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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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“Fallout” is a movie that everyone should see. Series review

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 12:09:41

Fans were wary of the Fallout film adaptation. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan is already known for the great “Person of Interest” and the rapidly declining “Westworld.” Amazon itself has also produced many successful series such as “The Boys”, as well as unsuccessful ones such as “The Lord of the Rings”. Todd Howard was involved in the filming process, but Starfield showed that sometimes even a great game designer makes mistakes.

Due to many of those “buts,” fans began to watch with some anxiety. Fortunately, “Fallout” erases skepticism from the first frames and leads to delight. Before us, without a doubt, is one of the best film adaptations in history!

“Fallout”: information about the series

Name: “Fall” Directors: Jonathan Nolan, Claire Kilner, Fred Tua. Actors: Aaron Moten, Moisés Arias, Ella Purnell and others. Release date: April 11, 2024. Gender: fantasy, action, drama. A country: USA

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“Fallout”: where to watch?

All eight episodes of the first season were released on the Prime Video online cinema. There is no official Russian dubbing, only subtitles.

The video is available on the YouTube channel “Red Head Sound – Translation and Voiceover”. The rights to the video belong to Amazon.

So cool I can’t believe my eyes

It takes a while for a normal series to open up and create some decent drama. Sometimes that immersion even requires several episodes. Do you know when you will be captivated by “Fallout”? Sixth. Already at this moment you will be surprised by the strong drama and excellent framing. The beginning is so powerful that you can’t even believe it.

However, there is still some excitement inside. What if the story falls apart? What if the surprising first episode is a hoax?

Not fortunately.

All eight episodes are excellent: there are no plot holes, stupid inconsistencies, or unnecessary story arcs. Absolutely every minute is exciting, shocking or surprising; That’s why you want to watch the series in one go.

Gul became the decoration of the series.

Photo: Amazonas

The plot itself is simple. Lucy is a sweet shelter girl who leaves her safe haven to look for her kidnapped father. Maximus is a dedicated Brotherhood of Steel fighter who has discovered serious problems in his faction. Ghoul is an excellent bounty hunter: he makes crazy speeches and delights in cruelty, but he is actually consumed by inner pain. What unites this motley trio? All the characters search for a mysterious scientist who has something important for the entire Wasteland.

It would seem that the search for a family member and the search for a significant other are boring clichés for everyone. The thing is, the adventure itself is so awesome that its purpose doesn’t really matter. In Fallout, every character is memorable, every dialogue is riveting, every action scene is packed with momentum.

For example, in the fourth episode the heroes will meet an interesting demon. He only appears for a couple of minutes and doesn’t affect the plot, but you will definitely remember his speeches, behavior, and outcome. The same can be said for the merchant or the power armored fighter from the second episode. Yes, on anyone! There are dozens of characters in the series and they all have a standout trait or memorable scene. It is thanks to such elaboration that the new product turns out to be catchy.

This is Ella Purnell’s best role.

Photo: Amazonas

The main characters are a total delight. Take Lucy, who combines courage and weak idealism. The girl grew up in greenhouse conditions and never saw the Wasteland, so her vision of her world, divorced from reality, constantly creates funny situations. Gul usually steals every minute of screen time. He is so cynical and ruthless that sometimes you wish he were dead. But when you find out his whole backstory, you start to empathize with this bastard.

The least interesting character might be Maximus of the Brotherhood of Steel. The thing is that in the first episodes he finds himself in such an unusual position that there is no trace of boredom left.

Serious shocks await this couple soon.

Photo: Amazonas

Created with love for games and challenging cruelty.

References are a dangerous thing. Sometimes directors hide behind a total lack of understanding of the universe. Just remember the last movie based on “Resident Evil”: there is a trucker with a hamburger and the inscription “Spicy, delicious.” Unfortunately, these things are used so ineptly that one’s hand reaches for one’s face.

The Fallout series is also full of references: you’ll see Vault Boy, radioactive cockroaches, sheepdogs, “Please Wait” televisions, Nuka-Cola caps, a semblance of the VATS system, and much more. In Fallout, all this is appropriate: the reason is that the atmosphere of the world itself is recreated with the greatest care.

The production team showed Wasteland as the place we love: it can be funny and cruel, absurd and logical, charming and disgusting. The world turned out to be simply interesting, so both fans of the game and outside viewers will want to immerse themselves in it.

Fallout fans will look at power armor with special delight

Photo: Amazonas

The writers of the series definitely loved the world of Fallout, but they loved the violence even more. Get ready to see gallons of blood, exploding heads, disfigured bodies and other horrors from the first episodes. Prime Video, where “The Boys” already premiered, maintains its brand and once again launches an unusually brutal program.

It’s important to note that the series has a lot of humor and silliness. This softens the cruelty and makes it appropriate.

Now the “meat” begins

Photo: Amazonas

“Fallout”: is it worth watching?

Yeah! This is an excellent film adaptation that has virtually no weak points. The characters are charismatic, the Wasteland is atmospheric, the dialogue and action are exciting, the graphics are mostly gorgeous, except that in a couple of moments the green background catches the eye. Therefore, Fallout deserves your attention.

Fallout Rating: 9 out of 10


Memorable heroes. The atmosphere of the game is perfectly conveyed: interesting action. The graphics are mostly excellent.

I dont like him

There are a couple of points where the graphical problems are evident.

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