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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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They write abroad asking for details: kyiv residents are looking for indirect ways to find out about Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson, banned in Ukraine

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 05:26:19

Putin gave an example of state communication. Let’s hope others follow this path.


The former chief editor of Ogonyok, who lived in the United States for 10 years, spoke with KP.RU political commentator Alexander Gamov

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, the last time we spoke was in the evening, when Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson was broadcast. After all, you are originally from Ukraine. Have you already been able to discuss this event with any of your Ukrainian friends?

– Yes… But I didn’t achieve anything special. They report that everything is blocked. I want to send you our clippings somehow.

– Refers to notes from Komsomolskaya Pravda, our interviews with you.

– Yeah.

– To – by email?

– All addresses ending in ru are blocked. The letters do not arrive.

– That is, you don’t know the reaction of your Ukrainian colleagues?

– Total blocking. But, at the same time, they tell me: here we talk a lot about how there was some interesting interview with Putin, tell us about it.

– This is from kyiv, right?

– Like this. Because it is closed and prohibited for them. And from kyiv they ask: “Please tell us the details.”

– Did you communicate with your colleagues and friends, who are there, abroad, in the United States, these days?

– Yes, I do. And I received, in turn, a question: a question about how we feel about it.

Vitaly Korotich at his dacha near Moscow

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

– What is your response?

– I answer that now I have hope that the leaders of the countries will start talking to each other and stop insulting each other. However, so far only our president has shown that he thinks much better than others… (Heads of State-AG) Faster. And he says it in a more interesting way. Putin gave an example of state communication. Let’s hope others follow this path. Furthermore, it appears that the questions were not sent to him in advance.

– Yes, it’s true – I checked with Dmitry Peskov.

“Putin has demonstrated enviable competence and conscientiousness in absolutely all matters and can rely on this in the future. That’s what I responded to the Americans.

– Oh, remember, you told me about an American professor who, to isolate himself from this life, threw away the television. How do you connect with the world now?

– Not yet. Just take everything in general. And he hopes that the rulers will become wiser. I will repeat myself, but one of the most interesting impressions is that in the context of Biden, in the context of the fact that the leadership of the US Congress is insulting and not arguing, in this context Putin seems especially advantageous. We ourselves in Russia probably have not noticed how our leadership has become wiser. Right before our eyes.

– And what do you mean?

– It would seem that I was recently sitting in the front row at the XIV Komsomol Congress, I was a delegate. And then Khrushchev spoke and spat all over me. When he spoke, saliva flew from his mouth to the third row. It was the end of the world. But the fact is that this was the leader. And Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, still God for many, with three theological seminary classes, tried to speak on all topics. And now Putin, in this context, without papers, without anything, suddenly offered excursions into history that, in general, are not accessible to everyone, but somehow he did it with elemental ease. We didn’t realize that on our television and in the newspapers there was talk that we needed electronics specialists, IT specialists, this, that, the third. And how calmly the leader of our country became smarter than many of his colleagues. And now, suddenly, the country has become wiser. And this changes a lot in the perception of everything, both the outside world and our own. I stopped being surprised… By the way, today, when I talked to you, I had to buy bread. And then, suddenly…

– During the interview, bread was bought.

– I bought it, I put it in my bag. And at that moment someone touches my shoulder from behind, the young man says: you know, you dropped your wallet. And he comes back, honestly, that’s how it was.

– While you were giving me an interview, did you drop your wallet?

– I dropped my wallet. But the most important thing is that the country has not only become wiser, it has become different.

– Forgive me, Vitaly Alekseevich. I won’t call again when… You tell me right away: I’m in the store.

– This rarely happens, it happens like this.

– Was there a lot of money in the wallet?

– Three or four thousand. It would be a shame for the wallet…

– The main thing is that the young man returned it to you. And on this optimistic note we can end.

– You see, today near the store I also observed how people put out their cigarette butts and took them to the nearest trash can, instead of throwing them on the sidewalk. I watch how the country becomes different, cleaner. And in this sense, the conversation with Putin also made a great impression on the Americans. When newspapers fly through the streets of New York, there are huge garbage containers where the newspapers are thrown, they fly out of there and fly through the streets, no one catches them. And if we talk about this, about the cleanliness of the streets, about the cleanliness of the people, here in Russia everything is changing. And it is very good that, judging by the speech and dialogue between Carlson and Putin, the country has become cleaner and smarter. And the smarter we are, the easier it will be for us to resist all kinds of disgusting behavior from anywhere.

– Understood. Thank you so much. Don’t lose it, otherwise I’m ashamed that you lost your wallet because of me. It’s good that you found it.


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