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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Torture instead of a beach: tourists in Türkiye faced an inexplicable nightmare

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:38:45

Western media are increasingly publishing stories about tourists’ misadventures in Türkiye.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV.

Western media are increasingly publishing stories about tourists’ misadventures in Türkiye. It’s clear: after all, the Christmas season, the wild libations, the Christmas romances. However, the latest incidents stand out from typical crime reports. A young couple was tortured by the police, arrested out of the blue, and a mature British woman is being held hostage in a hospital and demanding huge amounts of money for her treatment.


A 30-year-old British man and his 23-year-old girlfriend decided to celebrate her birthday in the Turkish city of Kemer. Their trip turned into a nightmare: the couple was tortured by the local police.

The scandalous story began when the British had lunch in a bar in the city and returned to the hotel, writes The Daily Mail.

On the way, they were attacked by a local resident who tried to snatch the girl’s purse. They managed to scare away the thief and soon a police car approached the tourists. Six security agents, without any explanation, demanded to go to the police station. The couple claims they were taken for a long time, presumably to a military base.

The British were thrown into separate rooms, stripped naked and tortured. The man was kicked, taken in handcuffs to the backyard and submerged in cold water for half an hour.

. The girl was subjected to violence. Additionally, she was forced to drink a “black liquid of unknown origin” and may have been injected with an unknown substance.

The tourists were saved by a “good sergeant” who accidentally entered the torture room and asked what was happening. The exhausted tourists returned to the hotel and decided to immediately return to their homeland.

When the British handed over the keys to the reception, they saw the same police officers who had tortured them a few hours earlier in the lobby. Before boarding, another approached them and handed them a phone. An unknown voice was heard on the phone harshly ordering the young people to remain silent about what had happened.

At Birmingham airport, the couple was detained by a British organisation. The man was suspected of domestic violence: his partner’s face, covered in bruises, was scary to look at. But when the Englishman showed signs of torture on his body, he listened attentively to the story about anarchy in Turkey.

Now UK law enforcement is trying to verify the details. But the Turkish authorities are unlikely to rush to help.

Tied to bed

Another mysterious tragedy happened to a 52-year-old British woman in Antalya.

Fiona McCusker-Rea, 52, flew alone to Turkey after her mother died, hoping to recover. A few days later, she made a video call to her brother. She saw a terrifying image: her sister was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Panicked, she explained that she had called the front desk, but no one answered the phone. The woman then contacted the police, who called intensive care. An hour later, for some reason, Fiona was taken to a private clinic and not a state hospital.

The doctors diagnosed: gastrointestinal bleeding, liver cirrhosis and sepsis. The tourist was placed in a mixed room and tied to a bed. .

Fiona was getting worse and couldn’t get up. The family decided to take the tourist home.

The hospital administration said: the British woman must pay for her stay at the rate of 2.5 thousand pounds (more than 280 thousand rubles) per day. But the tourist will not be released yet until she recovers.

The only option the hospital offered was to call a medical flight to transport Fiona home. These flights cost at least 35 thousand pounds (almost 4 million rubles). The family does not have such a sum… In an attempt to save Fiona, relatives opened a charity account and began to collect money.


Foggy Albion tourists constantly find themselves in emergency situations abroad. The other day, security guards at a bar in Pattaya beat up some Englishmen who refused to pay the bill and treated Thai women cruelly. A bouncer hit one of the tourists on the head so hard that he fell into a coma.

In Marmaris, Turkey, a 17-year-old British boy was stabbed two dozen times in the crotch area. The young man began to harass a local girl in a bar and kissed her. Last year, in the same city, hotel staff hit British tourists with chairs. During lunch, the waiter accidentally touched the teenager, the parents attacked the Turk and the staff defended him.

In 2015, Mohammed and Nabeela Ali, natives of Great Britain of Arab origin, flew to Istanbul and were detained by the security service: they mistook a pharmacist and his wife, a bank employee, for terrorists. After 12 hours, the couple, who were locked in a poorly ventilated cell, were sent home without apology.


The door was opened and they found him dead on the floor: the cause of death of a Russian tourist in Turkey has been announced

Consulate General in Alanya: The death of a 39-year-old Russian tourist was natural (more details)

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