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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The “Univer” series returns after 13 years. In the case of the sportsman Kuzya and the womanizer Michael, it was not possible to agree with Nastasya Samburskaya.

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 02:48:04

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It seems that TNT decided to give a global turn to the content and resurrect from scratch even the forgotten heroes. First, they persuaded Mikhail Galustyan to release a truncated version of Our Russia under a new name. Then it became known that Sergei Svetlakov was also returned. Then it was announced that shooting for new episodes about the Bukin family had begun. And now, the continuation of “Univer” has been announced (somewhere in the grid of the daytime air, the heroes of the series “SashaTanya”, who did not go anywhere, saddened themselves).

The TNT channel published a photo from the shooting of the continuation of the student series, now it is called “Univer”. 13 years later”. Judging by the photo, most of the key characters are on the case. Including the “stupid athlete” Kuzya played by Vitaly Gogunsky, a student of Alexei Batalov, who had started his solo career with a look retro under the direction of “Mushrooms” producer Yuri Bardash.

“This is a cult series and a cult character,” says Vitaly. – All 10 years, my social networks were flooded with messages from fans: “Kuzya, come back.” And finally I decided to go back. Kuzya returns in the series “Dumping King”, and I am sure that everyone will be interested in seeing him. Personally, I have not read anything funnier from the scripts in a long time, like in those old days, in 2008, when we waited for each episode and laughed out loud.

Ararat Keshchyan (Michael), Stanislav Yarushin (Anton), Masha (Anna Khilkevich) and Valya (Alexander Martynov), Varya (Ekaterina Molokhovskaya) and many other artists of the project also stood out on the set.

As the name implies, the action of the series will take place three years after the end of Univer. 10 years later.” Anton opens a pub, but suddenly finds out… that he has a daughter.

Photo: screenshot

Michael struggles to keep his family together after his own infidelity and Vary’s divorce filing. Masha drags two children while Valya searches for scientific discoveries. And then Kuzya comes to the fore – once the most desperate inhabitant of the hostel, endlessly beating a rubber dummy with his hands and feet. Now he (as is often the case with dumb jocks) is a cool metropolitan businessman. He expands his business, scales and, of course, wants to return to Masha, with whom he is still in love. It is not yet clear how this will end.

“Univer is my home, and I know my heroine Masha literally inside and out,” emphasizes Anna Khilkevich. – I, as fans of the series, of course, am interested in what happens to the characters, because perhaps even more than one generation grew up with them. Therefore, it is interesting to observe how they develop, what problems they face. After all, the viewer has matured, the characters have matured, and life problems, as a rule, always remain relevant. A love triangle awaits my heroine in the new season, so of course everyone is interested to see how the relationship between Masha and Valya, between Masha and Kuzey will develop, and how Valentin will react to the appearance of the former Masha in their lives.

True, it will not work without loss: one of the most charismatic and sexy heroines, Christina, played by the scandalous Nastasya Samburskaya, will be absent from the project. The artist failed to agree with the producers on the amount of the fee.

“Everything is banal, they could not agree on the fee,” the actress admitted on social networks. – In my opinion, three years after the release of the final season, the rate should increase. But the opinion of the producers did not coincide with mine.


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