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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Vladimir Mashkov told what he liked most about Vladimir Putin’s message

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 08:37:51

Vladimir Mashkov


The date is not round, but it is a good reason to get together, remember where it all began 37 years ago, reward the best and congratulate everyone involved on the birthday of “Tabakerka” and the first day of spring. The celebration was organized in the mirrored lobby of the theater. The young artists of the troupe sang the song from the Soviet hit film “Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession” in a new way. Instead of “Suddenly, like in a fairy tale, the door creaked…”, it turned out: “It’s like in a fairy tale, believe me, viewer…”. Well, also: “We are now 37… The fun business is still alive. So it wasn’t in vain, it wasn’t in vain… Everyone dances.” Almost every verse featured the name of Oleg Tabakov, the founding father of this theater. There is no doubt that Oleg Pavlovich would be pleased.

The older generation, who worked in this theater for 10 or 20 years, accepted gifts and congratulations from the artistic director Vladimir Mashkov. He himself remembered how he entered the Tabakerka stage. He was also at the origins of the theater: “37 years ago I performed for the first time in this theater. On March 1, 1987, the play “El Sillón” premiered. I had a small role. I jumped on stage, danced (Mashkov at that time was still a student at the Moscow Art Theater School – Ed.)… Oleg Pavlovich pushed me to act, at least in small roles. How much energy and health he spent on our theater, on us.”

Vladimir Mashkov promised the company to celebrate its next birthday on the historic stage on Chaplygina Street. It is currently being remodeled. But after the renovation, they say it will look great. Among the immediate plans is the play “Heirs” based on Sergei Naydenov’s play “The Children of Vanyushin.” The main role will be played by Vladimir Mashkov. The premiere is in May-June.

“Our business is collective. We set high goals for ourselves. But there is no doubt about our victory,” said Mashkov at the end of the vacation. Journalists took the opportunity to ask him about his impressions of President Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly yesterday.

– The President knows better than anyone what is happening in the country, what is happening in the world. “He is the most experienced politician on the planet at the moment,” says Vladimir Mashkov. – Yesterday they gave us tasks. There are many projects. I was happy about the project related to young people, new staff and zemstvo cultural workers. I think this is something necessary to support cultural centers in small cities, towns, villages… And for us, creative people, it is something very important. The country is developing and will develop no matter what. Success in this direction is our common cause; It depends on us to what extent we stay together. How united we will be, how sure we will be of our victory. Life itself is a basic traditional value that gives rise to the following values, such as family, justice, creativity…

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