritime humanitarian corridor. The grain deal was terminated. Since its part concerning Russia was not carried out by partners. Moscow’s patience has run out!

On the calendar – the last month of summer. What will it bring us? I ask Tatyana Lukashevich.

– August for Russia often turns out to be a point of tests and unexpected events. I think this time we are faced with unpredictable situations. In the news, the names of the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Turkey will again sound more often. The Ukrainian horoscope also resonates. Although this is understandable without astrological research.

Well, it can also be shocking. The last strong earthquake was right on the Leo-Aquarius sign axis on a full moon square Uranus. And now there will be a new moon in the same axis of signs and all in the same square with Uranus. Turkey, Indonesia, for some reason Krasnodar (maybe there is something else), the Isthmus of Panama, Guatemala, Mexico…

– And in personal terms, what is expected in August?

– Someone will be swirled by a light holiday romance, new non-binding acquaintances will arise, when you understand everything with your mind, and your heart stops so sweetly that you lose caution and start doing stupid things.

However, attention! Venus – the planet of relationships – makes a tense aspect to Uranus in the first half of August. Who loves to break any relationship. Or cancel. So, he take care of your regular partners and don’t do stupid things in the heat of the moment.

God forbid, you yourself feel that your partner is a little distracted from you, and something is happening in your personal life on the sidelines. Clap your hands if they reach out to check their phone, pockets, and anything else. Remember the golden rule: “The less you know, the better you will sleep”. And after all, as you know, you will have to make a decision. This is in retrograde, then Venus, and from August 23rd and Mercury too! It is very likely that everything would have ended for the couple “on the other side” without their participation after the return of Venus in early September to the direct movement. And so there will be a conflict that can lead to irreversible consequences.

The medal has two sides. Urano is not only a rebel and anarchist, but also a liberator from all the old programs. Therefore, for those who have long dreamed of resetting their relationship and starting to live from scratch, when no one owes anyone anything, now is the time. Use it, especially between the full moon on August 1 and the new moon on August 16. In this case, you can change the image. After all, cut your hair, change your hair color, buy yourself a wig and red heels. Uranus will be delighted.

After all, relationships should not be boring, you need to work on them, have fun, change the environment and be sure of yourself! The flag is in your hands.


August 1 – full moon in the sign of Aquarius at 21:32 Moscow time. It occurs in the intense interaction of Pluto with the karmic knots and raises questions related to the opposition of the collective conscience and the unique, public and individual, collective and individual power. Top leaders are likely to have problems. Crowded places, earthquake-prone areas, and risky financial transactions should be avoided.

The opposition of Mercury and Saturn creates obstacles in the negotiation processes, compliance with the law, travel difficulties.

Trine Mars Jupiter contributes to the manifestation of activity, initiative, joy, increased male fertility, good luck in sports and military events.

August 2 – Perigee of the Moon. It causes an increase in the emotional background, excessive pessimism, distrust, dissatisfaction with oneself and with the partner, suspicion. It is difficult to control your emotions, so often in the perigee there are breaks in relationships, quarrels, suicides.

Watch a comedy, read a prayer, listen to relaxing music. Avoid crowded places. Be careful when driving.

August 4 – Moon in opposition to Mars. Creates increased risks of injuries and accidents while driving. It is not necessary to carry out planned surgical interventions.

August 6: the Sun square Jupiter causes self-centeredness, abuse of authority, conflicts for religious reasons. In the medical field, it can cause a violation of cardiac activity, a tendency to heart attacks.

August 8-9 – Mercury trine Jupiter is favorable for the start of travel, legal and educational events, negotiations.

August 11: Moon square Mars creates the risk of increased driving injuries and accidents. It is not necessary to carry out planned surgical interventions.

August 13 – the conjunction of the Sun with Venus increases creativity, sympathy for other people, cravings for luxury and pleasure. It helps to introduce yourself and your business. However, it can cause narcissism and increased egocentrism.

August 15-17 – the trine of Uranus and Mars is favorable for non-standard military operations, manifestations of courage, the struggle for freedom, independence and quick decision-making.

August 16 – Apogee of the Moon. There is excess of optimism, confidence in others, courage. During the climax, people often become victims of scammers, scammers, or get involved in adventurous adventures.

The new moon at 12:38 Moscow time occurs in the sign of Leo in exact square to Uranus and in conjunction with the Black Moon. Mars opposite Neptune. Square Pluto with karmic knots. Such a new moon will bring trouble to people in positions of power. Mass protests, rallies, unexpected social cataclysms, overthrow of important people are possible. Danger to hydraulic installations, bridges, dams, oil installations, intensification of hostilities at sea, fires in oil and chemical companies.

August 19 – Moon conjunct Mars. Creates increased risks of injuries and accidents while driving. It is not necessary to carry out planned surgical interventions. We keep emotions under control.

August 21 and 22: the square of Venus and Jupiter promotes excessive authority, overeating and waste. It is difficult to control your desires.

August 22 and 23: Mars in opposition to Neptune represents a danger to hydraulic facilities, bridges, dams, oil facilities, increased military operations at sea. Be careful with the use of drugs and drugs, alcohol. Fires are possible at oil and chemical companies.

August 23: the Sun enters Virgo. Mercury is going retrograde, bringing us back to unfinished business.

August 25: Mars in trine with Pluto is favorable for the manifestation of super efforts, the celebration of sporting events, the taking of initiatives and the increase of efficiency. It is good to communicate with representatives of large companies, the military, government agencies. In men, fertility increases.

August 26: Moon square Mars creates the risk of increased injuries and driving accidents. It is not necessary to carry out planned surgical interventions. We keep emotions under control.

August 27: Mars enters Libra until October 12, 2023. It becomes more difficult for us to make a choice, to decide something important, to enter into open conflict. Men begin to feel insecure. Which makes the stronger sex need to confirm their masculinity with additional male accessories and risk. A good period to organize exhibitions, galleries, works in the field of beauty, fashion and art.

The Sun in opposition to Saturn gives life to the desire for solitude, the need to fulfill duty regardless of our will, obstacles in business, deprivation, restrictions, difficult circumstances. Tension with the father or boss, deterioration of the parent’s health. Problems of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, falls from a height, poor health.

August 29 – Uranus turns retrograde until January 27, 2024. On reversal days, plus or minus a week, situations are possible that cause financial problems and crises for many people, price spikes on the stock exchanges and in cryptocurrencies. These are days of shocking news and unpredictable actions. Protest spirits and the desire for adventures, problems for the airlines, with electricity, communications can intensify.

August 30 – Perigee of the Moon. It creates an increased emotional background, excessive pessimism, suspicion, dissatisfaction with oneself and with one’s partner, mistrust. It is difficult to control one’s emotions, therefore breakups in relationships, fights and suicides often occur in the perigee.

August 31 is a full moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn and at the time of Mercury and Venus retrograde, which brings us back to the mysteries of the past, concerning a large number of people. This full moon contributes to increased depressive mood, viral activity, poisoning. To make it easier to live this day, walk near the water, in nature, go to the bathhouse or sauna, to the temple, read prayers.

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