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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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What cartoons our children will grow up in: the salvation of the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, the smartphone Aif and the cyborg Ilya Muromets

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 13:56:05

Before there was ice cream! Before there were soft drinks! Before there were movies. And more cartoons: “Cheburashka”, “Last year’s snow was falling”, “Once upon a time there was a dog”, etc. Hey. Now they won’t film this… or will they? On August 15, the Film Fund hosted a face-to-face defense of projects that modern Russian animators plan to bring to the big screens in the near future (several years from now). KP looked at this chasm with cautious optimism.

“Kiss the Frog”

The authors of the animated series “Secrets of the Honey Valley” in a peculiar way revised the story of the sleeping beauty, which was saved from oblivion by the prince’s kiss. In the new animated project “Kiss of the Frog”, which, according to the creators, “is of interest in Latin America”, the main character is a young prince who lives in a cruel and loveless world. Everything changes when he enters the world of animals (there is definitely love there, Nikolai Drozdov will confirm, no natural selection for you!), where he meets a beautiful girl… in the form of a frog.

“In contact”

The largest producer of film hits “Hydrogen” (“Sputnik”, “Ice”, “Attraction”, etc.) by Fyodor Bondarchuk will respond to partners abroad. In the cartoon “In Touch” the protagonist AIF, a smartphone, dimly similar to the most popular device in the world, is trying to destroy the love of his mistress. As? So that? This is the main intrigue! It would seem that the soulless device begins to be jealous of the guy for the new girl and ruins his life through identification (well, you understand, this hostile West can turn off everything here in a moment and scan your every step) . The cartoon will be directed by Dmitry Kiselev, who previously worked on Yolki, Londongrad and other projects.

“Rescuing Fairies”

The plot of this cartoon revolves around the snowboarder Yerema (well, not Eliseo!). He is a snowboarder bear. In order to save the New Year from the villain Morok, the bear enters into a beneficial agreement with Santa Claus – this is how he begins a special holiday operation. Sergei Shnurov, Polina Gagarina, Nikita Kologrivy and others may appear in the project as voice actors.


Studio “Rome”, which released “War of the Sexes”, is preparing a full-length animated film “Seraphim”, which is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural code. The most daring thing in this story is the officer facing the little heroine! The villain named Shmelev is trying in every possible way to build the place where the Seraphim of Sarov Monastery is located. If this had happened in life, we know how it would have ended and who won. But in a good fairy tale, there is still hope for a miracle. The project is headed by Vadim Sveshnikov (“Three Heroes”, “Yaga and the Book of Spells”, “Shaggy Christmas Trees”).

“Steel heart”

Another attempt to revive the story of Nightingale the Robber (after Ivan Okhlobystin’s experiments, etc.). Only this time for 380 million rubles. After a fatal battle between this kind and noble criminal and another positive hero of fairy tales, Ilya Muromets, the Russian land buries both of them. And only centuries later, their bodies are removed from the ice and “reset”, turning them into ruthless cyborg fighters. Young Egor and Oleg again go on a campaign against Nightingale the Robber (Yuri Kolokolnikov), becoming the guides of Ilyusha Muromets (Kirill Zaitsev).


Yes, Ivan Dykhovichny already shot that movie. Now there will be a cartoon. The project will become “our answer” to the “Cars” of Hollywood. And it will show legendary and animated Russian cars – the main characters will travel across the expanses of Russia, opposing the forces of evil (apparently, foreign cars).

The most interesting thing about this cartoon is that, in addition to attracting domestic car manufacturers, politicians will also be called; for now, the names of Gennady Zyuganov, Sergei Shoigu, Mikhail Mishustin and even Russian President Vladimir Putin, who allegedly agreed to participate in the project, are heard.

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