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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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George Clooney, Ronaldo and 6 other famous men who underwent body and facial plastic surgery

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 15:38:02

Hollywood dictates its own beauty rules, which even men must follow. Botox injections, blepharoplasty, liposuction and many other procedures have long been common among the male half. We introduce you to famous actors and athletes who resorted to the help of a surgeon to improve their appearance and stay afloat from fame.

Brad Pitt

There is talk on the Internet about a possible circular facelift for a 60-year-old Hollywood actor. Brad has shed a couple of decades, but still looks very natural and youthful. Fans even jokingly call Pitt after his character in the film – Benjamin Button, who was born old, but grew younger and younger every year.

Photo: Getty Images

The actor himself remains silent and does not make any comments. And experts study photographs of him and build their own versions. For example, plastic surgeon Johnny Betteridge estimates that Pitt spent around £100,000 on a circular facelift operation.

If you look at a photo from 2020, you can see normal signs of aging. Deep static wrinkles, loss of volume in the eye area and mid-face area, as well as some sagging skin in the lower part. Look how her face has changed now and how much younger she looks. The change in the contour of the lower part of the face is truly impressive, and Pitt is back to the look he had in the early 2000s. “This is an excellent example of a well-executed operation,” the expert told the DailyMail.

By the way, this is not the only facial correction that Pitt resorted to. While he was still married to Jennifer Aniston, he changed the shape of his ears.

Sylvester Stallone

Now the Hollywood actor is 77 years old, but even in his youth it was very difficult to call Sylvester handsome. His appearance was always far from ideal, but he still attracted the attention of women.

The actor himself did not hide that he looked at his reflection in the mirror with regret, but he could not change the outcome of the birth trauma. However, his flaws soon became his highlights and Stallone himself built a dizzying film career.

However, in the fight against old age, the actor still had to resort to the help of a plastic surgeon. Sylvester is supposed to periodically undergo a facelift and inject Botox.

Photo: Getty Images

He himself always refuted all press speculations, but the actor’s motionless facial expressions indicate otherwise. By the way, more than once Stallone has been included in the star ratings with unsuccessful plastic surgery. Some experts believe that the actor spent more than $200,000 on cosmetic procedures.

It is true that in 1992 Stallone admitted that his crooked mouth was corrected due to facial paralysis. Sylvester’s mother had a difficult birth; Doctors removed the fetus with forceps and damaged the nerves on the left side of her face. This defect remained with the star forever. When he lost a lot of weight, his mouth became more distorted. Therefore, the actor decided to undergo surgery.

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Al Pacino

Last year, the public was shocked by the news: the 83-year-old actor became a father for the fourth time. Despite disagreements with his lover Noor Alfalla and his doubts about paternity, Al recognized his son.

Since his youth, the actor was known as a womanizer and often changed women. Real fame came to Pacino after his role in the cult film “The Godfather”, after which Al immersed himself fully in wildlife. This lifestyle undoubtedly left its mark on the appearance of the once handsome Italian.

The first operation that the actor decided to undergo was blepharoplasty. Al Pacino used to joke that his drooping eyelids made him look like a sad dog. However, it is difficult to notice the surgical intervention, because the artist often goes out in public wearing sunglasses.

Photo: Getty Images

Soon Pacino appeared refreshed on the red carpet, eyes wide open. They say that the Italian is very proud and sensitive to aging. He now no longer resorts to the services of surgeons. But there was a time when Al sought help: he had a circular facelift, liposuction and even rhinoplasty.

Mickey Rourke

Rourke, 71, has repeatedly admitted that he regrets all the experiments with his face. Now her appearance is completely far from what she once drove millions of women around the world crazy about.

Once upon a time the star of the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks” enjoyed fame and whirlwind romances. Everything changed the actor’s desire to combine his acting career with professional boxing. For several years, Rourke did not spare himself in the ring in battles with opponents. Which he paid with his face.

I had five surgeries on my nose and once on a broken cheekbone. “Most of my efforts were aimed at fixing my boxing-damaged face, but I went to the wrong guy,” the actor lamented.

Trying to correct the aspiring surgeon’s mistakes, Mickey fell into a trap and fell into a whirlwind of corrections and operations. There was no trace of the former handsome hero.

Photo: Getty Images

I’m upset because I lost face. It’s incredibly difficult to see yourself in old movies. “It’s terrible to see you getting worse,” Mickey says now.

George Clooney

Once the actor spoke very critically about plastic surgery, even condemning it.

You can’t try to look younger. You need to look your best at your age. “I think we all need to accept the fact that we’re getting older and not try to fight it,” Clooney said.

But years later, George decided to resort to correction: he underwent eyelid blepharoplasty. Which, by the way, he publicly admitted. “Yes, I do!” — Clooney commented simply and briefly.

Photo: Getty Images

In addition, the actor slightly corrected the shape of his nose and sometimes resorts to beauty injections to eliminate small wrinkles. Now the actor is 62 years old, but it cannot be said that he looks much younger than his age. This means that Clooney does not get carried away with plastic surgery, but chooses the path of natural aging and chooses the surgeon wisely.

Tom Cruise

And you wouldn’t think that one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood was once an unattractive guy. Tom’s special “calling card” was his badly crooked teeth. Therefore, at the beginning of her career, the future star was forced to spend the entire cost of one of the films on dental services in order to acquire a Hollywood smile. Among other things, Cruise underwent rhinoplasty.

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Tom began to turn to plastic surgeons more frequently when he crossed the 50-year mark. And not all visits to specialists gave impeccable results. For example, fans of the actor were horrified to see him at a baseball game in San Francisco in 2021. Tom’s face was swollen and full, and experts decided that Cruise, in search of youth, overdid it with Botox injections. .

Photo: Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous bodybuilder, Hollywood actor and former governor of California is very adamant on issues related to plastic surgery.

I have never had cosmetic surgery. All my life I have looked in the mirror and seen a beautifully built man. And at some point you start to see a different image. It is awful! Wrinkles appear under the eyes, under the breasts and a protruding belly. Where the hell did this come from? It’s unpleasant. A few years ago I went to UCLA, where they have world-renowned aging experts. I asked if anything had been created or would be created soon to reverse aging. They responded: “Absolutely nothing.” And the only things that can be done are generally accepted things. Don’t smoke, eat right, exercise,” Arnold, 76, shared in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

However, many experts are convinced that Arnold underwent a genioplasty – correction of the jaw and enlargement of the cheekbones. Information also surfaced that the Terminator’s impressive, sculpted muscles were not his fault either. The star is believed to have implants installed in his pectoral muscles and calves to add volume.

Photo: Getty Images


The legendary Brazilian footballer always had a tendency to be overweight, but thanks to professional sports, Zubastic was able to stay in shape. It is not surprising that after his retirement, Ronaldo began to gain weight rapidly. The strict diets prescribed by specialists did not give the desired results, so the former soccer player decided to take extreme measures: liposuction.

Photo: Getty Images

Just a few months after the operation, Ronaldo shone before the fans in excellent physical shape. However, it was not possible to maintain the result for a long time: after a while, liposuction had to be repeated. Now Ronaldo is 47 years old, but he has not yet managed to find harmony.

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