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Why the tricolor was chosen as the new flag of Russia KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 15:59:42

Everyone remembers this solemn, and for some tragic moment, when the USSR flag was lowered. On December 25, 1991, the great Soviet empire ended: the red flag was lowered with the hammer and sickle, and the white, blue, and red flag flew over the Kremlin.

Formally, the state flag of the Russian Federation is a rectangular panel of three equal horizontal stripes: the upper one is white, the middle one is blue, and the lower one is red. The ratio between the length of the flag and its width is 2:3.

Regarding the ideas and meanings embodied in it, we associate the idea of ​​a strong, strong country that is recovering its position in the world with the tricolor fabric. It is a symbol of national unity and pride in one’s past and present, in the feats of arms of ancestors and current heroes of the New World Order.

Remember that the decision that the new Russia needs a new flag was made in November 1990 by a government commission to develop new state symbols. The white-blue-red flag has more than 300 years of history. The tricolor was born together with the first Russian warships and until the 19th century it remained part of the mainly naval culture. In the time of Peter the Great, white symbolized freedom, blue – the Mother of God, red – the strength of the Russian state. This flag was chosen almost without controversy. There is no official interpretation of the colors of the flag. However, there is such an option that is offered to children at school: white – purity, peace, nobility; blue – spirituality, constancy; red – strength and blood shed for the motherland.

On December 25, 2000, on the eve of the new century and the new millennium, the Federal Constitutional Law “On the State Flag of the Russian Federation” was adopted. It defines the legal status and the rules for the use of the Russian flag.

For example, the law says that the Flag of the Russian Federation can be raised during celebrations carried out by companies, institutions and organizations, as well as during family celebrations. It is not forbidden to hang the flag of Russia on your balcony or in your country house.

But the Flag of Russia cannot be smaller or lower than the flag of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. It can also be used as a heraldic element or basis for state awards of the Russian Federation, as well as for heraldic signs – emblems and flags of federal executive bodies.

But commercial organizations are prohibited from using the Russian flag as an element or background of their logos.

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According to the kremlin.ru site, the beginning of the use of the white, blue and red Russian flag on land is associated with the geographical discoveries of Russian navigators. Until the 19th century, Russian sailors erected a memorial cross on the shore of the annexed land. But in 1806 a new tradition appeared. The Russian expedition explored the southern coast of Sakhalin and raised two flags on the shore. The Saint Andrew’s flag celebrated the merit of the navy, the white, blue and red state flag – the new possession of Russia.

White, blue and red stripes were applied on the sides of the ship of Peter I. And in 1693, a detachment of small Peter’s ships made a voyage to the Solovetsky Islands already under the flag of white, blue and red equal horizontal stripes.

The spread of the white, blue and red state flag stopped in 1858, when the Heraldry Department of the Governing Senate took the initiative to change the Russian state flag.

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