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Friday, April 19, 2024
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The guitarist of the Zveri group first revealed the details of the trip to Donbass: “The soldiers were very happy. This is the main thing”

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 15:12:36

The guitarist of the Zveri group first revealed the details of the trip to Donbass: “The soldiers were very happy. This is the main thing”

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

Almost a week ago, the public was excited by a video with the musicians of the Zveri group, guitarist German Osipov and soloist Roma Zver; the video shot by the WarGonzo project shows how the artists arrived at the location of the OBTF KASKAD fighters and performed. in front of them, accepting applications right during the impromptu coming-out concert.

Photo: screenshot

Some were inspired by this turn of events (“The Beast is ours!”), some were surprised, others began to draw memes about the “return of the prodigal son”, because even at the beginning of the CBO on official social networks . from the Zveri group, an appeal with a paraphrased quote from Leo Tolstoy (from the anti-war manifesto “Rethink!”) appeared before the public, regarding the hostilities. As KP ​​learned, Rome did not denounce the SVO, but there was some controversy within the group on how to resolve Russia’s conflict with the Zelensky regime in Ukraine; hence last year’s emotional anti-war publication. In this regard, we decided to talk with the guitarist of the group (in the pictures of the performance in Donbass, he is on the right hand of the Beast), German Osipov, the son of an excellent Zaporozhye culturologist, writer and musician Garik Osipov (the Count Khortytsya). ) starred with Roman in the film “Summer”, received for it the Cannes Film Festival award for the best soundtrack and since 2015 began to come to Donbass with humanitarian aid and performances.

— Herman, oddly enough, your trip to Donbass caused a strong resonance in society. The people argue and rejoice: the “beasts” are ours! Did you expect such an increase? How was the decision to travel within the group made? I know that you also influenced Roma’s decision.

– The idea to go to Donbass arose a long time ago, since the Roma lived in Mariupol in the late 80s and early 90s, and their relatives live in Donbass. He received information about what was happening from them directly, first hand, and this information did not leave him indifferent.

But it’s not the first time you’re there either.

— Personally, I first went to Donbass in the spring of 2015 with humanitarian aid. From the beginning I had no doubts about what was happening, the first trip confirmed my position. I am going there regularly since April 2022.

– Humanitarian aid?

– As a companion to Yulia Chicherina or as part of the WarGonzo project. With Yulia we act in arrangements. [воинских подразделений], on the front line, in hospitals. Together with Semyon Pegov, we conduct poetic and musical programs in front of the fighters; I also write music for some of his reports, I help the project where I can. Some time ago I introduced Roma [Зверя] with Semyon and we began to think and prepare our trip. We agreed and we left.

– How are you travelling? How were you received? Some people think that in the avant-garde everything is harsh, brutal, strict, tough.

– We act for combatants of the OBTF “CASKAD”. The best we can do is sing songs and play musical instruments, and that’s what we came for. We were received very warmly, fraternally. The soldiers were very happy. It’s the most important thing. They literally shared their thoughts and hopes with us. That frankness is very moving.

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– Eyewitnesses say that Rome was astonished by what he saw. Some attribute this condition to a grueling road, but you musicians are no strangers to touring. Do you think he was “stuck” by what he saw? What did he say during and after the trip?

– Rome, of course… was stupefied. Artillery work cannot fail to stun a peaceful person. This did not stop him from performing in front of the fighters. And, most importantly, to evaluate everything correctly. After [после концерта] He visited the city of Roma youth – Mariupol. It had been about 30 years since he was there, it was very emotional after so many years of being in a liberated and restored city.

Roma Zver at the door of her school in Mariupol

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– What do you think of those who reproach Roman for “changing shoes”, nodding to a long-standing post about world peace? There were even memes about the return of the prodigal son.

– Those who reproach us for publishing a quote from Leo Tolstoy last year forget that absolutely everyone in the NVO area wants peace to come as soon as possible after our victory. They may not know that I have been there constantly since the start of the special operation. [в зоне боевых действий]and Roma always support me in this.

Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication.

– I saw that on Instagram some began to write you a “response” after a photo from the Donbass in a bulletproof vest. How many friends or comrades did you have to lose after openly declaring your citizenship? For example, Kirill Serebrennikov, who made the film “Summer”, for which you and Roman received the award for the best soundtrack for “Summer” at the Cannes Film Festival, did not write about the events in the area of ​​​​the New world order? Or you he?

– I often have to face rejection of my position on current events, but the truth is on our side, and this is the most important thing!

– Any plans to visit LDNR again? And to what extent, in your opinion, is it necessary for those who are under shelling?

– We will continue to support our fighters! But without details, because, as the inscription on the Soviet poster said, “Don’t talk!”. There [на линии боевого соприкосновения] I don’t like ads. And the people there, both civilian and military, really need our support.


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