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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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‘They won’t get money from Khaydarov!’: Star surgeon’s lawyer commented on ‘silicone scandal’

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:30:31

Aleksandr Dobrovinsky

Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

It’s not the first day that social media has been on fire. Singer Slava complained, they say, that she was not satisfied with the scars after breast plastic surgery by surgeon Timur Khaydarov, who had previously conjured up about the Kirkorov and Dava press.

Khaidarov explained, they say, that the singer simply did not follow his recommendations after the operation.

He later joined Slava Lyubov Uspenskaya, saying that his buttocks made by the doctor were far from ideal.

In addition, lawyers for Uspenskaya and Slava asked the Khaidarov clinic for a video of their operations.

The defense of the plastic surgeon was defended by the law office of Alexander Dobrovinsky, which represents the interests of Philip Kirkorov.

– There are many statements from the opposite side that they are not provided with videos of the operations themselves, to which I have several comments. First of all, such videos cannot be stored forever only physically, and since we are talking about operations that took place 1 year and 3 years ago, these videos, of course, no longer exist,” explained KP.RU Alexander Dobrovinsky. – Which, it seems to me, the other side understands perfectly, so it focuses on this. Secondly, those videos are provided at the request of the court and no one has yet approached the court. The hype is being whipped up, but there are still no appeals to the court. Thirdly, the most interesting thing is that they do not resort to the clinics in which the operations for the video were performed … Curious, isn’t it? So no one will ever see the money they expect to receive from Timur Khaydarov.


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