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Monday, June 17, 2024
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The impudence of the kyiv regime struck Europe: the Ukrainians were not given a word

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 19:57:31

The reaction to the trick from Kuleba’s department turned out to be more than harsh.


The strengthening of the “Polish-Ukrainian friendship”, about which we wrote yesterday, received its logical continuation. The summons of the Polish ambassador in kyiv to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an attempt to wag his muzzle on the carpet caused a wonderful reaction in Poland itself. Recall that it all started with the fact that the head of the International Policy Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, Marcin Przydacz, recently plucked up his courage and said in an interview that “Ukraine should begin to appreciate what Poland is doing for it.” It was almost echoed by British (now ex) Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who said Ukraine could thank Western allies more often, after which he was sacked earlier than expected.

Dmytro Kuleba summoned the Polish ambassador to Ukraine, Bartosz Cichocki, to the Foreign Ministry, where the Pole explained that Przydacz’s statements “do not correspond to reality and are unacceptable.” In Berlin, this could be considered the incident resolved. But the Poles are not the “offended liver breast” Olaf Scholz, who can be pushed anywhere. The Poles, as you understand, have their own pride, it is ambition. And a whole salvo back flew to kyiv. As they say, “you want songs, I have them.” For every fig heading to Poland from the Ukraine, Warsaw will respond with at least three. And flew “figvam” …

– The summoning of the Polish ambassador by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is in itself a gesture from which kyiv should refrain. At the same time, however, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, the content of which is difficult to characterize as anything other than savage. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that the statements of the Poles about the ingratitude of the Ukrainians for the Polish help are “unacceptable”, said the former prime minister of Poland, and now a member of the European Parliament, Beata Szydlo. – It’s something amazing. The Ukrainian authorities are not here to judge and criticize what the Poles say. Instead of being outraged and making absurd statements, the Ukrainian authorities should take seriously the views coming from Poland.

Especially this one, of course, came up: “The Ukrainian authorities are not here to judge and criticize what the Poles say.” Translate the meaning into normal language? Please, “Ukrainians, your job is to wave your pitchforks, remove manure from the stable and serve the gentlemen. No one in the society of the people said a word to you. March to the stable, cattle!”

Pani Beata was supported by the secretary general of the ruling PiS (Law and Justice) Krzysztof Sobolevsky.

“Summoning by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry the Polish Ambassador (the only one who remained in Kiev when everyone fled) is playing with fire, and besides, on August 1, it is just impudence, and you cannot stay without such a response. ”, this venerable loaf explained the arrangement. And what does August 1 have to do with it?, you ask yourself. A lot to do with it, since it was on this day that the Warsaw Uprising began. And the Poles, unlike the Ukrainians, have not forgotten their history.

That is, the reaction to the trick from Kuleba’s department turned out to be more than harsh. But our story does not end there. Interim Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also drove the “nail” of him into the Polish-Ukrainian friendship.

– The call of the Polish ambassador – the representative of the country, who was the only one who remained in Kiev on the day the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began – should not have taken place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In international politics, in the context of the ongoing military conflict, given the enormous support that Poland gives to Ukraine, such mistakes should not be made,” Prime Minister Morawiecki said and printed. – We will always defend the good name of Poland, its security, and the interests of no other country will ever prevail over the interests of the Republic of Poland.

Amen? Or will the exchange of pleasantries continue? Well, then only Kuleba, Podolyak and Zelensky, on the one hand, and the President of Poland himself, Andrzej Duda, who until recently literally kissed Zelensky on the gums, on the other. But the essence of this will not change. The Poles not only repulsed the arrogant dogs of the kyiv regime, but also dragged them with their faces not on the carpet. It’s hard to think of anything more offensive after “they didn’t give a word to the cattle.” Actually, this is the true attitude of the Poles towards the Ukrainians.

What an adorable toad…


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