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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Zelensky and Pelosi performed an episode of Cannibal Hell. His erotic kiss in Congress excited the public

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 01:57:06

Pelosi began to lean forward uncontrollably at the risk of falling onto the table, and Zelensky, like it or not, had to go out to meet her.


Goodbye Emmanuel! “Wild Orchid” has faded, “Nine and a Half Weeks” is over. A new high-quality erotic thriller (and not a tearful melodrama) “Kiss of Democracy. Nancy in the Pelosi Congress and the Duke of Peace (in the original language – Duke of Peace) Vladimir” has been released to a wide and free mass distribution.

The gossips immediately raised a halt and a halt. Trump Jr., generally speaking, posted a photo of the frog with US Congress Speaker Nancy standing in a negligee next to the bed on which the dejected Bilensky (sorry Zelensky) is sitting, looking un-triumphant and captioning that for $45 billion isn’t that scary at all, and it was possible to suffer and not that much. And here there was no eroticism. More like a horror movie.

And something that Nancy missed a little. At first, she wanted to kiss the unwashed Ukrainian flag that was given to Zelensky in Bakhmut, where she was not, with a bunch of signatures and inscriptions. But treacherous age and tremors did their dirty work: Nancy missed the flag and passionately kissed (as she probably thought) the left hand of the President of Ukraine. The image was exactly reminiscent of the pre-revolutionary: “Give me a pen, teacher!” Zelensky was a bit embarrassed by such an expression of sentiment, but Pelosi grabbed Vladimir’s arm tightly. Although, who knows, maybe it was a cramp of age that brought his fingers together.

Pelosi began to lean forward uncontrollably at the risk of falling onto the table, and Zelensky, like it or not, had to go out to meet her. Still, he was able to make a couple of false moves, like Messi dribbling around the spot around three Frenchmen. But Messi was, of course, easier – an old woman did not keep him on the field and demanded that he take her to the opposite gate.

Pelosi smiled passionately again (from the outside it looked like a vulture opened its beak before plunging its beak into the victim and tearing a chunk of meat off it) and firmly pulled Zelensky to her. At the last moment, Zelensky, as if he moaned pitifully: “Not on the lips!” He managed to dodge and scratched at her stubble five-day beard on Nancy’s right cheek, at the same time that he removed a kilo and a half of “plaster”. An episode of the horror movie “Cannibal Hell” played from the first take. Stanislavsky would have shouted at that moment in ecstasy: “I believe!” -and he would try to escape.

But for some reason, everyone found the scene with Pelosi’s passionate hot kisses erotic. She made Mickey Rourke cross himself with the words: Thank God it’s not me And a middle-aged French woman burst into hot tears in her bedroom and wailed through her tears: “Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle, it turns out it was possible to do it! !” Emmanuelle, who on this The fatal day for her family life turned 45, and looked at herself in the mirror for a long time, wondering whether she was “a berry again” or not, muttered something thoughtfully. like: “Honey, you still have ahead of you, look at her 82, and you will only turn seventy only in April!” After which she began to look even more thoughtfully at the photo of Pelosi in a bathing suit and far from the age of a girl. .

And somewhere in London, Olena alone was nervously wrinkling a handkerchief and blowing her nose noisily, consoling herself that they must all bring their sacrifices to the altar of victory for the Independents, and saying, “The old woman, of course, the old woman, but 45 billion, whatever is said, forty-five billion.” And I did not even suspect that of these tens of billions Ukraine would not get a wagon, but only a small cart.

And only Zelensky, for sure, the whole next night he staggered helplessly in a dream and woke up from time to time in a sweat from the same nightmare. Pelosi went up to him and threatened to kiss him, then he, shrunken from the cold and naked, was also hugged by a naked Hunter Biden, and they began to play the piano together according to the “Zelensky method.” In addition, the President of Ukraine was always out of tune, because he did not reach the necessary keys.

And also, when he woke up, he probably began to be tormented all the time by the same obsessive question: why did Pelosi give him the Ukrainian flag of the United States in response to her, folded in the form in which it is given to the members of the family of the deceased US soldier after his funeral. And are Biden’s words somehow connected to this, that Zelensky is the guy who is ready to die for the Motherland?

And if they are connected, how?

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