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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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“There was a conflict, but he refused hospitalization”: new details have emerged about the case of deceased Khaidarov clinic patient Piotr Gavrilov

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 07:41:46

Recall that the Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation into the death of media producer Pyotr Gavrilov.

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Recall that the Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation into the death of media producer Pyotr Gavrilov. The accused are surgeon Ilya Elagin, 45, and his assistant, Tamerlan Kadzaev, 28. It was they who performed the gastric resection on Gavrilov on February 16 at the IQ Plastic clinic in Khaidarov. And on February 27, a 35-year-old man died from complications. Last week, the Zamoskvoretsky court determined a preventive measure for Elagin and Kadzaev, sending them under house arrest for two months, until July 14.

One of the main arguments in favor of house arrest was the telephone correspondence between Elagin and Khaidarov, discovered by investigators. In it, the doctors discussed the possibility of making adjustments to the medical history and the posthumous diagnosis of Gavrilov, who, we recall, died in the Central Clinical Hospital of Medicine and Railways of Russia. Ilya Elagin himself worked in the same institution for 8 years, that is, there were contacts. As a result, corrections were made. Investigators suggested that all this was done to hide information.

Furthermore, neither a medical examination nor an autopsy were carried out, without which it is difficult to establish the true cause of death.

Currently, Ilya Elagin and Tamerlan Kadzaev are under house arrest and do not have the right to use any means of communication. We also add that Elagin is a well-known bariatric surgeon in Russia with more than 20 years of experience. He has performed almost 3,000 resections.

After the court decision was announced, patients of Elagin (some of them also attended the trial) and Kadzaev created a telegram group “In support of doctors Elagin and Kadzaev.” Currently there are 1860 people in it. There they express their gratitude and share their stories.

“I had a similar operation with this surgeon almost a month apart. I am immensely grateful to all the staff, to Angelica and to IB himself (To Ilya Borisovich Elagin – Ed.) and to the anesthesiologist (this was the first operation, after which I immediately got up without a headache). — wrote one of Elagin’s patients. — I am absolutely alien to Khaidarov’s clinic, I can tell you, as a simply grateful patient of IB, that it is monstrously unfair to do this to God’s surgeons, to whom people specially fly from different cities. And the fact that such a tragedy happened to Petya could have happened due to the non-compliance of the regime. I personally was afraid to even drink water for the first two weeks, it was such a serious operation (I drank water with a straw in small sips and gelatin). Here 99 percent depends on compliance with the regimen after surgery.”

Then another woman joined the discussion, who said that Gavrilov did not follow the recommendations and, a few days after the operation, went to a banquet at a well-known Moscow karaoke bar that he owned.

“Maybe you can object to my information, but Gavrilov really had a conflict at a banquet in his own karaoke bar “Quadrille.” Perhaps this could be the real reason for the failure of the sutures. He called my close friend Rustam K. After that, he called an ambulance, but refused to be hospitalized, it is not clear why. The next day I arrived at IQ Plastic. Zarina, his wife, is aware of this situation. I don’t know why she refuses to talk about it,” wrote a certain Inga.

Meanwhile, the wife of the deceased Gavrilov broke the silence. Pregnant Zarina Abdullaeva blames everything on the doctors.

“All my life I have had great respect for the medical profession and I never thought that a doctor could not only harm, but also kill his patient, until I met this “experienced surgeon”, and that is why I believed his words. Even after proving incompetent suturing (which he didn’t fix) and peritonitis (which he chose not to tell me about), he discouraged me from transferring to another hospital, saying this would only harm my husband. And that the hole would heal in a couple of days!! And the severity of the condition is explained by the second anesthesia,” Zarina wrote on social networks.


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