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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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“Ovechkin in his prime would score 80 in today’s NHL.” The United States talks about pursuing Gretzky

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:22:00

Alexander Ovechkin was emotional at the end of the NHL regular season. After scoring just nine goals before the All-Star break in February, Washington’s captain has scored 21 goals since then. Furthermore, eight of them were scored in a period of only five games!

Additionally, Ovi managed to break the NHL record for number of seasons with more than 30 goals.

Alexander approached Wayne Gretzky. Only 42 goals separate them.

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“Words are not enough.” What are they saying in Washington about Ovechkin’s new great album?

Ovechkin’s resurgence has sparked heated debate in North America. What do they say about the resumption of Washington’s captaincy race for Gretzky and Alexander’s late-season scoring exploits?

“It would be amazing if it weren’t for Ovechkin.”

The journalist of the official website of the NHL, Nicholas Jay Kotsonika, suggested that Ovi could break Gretzky’s record already in the next season.

“Amazing. At least it would be amazing if it wasn’t Ovechkin. What else will Alex do next as the Capitals fight for a playoff spot?

How long will it be before Ovechkin matches Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record of 894 goals? Already next season? Suddenly it seems possible.

Yes, he will almost certainly finish this season with the fewest goals of his entire NHL career. In 19 seasons in the league, Ovi scored less than 30 goals only once: in the 2020/2021 season, when he scored 24 goals in 45 games. The NHL held 48 meetings due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Washington Capitals HC

Yes, on September 17 he will turn 39 years old.

But it must be taken into account that he already has 852 goals, only 42 behind Gretzky, and last season he scored 42. Ovechkin has not disappeared this season. He became stronger,” Kotsonika wrote.

Washington Post journalist Bailey Johnson told the story of how his comrades in Washington were worried about Alexander. His teammate Ovi, who remained on the bench during the game against Carolina, reacted vividly to the missed opportunity to score a hat-trick. The Capitals captain came off the ice with a double.

“Being on the bench by the coach’s decision is not always easy, but lest anyone think that the players are trying less: the anonymous hockey player sitting next to me hit the table when Ovechkin missed the opportunity to score a hat- trick. the crossbar rattled,” Johnson wrote.

“Ovechkin is the only one in the art of the sniper”

The well-known journalist Jason Gregor had an argument with a fan on his social networks.

Fan: “Year 1: Crosby – 39 goals; Ovechkin – 52 goals. Year 19: Crosby – 41 goals… Ovechkin – 30 goals… Almost 20 years later, Sid is still phenomenal.”

Gregory: “I would say Ovechkin too. First player with 18 seasons with 30+ goals. He also has the most 40+ goal seasons and is tied for the most 50+ goal seasons.”

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“Ovechkin’s last fight”. How Ovi was reborn and came back in search of Gretzky

Fan: “I understand well, Ovi’s performance throughout his career is almost incomparable. I just thought that Sid in 2005 and Sid in 2024 are almost a mirror image in terms of goals, while Ovi is more than 20 behind on the scoreboard at the beginning of his career.”

Gregory: “Fair enough. Although Ovi’s bar was higher and it was harder to maintain.”

Journalist Drew Livingston expressed some sad thoughts, estimating how much Ovechkin could score in his prime in today’s NHL.

“An excellent Ovechkin would score 80 goals in today’s NHL,” the journalist wrote.

And, by the way, in this case Ovi would be behind Gretzky… not by much! He would have already broken the record. And even he would change the hundred goals.

Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Washington Capitals HC

Renowned analyst Paul Pidiutty, who focuses on detailed statistics, estimates that, adjusted for era, Alexander scored more than 30 goals in his 19 seasons. The only one in history.

“Greatest scorer of all time or not, Alex Ovechkin is the only one in the art of the sniper. Adjusted by season, his record is 19 of 19 seasons with more than 30 goals,” Pidyutti concluded.

“Absolutely frenetic. “Everyone should talk about this.”

Hockey News reporter Sammy Silber evaluated Ovechkin’s new record.

“Now, no one in NHL history has had more 30-plus goal seasons than Washington’s captain.” “Alex Ovechkin is unstoppable,” writes Silber.

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“Ovechkin will simply beat Gretzky’s record!” Interview with the legendary Mogilny

NBC Sports Washington reporter Grant Paulsen even hinted that Ovechkin, 38, could be considered a more advanced sniper than Auston Matthews, the same Matthews who broke Alexander’s 21st-century record for most goals in a season. .

“Alex Ovechkin, in his last 32 games, has scored at a pace of 56 goals all season. That’s 40% of the championship when he scores at almost the same rate as Auston Matthews. And he does it at 38 years old. Absolutely furious. “Everyone should talk about this,” Paulsen writes.

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