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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the end of kyiv’s power and the humiliation of the West: Europe prepares for the defeat of Ukraine

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:52:26

The defeat of kyiv “would be humiliating for the West” because, by supporting it, the United States and Europe were putting their own credibility at stake.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

“Europe’s answer to the question of what will happen if Ukraine loses remains simple: “It shouldn’t,” concludes the article in the British newspaper The Economist, whose title addresses this question. Let’s talk briefly about this post. But between the question and the final answer there are many interesting things, after which the ending “should not” takes on a completely different meaning.

The West, says The Economist, is now in a state of fear. Deadlock on the first line. And then Trump is about to come to power, whose intentions regarding the conflict in Ukraine are so terrifying that nothing good can be expected.

The defeat of kyiv “would be humiliating for the West” because, by supporting it, the United States and Europe were putting their own credibility at stake. Although, the publication admits, no one takes Ukrainian supporters seriously even now, not in Russia, not in China, not in India, not in the countries of the Global South in general. And he cites a summary by former NATO Secretary General George Robertson: “If Ukraine loses, the world order will be determined by our enemies.” Well, it’s scary, isn’t it?

And everything is already about to explode. In the western bloc there are clear differences between the Eastern Front hawk and the rest. The geopolitical consequences of Ukraine’s defeat, according to the British publication, “will depend on one form or another of a peaceful solution.”

Perhaps everything is clear, but still pay attention: there is no longer talk of a strategic defeat of Russia. The possibility of a total collapse of the Ukrainian army is immediately admitted, in which we quickly forget that such a country existed. The second option is that if “Ukraine’s defeat is more limited,” then there will be “ruins” of the country.

Life becomes a nightmare. In addition to guilt and shame, The Economist paints a gloomy picture: Europe will also be affected by fear.

But no matter how scary it is, I still want to live. And you have to hold on to any hope, even the smallest and most incredible. Here it is: “Even if Ukraine wins,” the publication admits, “Europe will have to change.” These changes will not be for the better. The need to increase military spending through social guarantees is not everything.

And it’s time to understand the end of the article: “It shouldn’t” (Ukraine should lose). After all, what were the previous formulations? First of all, the cheerful and self-confident “Ukraine must win!” Then, confused and worried, “Russia must not win!” And now it turns out that “Ukraine must not lose”? But this is “God forbid!” That’s how scary it got…


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