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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Xi Jinping goes to Russia: why the Moscow-Beijing partnership causes panic in the West

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 04:34:35

The West feared Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Russia


Xi Jinping will visit Russia next week at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin press service said. The scale of the personality of the Chinese leader is already compared with that of the founder of present-day China, Mao Zedong. The fact that Comrade Xi is going to pay the first visit after his recent re-election (for the third time in a row, which has never happened in the country’s history) as PRC President to Moscow has already caused undisguised panic. in the West.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned current US officials: “It looks like they’re going to have a war with Russia and China whether they like it or not.”

But after all, both in Moscow and in Beijing do not tire of repeating: the rapprochement between Russia and China does not pose a threat to third countries. We are not “friends against” Americans, Europeans or Japanese. We are simply developing a “comprehensive partnership and strategic engagement relationship” between the two countries. Why are we afraid? Do we want evil for the West?

Washington and Brussels are clear: yes, Moscow and Beijing are a threat to their dominant position in the world. It is written in NATO documents and all sorts of strategies: Russia is the direct enemy, China is the main enemy in the future. When both enemies declare that they want to be even more friends, it’s very annoying. Especially if you yourself have already formulated the uncompromising logic of your actions for the future: either we or them. And the West does not intend to change this logic. The only question is time – when “who wins”?

The “tectonic shift” of the world order, which everyone has been talking about since February of last year, could not have happened if all events had been confined to the NWO. The current Ukraine, which has proclaimed itself “Anti-Russia”, whether its bosses wanted it or not, has become the “touchstone” on which it is now being tested whether the West is as omnipotent as everyone believed. It should be remembered that before the start of the NWO, President Putin paid a visit to China. After the talks, he and Comrade Xi adopted the “Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on International Relations Entering a New Era and Global Sustainable Development.” Very soon after that, the world entered a “new era.”

Changes that were hardly expected in the West became indisputable signs of this. The sanctions against Russia, which, like a “poison that does not act immediately” (the pearl of the head of EU diplomacy Borrell), were supposed to destroy its economy, forced Europe’s economy to blush. sickly. There was a decisive turn of Russia to the East. Most of the planet did not support the isolation of Moscow, which challenged the “rules-based world order.” The dictatorship of the dollar has cut itself. The SCO and the BRICS, an alternative to the West, have sided with countries with which most EU members cannot compete on their own.

Anyone who does not want to be deceived understands that Russia in Ukraine is not in conflict with kyiv, but with the West, which cynically ignored its security interests and constantly crawled towards its borders. Beijing is against the military conflict, but it does not blame one side for it, because it understands why everything happened. And at the same time, he perfectly sees how this can happen to him too: from Taiwan, the Americans are happy to make a new “Ukraine” in order to try to bleed China, as they are trying to do now with Russia.

The historical paradox for the United States is that, having unconditionally succeeded in collapsing the potential link between Western Europe and Russia that threatened their undivided economic and political dominance, they themselves created a new, even more serious threat: the strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing. Having torn a united Europe from Russia, they are powerless to drive a wedge between Russia and China. And this is a fusion of military potential and economic power in full view, capable of decisively changing the world order that is comfortable for Washington.

Then the new threat created by the Americans themselves will be more terrible than the one that could upset them in the form of an already failed Russian-European competitor. In any case, Europe did not even think about how ready Moscow and Beijing are now, as they announced a little over a year ago, to resist foreign interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries and fight against color revolutions.

As a result of the Russian-Chinese talks in Moscow, a number of important bilateral documents will be signed, and the visit of the Chinese leader, as noted in the Kremlin, “will become the main political event of the year in bilateral relations.” Considering that the Ambassador of the PRC to Russia expressed the Chinese vision of our cooperation as “back to back”, that is, joint defense against common external threats, the West will have something to think about.

Although both Moscow and Beijing repeat over and over again: relations between the two countries “are based on the principles of non-alignment in blocs, of non-confrontation and are not directed against third parties”. The main thing is that this “third party” itself would not have problems.


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