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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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The funeral of the Italian genius Toto Cutugno: closed coffin, inconsolable tears of relatives and good music

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 17:58:06

The coffin with the body of the artist was closed in the church

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS

In Milan, in the church of Saints Nereo and Achilles, the farewell of the singer and composer Toto Cutugno took place. The Italian artist has died at the age of 81. About 500 people gathered in the church: when the coffin was brought out, the crowd began to loudly sing one of Toto Cutugno’s top hits.

Italian artist dies at 81


In the church the coffin with the body of the artist was closed. Friends came up to her, fans with flowers and said goodbye. The ceremony was attended by famous Italian singers: 78-year-old Gianni Morandi, 67-year-old Pupo. Morandi did not hold back the tears: “He was a great friend, a great man and a great artist…”

About 500 people gathered in the church.

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS

The closest people in Toto Cutugno’s life were there when he separated from him. The only wife of the teacher Carl Cutugno was with him from 1967 (married in 1971) until the last day of her life: she held his hand in the hospital when she passed away. Ella carla she lost her baby in Cutugno many years ago at the end of the pregnancy and she was unable to give birth again. Therefore, the woman did not make a scandal when she found out that her husband had a son in 1989, from the lover of a young stewardess. Karla advised her husband to take her son to her house more often and participate in her education. Toto Cutugno was grateful to his wife for this, and for not paying attention to his intrigues in his youth: “Carla is a great woman. Many wanted to be close to the famous artist Toto Cutugno. And with Salvatore (real name of the star, approx.), who had neither a big name nor money, there was only Carl’s wife. She comes from a wealthy family: she bought us an apartment, paid my bills, and loved me. For this I am very grateful to him. And today our love has become even stronger.” The musician deliberately asked the young stewardess to give birth to her child, saying that he would never leave her wife: “When he frankly told everything to her wife, it was a huge blow to her. Carla was worried for a long time. And her pain became the most difficult test for me. But she understood me … ”After the birth of her son from her Niko, the artist ended her relationship with the stewardess and began new ones: he began to communicate with her in a friendly way as the father of a common child . And he continued to love and live with his wife Carla his. 16 years ago, Toto Cutugno was diagnosed with oncology: he underwent treatment, the disease regressed, but relapses periodically occurred. The wife was next to the artist, she supported him and asked him to work less.

In Milan, in the Church of Saints Nereus and Achilles, the singer and composer Toto Cutugno was bid farewell

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS

At the funeral, the wife of Carla Cutugno and their son Niko were nearby: they cried … When the funeral left the church, loud applause was heard. About 500 people gathered at the entrance of the church. There were musicians with accordion and guitar, they began to play a melody familiar to everyone. And the audience picked up the song L’Italiano by Toto Cutugno in chorus: “I beg you, let me sing, I’ll take the guitar in my hands. I beg you, let me sing, because I am Italian.

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