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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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The “silicone scandal” due to unsuccessful plastic surgery shocked the Russian show business: who has “triangular breasts” and who “sewn in the ass”

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:50:40

slavic singer

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

The singer Slava would have known which Pandora’s box she would open by speaking publicly about the consequences of a botched plastic surgery. The star said that surgeon Timur Khaidarov sewed up her chest without success. As a result, they all quarreled. Philip Kirkorov said that Slava herself was to blame: she did not follow the recommendations, they say, now there is nothing to “overdo the tits-pussies.” To which the singer responded very harshly. Timur Khaidarov, fighting hatred, rode along Uspenskaya and Slava. And it all continued with a great srach between Vika Bonya and Alana Mamaeva. The girls began to find out who, to whom and how “stitched in the ass.” As a result, it turned out that in show business, it would seem, there were no bangs and natural busts left. But not! However, there is. Secretly, Natalya Shturm, 57, showed her natural butt in her thong, signing her photo: “The rule of old men.”

Recall that the other day, the singer Slava publicly said that she was not satisfied with the result of plastic surgery on her breasts performed by Timur Khaidarov. The surgeon commented on the case, explaining in an interview with KP.RU that no one is immune from complications, it is important to follow the recommendations. But the srach on social and public networks could no longer be stopped…

One of the first to speak was Philip Kirkorov:

“Dear Slava, why boil water where there is no right? You cannot glory in this, but it is easy to get into a puddle … Of course, I am not a doctor, I am not a specialist, but I can tell you: before you sin on others, watch your behavior … The doctor’s recommendations must be followed. Do not give up rehabilitation, if it is a pity to spend a penny on observation by a professional, then this attitude will already cost a penny with others.

Timur with Philip

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Remember that Philip recently boasted of a new figure that Khaidarov made for him – we honestly note that the king of pop has really developed and looked 10-15 years younger!

“Timur is a doctor from God. There are doubts, look what a figure of Apollo made me … – said Philip Kirkorov. – And the exaggeration in boobs-pussies is bad form. I don’t like it, return it. How long have people been willing to go public with real medical claims? Timur Khaidarov has recently become a plastic surgery superstar. And superstars annoy a lot of colleagues. Trust me.”

Glory, who usually does not get into the pocket for a word, replied Kirkorov almost immediately and quite harshly:

“I don’t have to police my behavior. I have a great carriage. I can drink when I want. But after the operation, I do everything the doctor tells me. After the operation, I completely did everything that I was told: how much I needed not to drink, not to have sex. I went to procedures. They assured me that the stitches would dissolve. But that turned out not to be true.”

slavic singer

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

The singer also said that she paid for the operation in full, but there was still a discount.

“I paid for the operation in full. And here is a big question for you about the fact that after the operation you cannot work for two months. Exactly one month after the operation, Timur called me and said: “My wife has a birthday. Could you act?” I said: “Of course I can.” Because it made me an impressive figure. They gave me a 30 percent discount, but then I worked for the concert, it costs 1.5 million. That’s how I worked this stunt. So I certainly don’t need to offend a penny, ”Slava commented on the scandal.

In addition, the singer threatened other artists that if they write lies about her, she will write the truth about them, saying, “Don’t wake up celebrities while it’s quiet!”

Luba Uspenskaya

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Timur Khaidarov himself also spoke out on social networks, calling Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya extortionists, who were also allegedly dissatisfied with the result. After the situation escalated to the limit, Uspenskaya and Slava’s lawyer, Elena Senina, commented: “It is worth clarifying that, indeed, my clients were extremely dissatisfied with the operations that were performed in this clinic. They made reasonable claims to the surgeon. Unfortunately, Timur posted information on social media about him that he believes and claims that Lyubov Zalmanovna and singer Slava are extortionists. This cannot but offend… We are thinking about how to correctly treat such information so that our interests are satisfied and the law prevails.

We add that at this time Timur Khaidarov also connected lawyers.

Gohar Avetisyan

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

The well-known blogger and make-up artist Goar Avetisyan took the side of Timur, with whom he literally “blinded” a magnificent figure.

“Despite the fact that I suffered, suffered, cried, such an organism, what to do, I am very grateful to Timur. I want to say thank you very much, I am extremely happy with my reflection in the mirror,” said Gohar Avetisyan. – Therefore, dear girls who are going to have an operation, you should know that this is always a risk and how you will heal, no one knows, only the Lord God. And if he decides, then you must accept the consequences. If everything has healed, I’m glad for you, if it is slower, then the body has such a reaction.

But Vika Bonya supported Slava and began to promote another surgeon, Vardan Khachaturyan, who, as you might guess, performed several operations on her.

“Girls write to me that he made them triangular breasts and so on. I’m just talking about the fact that there are mega talented people. And so Alana Mamaeva dragged the surgeon Vardan Khachaturian into the scandal. But he is a mega talented person who worked in microsurgery. He sews small glasses, he has invisible seams. He wanted to send my mother. A super talented person. So he survived! They have fucked a man! But we praise those people who disfigure people, ”Vika Bonya told her subscribers.

vika bonya

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Then Bonya again rode Alana Mamaeva, who is also a victim of plastic surgery, but at the same time advertises surgeons and even makes a guide.

“Alana Mamaeva, who took out implants from her butt, who said that they somehow parted with her there, is making a guide for surgeons. Well, just… How can this person make a guide? The people she went to just screwed her up. And now they are just making money for you, ”Victoria said.

Mamaeva reacted quickly to Boni’s attacks and said that this did not worry her.

“Dear Vitoria. About the sewn back. First, it does not concern you. Secondly, let’s start with the fact that your dear beloved Vardan also sewed up your butt, or rather, he increased it with fat and made a press for you, drew cubes for you. And the butt that you are making now in each story was also made by Vardan. But the fact that Vardan harassed his patients and for this a criminal case was opened against him, and investigations are underway, there are many victims…it remains a fact,” Alana said.

Alana Mamaeva

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Recall that at the end of 2022, several patients accused another star surgeon, Vardan Khachatryan, of harassment. The girls said that the doctor, taking advantage of his condition after anesthesia, allegedly raped them. True, in March of this year, the case took a new turn: some of the “victims” of the surgeon retracted their previous testimony, and the police launched an investigation into extortion of the doctor.

Photo of Alana Mamaeva with problematic implants.

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Alana also said that she had problems with the implants not because of a botched operation, but because she had lost a lot of weight. Mamaeva did not deny that Timur Khaidarov also operated on her, but he was not the only one, there was also a doctor, and she is happy with the results. At the same time, in this situation, Alana is on the side of Slava, since, in her opinion, the client is always right.

“If I were Khaidarov, I would pay the patient back and pay for a new job with another doctor so that there is no scandal,” Alana Mamaeva said.

Meanwhile, everyone is in a scandal, Natalya Shturm, 57, showed off her natural ass in a thong.

Natalia Shturm

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“While everyone in show business was shitting, whose ass is the most natural, I sat down 50 times? Old men rule! #natyurlikhYAYA,” Natalya wrote on her blog.

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