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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The swindler, the singer and the two empresses

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:45:42

Sergei Zhukov’s daughter Nika plays a schoolgirl who decides to form a teenage rock band. Photo: Frame from the film.


Musical drama about teenagers over 16 years old.

Hitmaker Sergei Zhukov (“And kiss me everywhere…”) constantly fulfills his ambitions as a television series producer. He has already filmed the awkward, but in its own way cute project “Evgenich” for the channel “Friday!” And now he is exploring new horizons. However, he is not yet ready to invent fundamentally new plots and prefers already worn-out tracks. “Crybaby” is a musical drama about Masha, a high school student who, after an elite gymnasium, suddenly found herself in a provincial normal school, where she became the object of bullying. Masha has only one way out: the group “Crybaby”, which she created herself.

Also starring: Nika Zhukova, Agata Mutsenietse, Roman Mayakin, Irina Rozanova, Vanya Dmitrienko.


Since September 28.


Comedy, 16+

Continuation of the story about a school teacher, owner of a revealing surname Valentina, with a difficult personal life. One of the best national television comedies of recent years, invented with a freedom and truly funny humor, rare in our scriptwriters. The project introduced the public to the actress Lina Mirimskaya, who plays in such a way that in her funniest moments a shadow of light sadness flickers, which makes one want to call her Timofey Tribuntsev in a skirt.

In the new season, Yasya is no longer a biology teacher, Nastya has a new boyfriend. Well, Valya, in addition to her usual problems, is forced to take care of her pregnant sister.

Also starring: Valentina Mazunina, Denis Shvedov, Alexey Vertkov, Mikhail Troynik.


Starting September 18.

“Excellent. Golden age”

Viewers will have to decide which Catherine is closer and prettier to them, played by Elizaveta Boyarskaya… Photo: Still from the film

Historical drama, 16+

It was Elizaveta Boyarskaya’s turn to try on the image of the Empress. The action begins in 1763, immediately after the coronation. Taking the throne is half the battle, you have to keep it. The part of Catherine II, whom foreign ambassadors nicknamed

Great, he faced many tests: palace intrigues, betrayals, the war with Turkey, smallpox and plague epidemics, Princess Tarakanova, the Pugachev rebellion. There was also a lot of anguish: she was forced to choose between a woman and a ruler all her life. Director Sergei Ginzburg (“Sorge,” “Cathedral,” “The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik”) will present her vision of her biography.

Also starring: Anton Khabarov, Alexey Morozov, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Alexey Filimonov, Igor Gordin, Vasily Reutov, Sofya Sinitsyna, Ilya Grishin.

First channel.

“Bison Hunt”

Sergei Bezrukov knows very well the answer to the question “Where is my black pistol?” Photo: Frame from the film.

Retro detective, 16+

1974 The model Mila was found hanged in the House of Models in Kuznetsky Most. The case is assigned to MUR investigator Kirill Bessonov (Sergei Bezrukov). An experienced detective discovers a connection between Mila’s death and the death of OBKhSS investigator Kuznetsov. Bessonov also discovers that the House of Models is generally dirty: the beauties are forced to smuggle jewelry, submit to the right people, and supply accessories to a clandestine weaving factory.

Also starring: Anzhelika Markelova, Anna Bogomolova, Alexander Yatsenko, Vladimir Steklov, Daniil Vershinin, Gennady Smirnov, Sergey Gilev.

First channel.

“Catalina. Favorites”

…or in the interpretation of Marina Alexandrova. Photo: Frame from the film.

Historical drama, 16+

Your empress shows herself here and there. Technology has come this far! An alternative biography of Catherine II, starring Marina Alexandrova, this time focuses on matters of the heart. The married husband, Prince Potemkin, is not an obstacle to new love intrigues. On the contrary, he regularly provides the empress with new favorites of hers. And she really falls in love with one of them, Alexander Lansky (Vladimir Yagych).

Also starring: Pavel Tabakov, Mikhail Gorevoy, Diana Milyutina, Anna Kovalchuk.

Russia 1.


Retro adventure drama, 16+

Late 80s. The man is accused of a crime he did not commit. Then his daughter Ninel (Maria Lugovaya), gifted with acting talent, becomes the swindler’s accomplice. She transforms into different images and conducts research on it. But the criminal quagmire is increasingly absorbing her.

On the set, Maria Lugovaya transformed not only into her heroine, but also into 15 characters played by Ninel. According to the actress, it was a very difficult task: to change beyond recognition so that the viewer believed in the incredible acting abilities of her heroine.

Also starring: Alexander Lazarev, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Andrey Ilyin, Roman Mayakin, Nil Kropalov, Daria Mikhailova.

First channel.

“Black Sun”

detective, 16+

Vyborg. Agent Evgeny Chagin (Maxim Stoyanov) goes to the scene of a crime: a farmer shoots dead three thieves who broke into his house in the middle of the night. The nuance is that the farmer is Chagin’s classmate. After evaluating the situation, the police captain understands that the farmer is accused of exceeding self-defense: he put two of the thieves in the house and the third at the door when he fled. He decides to move his body to correct the image. Criminologists and investigator Igor Zhuk (Yuri Chursin) also come to the scene, a corrosive professional who can lead Chagin to drinking water.

Also starring: Victoria Korlyakova, Petr Kislov, Grigory Zeltser, Petar Zekavica.



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