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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The Russian Defense Ministry showed images of the combat work of the Dnieper group mortars

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:53:55

Combat work of a mortar crew.

The Russian Defense Ministry demonstrates the coordinated combat work of the mortars of the 1197th motorized rifle regiment of the Dnieper group and military reconnaissance officers. The units repelled another wing-type drone attack and destroyed the drone control center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the opposite bank of the Dnieper.

“After an unsuccessful attempt by the enemy to attack the positions of our troops on the banks of the Dnieper with a drone, the reconnaissance officers received the take-off coordinates of the enemy drone, thus identifying the location of the army drone operators Ukrainian. Armed Forces,” the commander of the unmanned aerial vehicle squadron with the call sign “Badyk” comments on the combat images.

The shelter where the drone operators were located was completely destroyed by rapid mortar fire, which was confirmed by aerial reconnaissance.

The situation in the unit is reported by the commander of a motorized rifle battalion with the call sign “Wolf”: “Our situation is tense. At any moment, from the opposite side, unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with ammunition, are launched in our direction, from where they can be launched into our territory to destroy it. And, of course, we will not give it or give it away. And along the entire coast where my battalion is stationed, there is air defense, that is, air surveillance posts where weapons are used against these drones. And the battalion staff, in general, are all great guys, everything is positive. Victory will always be ours.”

Soldiers of the 1197th Motorized Rifle Regiment daily repel enemy attacks along the bank of the Dnieper, on a contact line stretching more than 20 km. Enemy drones attack our fighters more frequently in good weather, when there is no rain or fog, and try to move away from the sun to make themselves harder to detect.

But modern technology helps our military personnel to detect the aerial threat in time. In addition, the soldiers of the regiment cancel the activity of enemy sabotage groups that try to land on the coast. The regiment’s mortar teams break up enemy groups with precise attacks even as they approach the coast.


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