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Exercising according to the Fukutsuji method is an easy way to make your body beautiful and healthy.

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 18:03:30

Exercising according to the Fukutsuji method is an easy way to make your body beautiful and healthy.

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Together with a trainer we will discover if it is possible to lose weight and correct posture while lying down.

The paths to a slim and beautiful waist are different: aerobics, fitness, strength and interval training. There are many options. But what if you could achieve a centimeter reduction simply by lying down? It sounds like a fairy tale, but that’s exactly what they say about the method of Dr. Fukutsuji, who has been studying the body and the process of its development for a long time. Based on the results of the study, he proposed a way to correct posture and get rid of extra centimeters through static exercise: just lie on a rolled towel. We will tell you about the three techniques of this method and ask the trainer about their effectiveness.

World class fitness trainer

“Basically, the main effect is a consequence of the return to normal posture. The better the lymph flows in a person’s body, the less swelling and the lower the weight and volume of the body.

How to do the exercise correctly?

It is necessary to stay in each position for five minutes and repeat the exercises every day; we recommend spending time on training in the morning. To do this, lay out a rug and prepare a cushion with a towel. It is necessary to roll a terry towel (about 1.5 m), and it can additionally be secured with elastic bands or cords. The length of the resulting roller should be equal to the width of your back, but the height for beginners is small – 5-7 cm, which can be increased later. Don’t raise the roller too high, gradually increase the diameter, but make sure it feels comfortable.

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Execution technique

Roll up the towel and place it on the mat. Sit on the mat and then gently lower yourself onto it so that the towel is under your lower back. Stretch your arms above your head and place them on the floor, with your pinkies connected. extended, the distance between the heels is 10-20cm, and the toes are connected. The body is a straight line from the toes to the fingers. The second position is performed with the same technique, but the roller is located under the chest. The third version of the exercise involves placing the roller under the neck.

Don’t do the exercise for too long. Five minutes is enough, maybe two or three minutes is enough to start. Mild discomfort after the performance is acceptable, but if there is severe pain and obvious discomfort, you should stop performing.

Ana Motina: categorically forbidden Perform this exercise on sports rollers for myofascial release. Its rigidity and diameter are not designed for such positions; injuries may occur. People with hernias and protrusions should be careful, any incorrect movement can lead to an exacerbation. Avoid lifting and twisting sharply during exercise; first try to remove the roller, just lie down on the floor, then turn on your side, sit down and only then get up.

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When performing it, there is a direct impact on the spine, so all injuries, illnesses and back pain limit the exercise. It is not necessary to take risks, it is better to consult a doctor and minimize the likelihood of an unfavorable result, in addition, this technique is not suitable for colds and feverish conditions, temperature or blood pressure above normal.

What is the benefit?

The Japanese doctor Fukutsuji, who developed this technique, claimed that it helps to correct posture, restore the position of internal organs, the spine, ribs and pelvic bones. This effect can really be expected from the execution, it is achieved thanks to the correct position in which the person is when performing it.

Also, thanks to regular practice of this method, you will be able to get rid of spasms, pain in the back and shoulder girdle. One of the notable effects is the reduction of body volume and the improvement of its quality due to the reduction of swelling, as well as a decrease in fatigue levels and an improvement in well-being.

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Is it possible to lose weight with this exercise?

Sometimes a story appears on the Internet that this method helps to get rid of extra centimeters. And here it is worth solving. Will the fat disappear and take the extra pounds with it? No. Unfortunately, this can only be achieved with proper nutrition and physical activity. However, it is too early to dismiss the Fukutsuji method; It really helps distribute weight more evenly throughout your body, eliminate bloat, and define your waist.

Ana Motina: This exercise does not help you lose weight, this process requires a calorie deficit. It can reduce swelling, especially in the back and around the abdomen. This is due to the fact that while lying on a pillow, the spine stretches, the back muscles become less rigid (hard, immobile), so lymph and blood flow improves.”

In short: this exercise is a great way to improve your posture, get rid of swelling and remove a couple of extra centimeters of volume, but it will not help you achieve an ideal figure. To lose weight it is necessary to take care of your health and exercise. But similar techniques can be used as auxiliary exercises.

Here you can find a video with exercises that will help you relieve swelling and improve lymphatic flow.


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