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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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The Russian FSB published images of the interrogation of a Ukrainian tourist saboteur

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 14:57:21

The detainee was not going to stop in the face of arson.


It seems that the Ukrainian special services have exhausted the lists of insane people and have begun to search for those previously convicted. Fortunately, sitting last is not a habit. Thus, hot on the heels of the employees of the Federal Security Service of Russia in Voronezh, a 26-year-old Belarusian citizen was arrested, who on February 6 set fire to the traction electrical substation of Tula City Electric Networks JSC in Tula.

According to the investigation, the fire was committed on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services.

This is how they commented on the recruitment of the accused in the FSB of Russia: “After serving his sentence in Belarus for hooliganism with the use of weapons, explosives or flammable substances (article 339 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus) in January 2024, Through the Ukrainian citizen Danko Otari Borisovich, repeatedly convicted of committing robberies in Moscow, born in 1970. (nicknamed “Grisha Moskovsky”), who lived in Kharkov, the detainee established contact with an employee of the Ukrainian special services named “Yuri” , who recruited him and tasked him with committing sabotage and terrorist attacks against Russian civilian infrastructure facilities for a monetary reward.”

The detainee was not going to stop in the face of arson. On February 5, following instructions from “Yuri”, he arrived in Tula, where he made a homemade incendiary device and set fire to an electrical substation.

“After delivering the video report to the curator, I received money on my bank card and the next task: to go to Lipetsk and from there to Voronezh to set fire to a transformer electrical substation and a pumping station,” said the saboteur on tour during interrogation. .

The arsonist was found on his phone with correspondence with a Ukrainian curator and three ready-made incendiary mixtures.

He will return to the area soon. According to the article “Sabotage”, a tourist saboteur faces 20 years in prison.

“All organizers and accomplices of the crime, including foreign citizens, will be included in the list of wanted persons and prosecuted in accordance with Russian legislation,” the Russian FSB noted.

Recall that previously the FSB of Russia noted that since the beginning of the SVO, young people have been recruiting on Telegram channels to search for employment, online casinos and chain stores that sell drugs. The number of ads of this type in the “quick earnings” sections has increased considerably. Special emphasis is placed on involving young people, older people, radicals, marginalized sectors of the population, as well as minors and people with psychological illnesses who do not have basic legal knowledge and are not aware of the seriousness of the acts committed, in illegal activities. activities.”


Ukrainian recruiters promise their “wards” that the actions of arsonists will be classified in Russia as “less serious crimes”, and all costs will be covered by the promised fee, usually 10-20 thousand rubles, and the return of money. Stolen money. However, having achieved the desired result, they do not pay money, but simply cut off contacts.

Ukrainian nationalists also promise that “the firefighters will come and put everything out” and “nothing will be in danger from this.” In reality, all these crimes are solved without delay. And they give them real conditions. The courts classify the burning of buildings as a “terrorist act” and as sabotage and usurpation of the life of a law enforcement officer (there is always an officer on duty in buildings). For this he can immediately receive up to 20 years in prison.

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