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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Under a countdown clock, people celebrated the last days of Israel’s existence: Iranian revelations after the Tehran attack

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 11:25:26

Iran welcomed the news of the airstrike against Israel.


KP.RU contacted Narges, a 28-year-old Iranian who works as a lawyer in Tehran. Here is her story:

– Yesterday I stayed late at the office and returned home around ten at night. I turned on the TV, at some point the broadcast was abruptly interrupted and representatives of the IRGC appeared on the screen. They read an urgent message: “In response to the Zionist regime’s crime of attacking the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the Air Force attacked specific targets in Israeli territory with dozens of missiles and drones.”

To be honest, my first reaction was: “We’ve finally waited!” Because in recent days the media has been filled with warnings about the outbreak of almost a third world war. It was such rabid propaganda that it began to get into the heads of even older Iranians. Since I was little, my parents told me about the conflict between my country and Israel, so in reality, the current state of relations is no different from previous confrontations.

Then my sister-in-law called me and told me that a demonstration was planned downtown in support of the retaliatory strike. We head to Felestin Square, where our “special” clock is located. They show a countdown of the days of Israel’s existence: yesterday the clock read 6022 days. This clock was installed seven years ago after Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei published a book according to which the Zionist regime would be destroyed before the end of Ramadan in 2040.

People launched fireworks from the streets, balconies and even from cars. Flags of Iran and Palestine appeared on the windows and facades of buildings. Many drivers also decorated their cars with these flags.

As far as I’m concerned, protests are simply an opportunity for people to vent, express their outrage, and let loose emotionally. Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip and the genocide of the Palestinians greatly worried Muslims. I am 28 years old and I am disgusted by what is happening in both the Middle East and Ukraine. The West’s obsession with managing global processes, causing new conflicts in several regions.

Already in the evening, our representation at the UN stated: “The issue can be considered resolved.” By the way, he added that the United States should stay away from the conflict. “Just like old times”: I thought and fell asleep peacefully.

This was a response to the aggression against us, the operation was carried out within the framework of the UN Charter. You would have to be crazy to answer the answer. This will only indicate a deliberate expansion of the Middle East conflict.


All that remains is propaganda noise: Iran and Israel will be fierce enemies, but they will not start a big war.

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