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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Malykhin makes history! Anatoly destroyed De Ridder and became the ONE three-weight champion.

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 07:48:50

Malykhin makes history! Anatoly destroyed De Ridder and became the ONE three-weight champion.

Igor Nekrasov March 1, 2024, 19:35 Moscow time

The Russian is a true legend of Asian rise.

On March 1, the ONE 166 tournament took place in Lusail (Qatar). The attention of all Russian fans was focused on the fight for the middleweight title: the organization’s champion Rainier de Ridder defended his belt against the Russian light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Anatoly Malykhin.

Online transmission of the tournament:

UNO 166: Malykhin left no chance for De Ridder. The Dutchman surrendered to the power of the Russian

The Russian is a true star of the One Championship. Anatoly has been playing in the league since 2021 and has five early victories in five fights, as well as two titles. First, Malykhin knocked out Kirill Grishchenko and became the interim heavyweight champion, after which Anatoly knocked out Rainier de Ridder, who had the belt in the light heavyweight division, and then finished Arjan Bhullar and changed the belt temporary heavyweight for a full one. .

This was not enough for the Russian, he attended the historic event and received a fight for the middleweight title. In case of victory, Malykhin would become the owner of a unique achievement – the owner of championship belts in three weight categories simultaneously. Anatoly had to lift weights seriously, but the Russian noted that he easily reached 93 kg.

Why is Anatoly Malykhin so good?

Malykhin is a real finishing machine. Why is Anatoly so good?

“You know, I did that 93kg, I didn’t feel it at all. I saw my friends riding a lot less weight. I started with 117 kg, I didn’t understand anything, everything went away by itself, I made the weight two days ago. I only had a few nervous moments because I had to take the hydration test. Today two of them did not pass and their fees were withdrawn. I’ll tell you how it is: you have to urinate there so the water can be seen. You can’t just expel all the water and get on the scale exhausted, you have to be fine. Last night I drank two liters of water, in the morning one liter, I walked and even distilled. I passed the hydration test and gained weight with God’s help. I feel like I’m 20 years old, just fresh and young. Mom shouts crying: “Son, he is younger and more handsome!” My wife comes and checks my abs every time. In six years of marriage, I saw my husband’s abs for the first time. He says that he thought there was only a belly there,” said Anatoly Malykhin in a conversation with “Championship” correspondent Yahya Gasanov.

Great interview with Anatoly Malykhin:


“My wife is listed as a dollar billionaire.” Candid interview with Anatoly Malykhin

Malykhin’s opponent was again Ridder’s Rainier. The Dutch knight was an undefeated fighter with a 16-0 record and a double One champion before his first fight with Anatoly. The Dutchman has good fighting skills and has had 11 victories by submission and three more by knockout. De Ridder has a good track record, but after losing to Malykhin, he no longer competed in MMA and took a break. Now Rainier decided to take revenge on the Russian in another division, in which he also held the championship belt.

Malykhin advanced from the first seconds, launched several excellent side kicks, and De Ridder began to save himself in the clinch. In a standing position, Rainier attempted to keep Anatoly at a distance using low kicks, front kicks, and in one episode even knocked the Russian down. But Malykhin continued to press, throwing powerful series into his hands, and De Ridder had an extremely difficult time. Rainier clinched a lot, tried to get a takedown, but the Russian stayed on his feet.

The second round began again with attacks from Malykhin, Anatoly caught his opponent well and Rainier again held on, throwing knees to the body. The Dutchman tried to get to his feet again and again, but the Russian clearly defended himself against the takedowns and continued to dismount De Ridder in a standing position. In the middle of the round, Rainier chatted openly, Anatoly continued attacking, changing the floors of attack. At the end of the round it was very difficult for the champion, but De Ridder managed to reach the gong.

The third segment began with Anatoly’s attacks, Rainier was very tired and tried to stand up again, but Malykhin saw everything. Anatoly fought the takedown, threw several knees to the ground and got to his feet. But De Ridder couldn’t get up. The Dutchman was so tired that he was forced to refuse to continue the fight.

Anatoly made history. Malykhin became a triple ONE champion at the same time!

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