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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The adventures of prodigal blogger Dani Milokhin in Russia: he flew away, but promised to return

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 15:20:57

Blogger and actress Danya Milokhin

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Danya Milokhin, 21, became the most talked-about blogger in the country for several days. We talked about the reasons for the blogger’s arrival in her homeland.

Milokhin has been living in Dubai for the past nine months, but the guy flew from Russia to a foreign country eleven months ago; I thought he was on vacation, but it turned out different. On September 8, Danya flew to Moscow to visit friends (she stayed with them), hold several meetings about possible job prospects and show potential clients how mobile she is: they say she can live in two countries. But things didn’t go as he planned. Therefore, on September 11 he returned to the UAE ahead of schedule.

A scandal ensued: social media users, bloggers, public figures and TV presenters began to harshly criticize Milokhin. The reason is obvious. He ran away a year ago. Then Danya was the star for the second season in a row in the TV show “Ice Age” on Channel One: he was tired of skating and simply left the project, he did not care about the contract or the loss of fees – he flew away on vacation with friends in the United Arab Emirates. As it was not the first time that the then popular Milokhin breached his contract, they stopped offering him paid work. The famous blogger could then come back and start again. But he got into a bad situation. Last fall, Danya flew from the United Arab Emirates to visit her TikTok colleagues at his home in Los Angeles. And there, live on the social network, Milokhin sang the Russian anthem, but remembered that the pro-Ukrainian blogger Arthur Babich (who now lives in Moscow) sitting next to him was from Ukraine, and he sang the Ukrainian anthem with him. Despite serious criticism for this joke, Milokhin did not repent or apologize. This became the main complaint against Milokhin. And he simply went to live in Dubai, where he settled in a spare room in the house of the foreign agent Morgenstern *, so as not to pay rent. Milokhin sold the car (the only investment of his previous earnings; he spent the rest of the millions without thinking) for 5 million rubles and “ate” this money. In addition, his friends gave him financial help: they paid for restaurants and trips. The blogger gives concerts no more than once every 2 weeks: in clubs in the United Arab Emirates or, less often, in Kazakhstan. Now instead of 2 million rubles. per week (and sometimes per day), Danya “gets by” with earnings of no more than 300 thousand rubles. during the week. We call the amounts average, but they reflect the situation as a whole. That is why Danya decided to reestablish work contacts in Moscow: as part of his colleagues, they settled in Dubai and constantly fly to his homeland for work and personal reasons. And pop stars behave this way, for example, the singer Nyusha.

In August, Dani Milokhina’s manager told producers of television channels and online projects that the blogger would be in Moscow and ready to work here. Information about Dani Milokhin’s fees from the event organizers has been updated: the fees have dropped from one and a half million to one million rubles. Danya knows how to sing at private events and in clubs, and she also doesn’t mind acting in TV shows and series: she has experience. But no one has called yet.

In Moscow, the blogger was seen on a walk: in Patriki, on Red Square, in a TSUM cafe. As they say: he met with former colleagues and discussed job prospects. I spent time with friends he missed. However, the boy had to fly a couple of days ahead of schedule. Since September 11, information has appeared that the famous TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov believes that Milokhin should go to defend the Fatherland. The same opinion is held by the head of the Safe Internet League, a member of the Public Chamber, Ekaterina Mizulina, who wrote on her Telegram channel: “I appeal to the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Recently, blogger Danya Milokhin returned to Russia, after having upset many Russians with Russophobic statements while she was away from our homeland. The blogger had not previously been recruited by the Russian Armed Forces, although, according to available information, there are no reasons for a postponement. Taking into account the upcoming start of the autumn recruiting campaign, I ask you to recruit a young man into the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. This step will contribute to patriotic education; the young man will be able to demonstrate, with weapons in hand, his loyalty and devotion to our Homeland ”.

The KP.RU website called Dani Milokhin’s adoptive father Dmitry Tyulenev. The blogger’s adoptive parents live in Anapa. They clarified whether Dani has the right to a deferral of military service. Tyulenev told us: “When Danya and I underwent a medical examination, her vision was -6.5. It is unlikely that she would be suitable for that vision (with myopia of minus 6 to minus 12 diopters, she is assigned category B, limited suitability for military service-grade). Danya wore glasses from the orphanage and then started wearing contact lenses; she did not undergo surgery.”

However, immediately after receiving information about Mizulina’s request, Milokhin flew back. Therefore, he may not be entitled to a deferral. As Ekaterina Mizulina reported, Danya Milokhin flew to Dubai on September 11; At 11:18 p.m. she crossed the border at Vnukovo airport.

The hiring of artists for the New Year parties has begun: and it seems that blogger Milokhin will sing for now only in Dubai clubs for wealthy compatriots. Adoptive father Tyulenev tries to help his son: “Danya will still do many good deeds. You just have to guide him, help him a little, suggest him and not criticize him and condemn him, attack him from all sides… ”But until the 21-year-old blogger himself grows up and decides who she is and who she is with. : people won’t accept it. It will no longer be possible to remain silent (in the case of Milokhin). Relatives believe that Danya will soon return and have new interesting projects … But representatives of the industry think differently: until the children’s blogger comes to his senses, she will not see work.

*The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Morgenstern in the list of individual foreign agents.

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