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How the legendary wrestler became an actor and meme star: the main moments in John Cena’s life

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 11:46:52

John Cena is a legend of world wrestling. It will be 22 years since his debut in the famous WWE promotion (World Wrestling Entertainment) in the summer. However, globally, of course, he is best known for the memes of him. John has not been active in the ring for over five years, concentrating on his acting career. Hollywood is the next stage of development for world wrestling stars. Hulk Hogan and Dwayne Johnson won’t let you lie.

wrestling career

Sina began getting involved in wrestling in 1999. A season later, he signed a contract with WWE. John appeared on the screens of the promotion only in 2002, debuting in the picture Ruthless Aggression. A few months later, the writers reintroduced Cena’s character as the Doctor in Thuganomics, a character who plays the role of a real rapper. This image was close to the athlete of those years in real life.

John later admitted that this decision was key in his career, because WWE was planning to fire him for a not-so-impressive gimmick (that’s what images of athletes in wrestling are called. – “Championship” note).

A few years later, Sina became the main kind person and the favorite of all the children. This image stayed with John for the rest of his life and brought him worldwide fame in the industry. Not only did he become one of the highest paid wrestlers in the world, but he also won a lot of belts.

Throughout his many years in wrestling, John had many matches, but the most mediocre was his match with The Rock Johnson in 2012 and 2013. Both matches took place at the main show of the year, Wrestlemania. The first was won by Dwayne, who had recently appeared in the company for the first time since the mid-2000s, and a year later, Cena defeated Johnson in the WWE title match, which he won several months ago.

Dwayne Johnson and John Cena after a face-to-face match at Wrestlemania in 2013

Photo: wwe.com

Cena’s active wrestling career is over, and the one-off fights he spends each year in the promotion only prove once again that wrestling is a sport that consumes a lot of energy and requires preparation for a performance.

Cena has a hard time making moves and the speed of his matches has been decreasing each year. But where John is almost never equal is performing in front of the microphone.

Wrestling is a show where sometimes the fight itself can mean less than what is said to build it up. Sina still knows how to find weak points in the images of his opponents, he knows what to say to win the public’s approval. In short, he does everything that is typical of a popular Hollywood actor: he has incredible charisma and the ability to make a spectacle out of any appearance.

Hogan and Johnson are the biggest names in wrestling in the film industry, although the practice of wrestlers appearing in movies is common. Actor Cena approaches the performance of Hulk and Dwayne. Probably, many perceive John in second place in the list of wrestlers-actors, because Hogan’s active era ended at the end of the 20th century. The Rock Johnson is not only the most popular wrestler, but also one of the highest-paid actors in the world. John has everything to get close to him on this indicator.

Cena and Johnson in 2011

Photo: wwe.com

Sina the actor

John first appeared in films in 2000, making a cameo in the film Ready to Fight. Until 2015, he had participated in nine films and cartoons, after which he actively developed a new profession. He had to participate less and less in wrestling matches, moving to the role of a part-time worker, an athlete not participating in the promotion on a permanent basis.

Sina managed to get roles in two parts of “Fast and Furious”, played in “Suicide Squad 2”, “Bumbley” and the acclaimed film “Barbie”, where he played the role of Ken the Merman. In the series “Peacemaker” John played the main role.

Cena’s Hollywood career has slowed down somewhat due to last year’s strike, but John continues to be actively invited to film, and there is no doubt that he will achieve success in this area.

John Cena in the movie “Peacemaker”

Photo: Still from the movie “Peacemaker”

Sina in memes

John is an entertainer who knows how to not only entertain people, but also make them talk about themselves. His self-produced song, with which he has been in the ring for almost 20 years, began to be used in numerous memes. This also applies to his catchphrase “You don’t see me”, which can still be found in photographs of this type.

The peak of popularity of Sina memes occurred in 2015, when he participated in a prank on his fans. The wrestler’s fans needed to introduce John, supposedly to audition for a job at his store. However, as soon as they called his name, Cena jumped out from behind the banner, causing indescribable reactions from them.

At the beginning of March he made people talk about himself again when he went almost completely naked to the 96th Oscar ceremony. A similar reference to a player who burst into one of the ceremonies in the mid-70s evoked many positive images in the public. Cena knows how to present himself and those antics are an integral part of his image.

John also starred in an advertisement for the Manchester City soccer team’s American tour, trying on a familiar Barbie wig in the video.

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