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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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In September, the first Belarusian crossover will enter the Russian market. Our browser “dismantled” it for parts KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 09:01:04

We are waiting for changes

From a change in the places of the terms, as you know, the sum does not change, this axiom also works in the automotive world. Also, BelGee’s production is localized, which means costs will be lower. Consequently, the prices of a cross located in the Russian and Belarusian markets, if not lower, then at least will not grow as fast as they have been lately.

It should be recognized right away that the absolute majority of the differences between the Belarusian X50 and the Chinese Coolray are cosmetic.

So, for example, the brand logo on the radiator grill has changed – the vertical and horizontal stripes of the previous one have been removed, and the abbreviation BG has been entered. The tailgate trim now says BelGee instead of Coolray. But the emblem was completely removed from the decorative wheel caps, and a new one has not yet been installed. The windows of the car also remained made in China, and this is a reason for further localization. The crossover has Chinese tires, which may become Belarusian in the future.

But in the engine compartment there is a part with Russian roots – a battery. In the cabin, the logo of the brand on the steering wheel has changed, as well as the on-board display interface: now, after starting the engine, the logo of the new emblem lights up on the screen. By the way, if you connect your smartphone to the car’s on-board computer, the crossover head unit is now defined as BELGEE_Bluetooth – localization in action!

I’m coming – make room

With the start of sales in Russia and Belarus, sales of BelGee X50 Geely Coolray will end. At the same time, sales of the new Coolray should soon start in Russia, the main difference from the previous model and the BelGee X50 will be not only a modified design, but also a different engine – a four-cylinder.

Therefore, these models will not become competitors in the union market. Including the price. The cost of the BelGee X50 will remain at the level of the first generation Geely Coolray. The car will be offered in three configurations: Standard, Comfort and Flagship at a price on the Russian market of 1.9 million rubles, 2 million and 2.2 million, respectively. It is worth noting that in the most budget version the car is well equipped, for example, in addition to the traditional full power package, it also has a rear view camera. This should please female drivers, who, according to car dealers, like the bright colors of the car, its small size and elegant appearance more than men.

The new Belarusian crossover has few competitors on the Russian market. Among the most “similar” can be called “Moskvich 3”, which is also the Chinese JAC JS4 “SUV”. As for the options and technical characteristics, they are approximately the same on both machines and differ in details. For example, “Moskvich” can be chosen not only with a CVT, but also with a six-speed manual box, and on the BelGee X50 – a non-alternative seven-speed automatic. The prices are almost the same, but it is worth noting that the “Moskvich” base is still several hundred thousand rubles cheaper, according to what is written on the manufacturer’s website.

Another competitor is Haval Jolion, which is now produced at the Great Wall plant in Tula. In this case, the choice will be more difficult, since in the basic configuration the Tula is almost the same price as the BelGee X50 in Russia, while it is slightly larger and better equipped.

Badge engineering in action

For the Belgi plant in Belarus, the registration of its brand will seriously change the situation: the licensee, the Chinese parent company Geely, opens access to those plants that supply components. And in general it gives much more freedom when choosing parts and assemblies.

In practice, it looks like this. If earlier a car came to Belarus in a “single wagon” and contained everything from a nut to a body, now Belarusian automakers can independently determine which parts to order and where. For example, tires, glass, batteries, accessories, and in the future some complete body elements may be of Russian or Belarusian production. Or they can remain Chinese.

Geely Coolray’s location in Belarus and its transformation into the BelGee X50 is a logical trend for today’s union car market, says automotive expert Igor Morzharetto.

– Today, we in the State of the Union cannot create a car from scratch, we have neither money nor specialists for this. And yes, it doesn’t make much sense. By the way, this concerns not only us: many of the world’s leading companies are now engaged in so-called badge engineering, says Morzharetto.

– An interesting term, but what does it mean? – I ask Igor.

– Suppose a company does not have a commercial minibus in its model line. But there is a world leader in its production, – says Igor. – They agree with him, and Fiat, for example, puts a different emblem on its Fiat Ducato minibus and it turns out Opel Vivaro. This kind of cooperation is absolutely normal today, and there is nothing strange about the example of Geely Coolray with the BelGee X50.

According to Igor Morzharetto, today quite a lot of space has been vacated for the production of cars in the Union State, moreover, the technological potential of Russia and Belarus makes it possible not only to assemble, but also to localize production, loading their own factories. BelGee X50, you are sure, will be in demand. “The twin brother, Geely Coolray, was very popular, even in short supply. Therefore, the same model only with a different logo will surely be in demand,” the expert believes.

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