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Where did Alla Pugacheva hide her earnings for 50 years? The pop artist sang for 14 billion rubles.

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Alla Pugacheva has been actively working and earning a lot of money on stage since 1974.


Alla Pugacheva will turn 75 on April 15. After her fifth marriage, the artist began to become poorer: “I live off my husband!” They say she finished her degree and she hasn’t worked in 12 years. Where did the millions she earned over the years of a successful career in the USSR and Russia go? She surely invested wisely. For a long time, Pugacheva earned more than her colleagues in the pop industry. We calculate how much Pugacheva received in different years.

USSR era millionaire

Alla Pugacheva sang at the first major musical competition in 1974. Fifty years ago, at the fifth All-Union Competition of Variety Artists, she performed “Let’s Sit and Eat” and “Ermolov from Chistye Prudy.” Then the artist shared the third prize with three other participants and became the winner of the All-Union competition. Then they noticed her and first invited her to do choirs in the group “Veselye Rebyaty”, and then they entrusted her to sing 2 songs in the first and second parts of the concert. In 1975, Pugacheva was sent to represent the USSR at the ninth international song competition “Golden Orpheus”; In Bulgaria she had to sing a composition by a local author. It was the song “Harlequin”, for which Ella Pugacheva received the main prize. After this, my career took off. With “Jolly Fellows” she toured the country and abroad, participated in festivals, when the entire second section began to sing Pugacheva’s songs, there was a conflict with the director and other members of the ensemble and Alla left the group in 1976. That In the same year, for the first time she became the winner of “Song of the Year” with the composition “Very Good” and co-presenter of “Blue Light”. Along with her popularity, her income grew: Ella Pugacheva became one of the highest-paid artists in the country.

In the USSR, artists were assigned to a philharmonic society or other state creative organization, where they received a salary. In addition, for each performance they were awarded fees: for singers of the lowest category – 3 rubles per concert, for the second category – 5 rubles, for the highest category – from 13 to 19 rubles. The town’s artists and laureates were paid various fees.

Until 1975, Pugacheva had a fee of 10 rubles for a concert. And then the rate continued to grow. Pugacheva received a “red line” from the artistic council of the Mosconcert in 1977: he gave the artist the right to a full section in a concert or in a solo concert. The names of these artists were written on the posters in red letters and the rest in blue letters. In 1980, Alla Pugacheva became “Honored Artist of the RSFSR” and in 1985 she received the title “People’s Artist of the RSFSR”. She already received two fees per concert: this is 38 rubles, plus an additional payment “for skill” of 9 rubles 50 kopecks. In those years, Alla Pugacheva gave at least 15 concerts a month, which is equivalent to 712 rubles and 50 kopecks plus free salary, costumes, travel, food and hotel accommodation. While in 1985 the average salary in the USSR was 190 rubles per month. There were many concert tours, sometimes 30 concerts a month. Sometimes they gave 2 concerts a day: at noon and at night. In one year, Pugacheva could earn more than 15 thousand rubles; In 1985, with that money she could buy a new Volga. And in 1986, Pugacheva bought a Mercedes-Benz 230 from 1979.

Pugacheva was always surrounded by attention, VIP service and expensive gifts.


The State then provided the singer with housing. The most luxurious apartment was presented in 1980, along with the title “Honored”: Alla Pugacheva received, at the request of the Mosconcert, from the city a four-room apartment in the center of the capital on 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, building No. 7. The total area of ​​this apartment was about 100 square meters, then Pugacheva bought a neighboring apartment and expanded it to 170 square meters. Pugacheva moved here in the early 80s from another “given” house – a one-room apartment on Veshnyakovskaya. Street, which she gave to her brother. The rest of the real estate, Pugacheva bought herself or received as a gift from her common-law husband from her eldest daughter (see “What about real estate?”).

Dashing “zeroes” and billions of Pugacheva

In 1991, Alla Pugacheva was awarded the title “People’s Artist of the USSR”, for which the price of the concert amounted to more than 100 rubles. But perestroika ended, and with it this system of paying artists for their vocal work. Private traders, tour organizers, appeared, with whom the artists shared their income, and the rest went into the pockets of the star and members of her musical team.

In 1992, Alla Pugacheva could earn about 7 thousand rubles for a box office concert, selling tickets to a hall for 6 thousand people. There could be more than ten concerts in a month. The average salary in the country in 1992 was 6,000 rubles per month.

Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite own real estate in the US.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

In the 2000s, Pugacheva began to earn even more: private concerts began: people were invited to sing at parties of large companies, in casinos and clubs, as well as at banquets for businessmen. During the evening a couple of performances were possible: on some occasions the audience was in such a state that they had fun with the same energy both under the live performance and under the “varnish” of a tired star. For example: in 2003, the average salary of our citizens was 5 thousand rubles per month, and Pugacheva’s for an hour at a corporate party – 600 thousand rubles; In 2008, this gap increases: an average of 20 thousand rubles per month and 3.5 million rubles per singing hour. In 2010, Alla Pugacheva completed her farewell tour and defiantly announced her retirement from the stage; For this reason, fees for private concerts were expected to start at 150 thousand euros (6 million rubles, at the 2010 exchange rate) per hour of voice and demand. For them she grew.

The Russian Forbes magazine calculated Pugacheva’s income from 2005 to 2015: during these 10 years alone, she replenished her accounts with 41.5 million dollars (2 billion 697 million rubles at the 2015 exchange rate). She invested billions in real estate and bank accounts. Here’s an estimate from these ratings: Pugacheva’s annual income: 2005: $3.1 million; 2006: $2.7 million; 2007: $3.5 million; 2008: $4.4 million; 2009: $3.7 million; 2010: $4.5 million; 2011: $4.8 million; 2012: $8.3 million; 2013: $2.5 million; 2014: 4 million dollars.

Alla Pugacheva completed her tours, but continued to earn extra money with private concerts: the singer did not advertise these performances, and the rich people at whose parties she performed were even more accustomed to the closed format of events.

Pugachev and his grandson Presnyakov bought an apartment abroad.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network.

Now what?

In 2019, on the occasion of Pugacheva’s 70th birthday, she held (partly live) two anniversary concerts (Moscow and Minsk), for which all tickets were sold and there were solid sponsors: she earned about 50 million rubles. For the distribution of a film based on the show throughout the country – another 30 million rubles. In addition, at least two private actions were known in the same year: that is another 600 thousand euros (38.4 million rubles, at the 2019 exchange rate). Total only for the year: minimum 118 million 400 thousand rubles.

Shortly before the artist’s 70th birthday, Forbes estimated that Alla Pugacheva’s entire fortune, including real estate, amounted to about $100 million. However, many showbiz experts were willing to dispute these figures, suggesting that this figure should be at least $150 million. rubles. Although Pugacheva’s business projects did not bring her much profit and her casino winnings did not always cover her losses. But for a long time she was the highest-paid singer: she was paid well not only for her performances, but also for her participation in television projects (“Star Factory”, “Factor A”, etc.) and for “Christmas Meetings”. and for using her name in various advertising companies and much more.

For the past six years, Pugacheva has agreed to sing at private events for no less than 350,000 euros (35 million rubles). We cannot count the number of these performances, but let us assume that they now occur once every three months. Pugacheva even now: whether in Dubai or Israel, she entertains wealthy compatriots at small closed private events; She often performs live for half an hour with breaks every two songs. Naturally, video and photography for social networks are prohibited during these holidays.

In March, Alla Pugacheva’s album titled “PS” was released on all music and streaming services (the first in 16 years); the album included 20 audio recordings of songs from Pugacheva’s anniversary concert at the Kremlin Palace in 2019. The album’s publisher is designated simply as “Alla Pugacheva”, her individual songs were released under this brand in 2011. It was reported that In the first days of downloading the album only on music platforms, the singer earned more than 20 million rubles. Evidently, this amount has now increased. Inspired by new financial opportunities, Pugacheva released a duet song with a little-known musician. She plans to release other tracks: in recent years she has accumulated many songs purchased from talented authors, some of them were recorded, but not finished.

What about real estate?

– Pugacheva long ago gave her eldest daughter, Kristina Orbakaite, an apartment on 1 Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street with an area of ​​170 square meters. Right now, Orbakaite (he lives with her family in the United States, flies to Russia for work) is looking for tenants there after the previous ones have moved out.

– A house in the village of Berezhki, Solnechnogorsk district, with an area of ​​800 square meters on a 70-acre plot on the first line of the Istra River, was given to the eldest grandson Nikita Presnyakov a long time ago. Nikita Presnyakov, 30, and his wife have lived in the United States for two years and periodically try to sell this grandmother’s gift; So far there have been no buyers.

– An apartment with an area of ​​249 square meters in a historical building on Varsonofevsky Lane is another gift from Alla Pugacheva to her grandson Nikita. In 2010, foreign agent Maxim Galkin * re-registered this apartment to his wife Alla Pugacheva, and she has already transferred it to her eldest grandson.

– Alla Pugacheva still has the following properties in Russia: an apartment in Moscow on Filippovsky Lane with an area of ​​303 square meters and the cost of which is about 300 million rubles. This home was given to Alla Pugacheva by Kristina Orbakaite’s ex-husband, Ruslan Baysarov. Pugacheva plans to bequeath this apartment to her grandson Denis Baysarov. Alla Borisovna also owns less expensive property: a land plot with an area of ​​1,200 m2 at the Moscow housing construction plant “Tvorchestvo” and a land plot of 882 m2 in the village of Berezhki near Moscow: land and a pier on the territory of a house donated to his grandson.

– According to rumors, Maxim Galkin* plans to transfer to his wife or children his 103 square meter Moscow apartment near the New Cheryomushki metro station on Novocheremushkinskaya Street (inherited from his parents) and a house in the village of Gryaz, near Moscow.

– In 2005, Pugacheva bought an apartment in Miami in one of the 28-story skyscrapers of the Sunny Islands complex, next to the apartment of her friend Igor Nikolaev. She bought it for 650 thousand dollars and sold it 2 years later for 1 million dollars. Pugacheva later bought 2 apartments in New York for Nikita Presnyakov. It is unknown to whom the other is registered: perhaps the youngest children of Pugacheva’s 10-year-old twins. Kristina Orbakaite has a house in Manhattan and an apartment in Miami’s elite complex, Majestic Tower Bal Harbour. They say her mother helped her buy the house. According to the official version, Pugacheva does not have her own real estate in the United States. But according to the unofficial, she already exists. Maxim Galkin * recently announced that, if he wanted, she could move with her family to the United States. He and Pugacheva have a house in New York, in Manhattan.

– In Cyprus, Pugacheva and her husband are co-owners of a four-room apartment valued at almost a billion rubles on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Limassol, on the seafront, in an elite residential complex. After this purchase a few years ago they received Cypriot passports. The family now lives in this living space.

Total: For many years on stage, Alla Pugacheva has amassed a fortune of about 150 million dollars (14 billion rubles). Part of her money was invested in real estate for her and her relatives; It is unknown how much she is abroad, but the artist herself carefully hides it. The other part is in bank accounts and generates substantial interest. It is simply impossible to “eat” such sums (since Alla Borisovna herself likes to pretend to be poor).

*The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Maxim Galkin on the list of foreign persons-agents.

* This website provides news content gathered from various internet sources. It is crucial to understand that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented Read More

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