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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Time of Heroes 2024: program for SVO participants: conditions, how to enter, exams

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 21:16:26

The goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified and competent leaders from current and former military personnel.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The words of Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly about who can be considered the true Russian elite were quoted by all media outlets in the world.

“Those who in previous years filled their pockets thanks to all kinds of economic processes of the 90s are definitely not the elite,” said the President. – The true and true elite are all those who serve Russia, workers and warriors, reliable, proven, who have proven their devotion to Russia, worthy people. Starting tomorrow, March 1, 2024, veterans of a special military operation, as well as soldiers and officers currently fighting in active units, will be able to apply to participate in the first training stream of a special personnel program. Let’s call it “The Age of Heroes.”

Other disciplines

The “Time of Heroes” program began work the next day. As presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters, their goal is to develop highly qualified and competent leaders from current and former military personnel. After studying, they will be able to work in state and municipal authorities and in state companies.

“Time of Heroes” is expected to be on a par with existing personnel projects, such as the “School of Governors” and the “Leaders of Russia” competition. As part of the personal growth program, future governors even lay down under a moving armored vehicle. Soldiers and veterans of the Northern Military District, Abrams and Leopads will not be afraid, personal growth is fine here. But the knowledge necessary for a civil manager will be useful.

Terms and conditions of the “Time of Heroes” program

The program will be implemented on the basis of the Senezh management workshop of the RANEPA Higher School of Public Administration. At the same time, the finalists will be prepared by the current division heads of the Presidential Administration, members of the government, governors, mayors and heads of leading companies in the country.

“Turning our warriors into tough administrators is not an easy task,” Alexey Komissarov, rector of RANEPA and general director of ANO “Russia, the land of opportunities,” told Komsomolskaya Pravda. – The boys who will come to study have already proven their worth on the battlefield. But they will have to master other disciplines: state and municipal administration, finance, project management, economics, legislation, etc. It seems to me that the importance of this program cannot be underestimated.

“Time of Heroes” is expected to be on a par with existing personnel projects, such as the “School of Governors” and the “Leaders of Russia” competition.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

How can veterans and participants become “Time of Heroes” listeners? As the organizing committee of this educational program informed KP, only participants and veterans of the Northern Military District will be able to participate in it, subject to four conditions. They must be citizens of Russia (1), have higher education (2) and experience in people management (3), and also have no criminal record (4).

How to enter the “Time of Heroes” program

For veterans who are already in civilian life, applying is simple: they need to go to the project website (vremyageroev.rf) and click on the “Participate in the program” button. Everything there is intuitive: submit an application, fill out a form, write an essay, and take an online management skills test. To access the first broadcast, all this must be done before 12:00 Moscow time on April 8.

With those now fighting in the Northern Military District area, everything is a little more complicated. They may not have internet or any connection. According to Alexei Komissarov, the issue of how to ensure that information about the “Time of Heroes” program is communicated to all military personnel is being discussed in the Ministry of Defense. Right in the SVO zone, at some distance from the front line, remote assessment centers will open, where fighters will be able to submit an application, fill out a questionnaire, take an exam and write an essay. If necessary, you can even interview them.

“We really want the fighters participating in the SVO today to be able to learn from us,” says Alexey Komissarov. “The Ministry of Defense actively supports this and is willing to do everything possible to ensure that military personnel have the opportunity to be tested. I’m sure there won’t be any problems with this.

Only selected finalists will be able to learn from high-ranking officials. But those who are not included in their number will not be mistaken: all participants in the application campaign will have the opportunity to take an online course on the Internet platform of the Presidential Academy.

“And the best, according to the selection results, will study on a full-time program,” says Alexey Komissarov. – The teachers will give them theoretical knowledge and the mentors – people who know in practice what public administration is – will introduce them to practice. This will be an intensive learning process followed by an exam. I believe in our fighters, I am sure that they are not afraid of any exams and that, after completing their training, they will be able to occupy serious positions in the field of public administration.

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