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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Zyuganov called the NATO summit results a blow to Zelensky’s face

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 01:31:50

Gennady Zyuganov

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Gennady Andreevich, on the eve (July 12), we discussed the results of the NATO summit with his deputy, Comrade Dmitry Novikov, on the Party Wednesday program on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda. But I lacked the opinion of Comrade Zyuganov, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia…

– They, these results, are empty. But challenging.

First of all, in the sense that NATO is the last military organization on the planet that continues to expand and attract even Asian countries.

It is a threat to almost everyone.

They do not want dignified peaceful negotiations, the accusations have increased again, including against China.

China immediately reacted sharply.

Well, at the same time, the NATO countries continue to fill Ukraine with weapons.

Although Zelensky there, at the top, looked like some kind of clumsy clown, with whom in fact they did not even want to communicate.

He was hit there several times, figuratively speaking, in the face, for his rudeness and rudeness.

But in general, the decisions of the summit in relation to Russia look, of course, defiant.

And there is a very important conclusion that follows from this aggressive summit. It consists of the following: we have to be alert!

In our country such a cry should be raised: “Get stronger! Be strong, confident, healthy! Develop your science, industry, military-industrial complex! Strengthen ties with partners and strategic allies!”

– The same as before – the appeals of the Central Committee!

– The point, Sasha, is not in the form, but in the content.

We have real answers to the aggressive steps of the Alliance – these are the decisions of the BRICS, the SCO … Now we have a very important meeting with the leaders of Africa, constant contacts, with the countries of Latin America.

And the Americans with this Biden, the Balts and their European vassals look defiant today. And they should not be underestimated.

Therefore, now we must become as strong as possible and go from defense to offense.

Because, in my opinion, we have a maximum of one year. The war machine of the West is quite powerful and if they are thrown at full speed, they can make big trouble.

In this sense, we must now mobilize all possible resources to the maximum, prepare and ensure the successful liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis, the fascists and Bandera.

– That is, as I understand it, when you say that it is necessary to switch from defense to offense, you mean not only the NMD, but the situation as a whole, right?

– Yes, generally. I basically started with this.

We need to strengthen our geopolitical ties as much as possible, and they really have become clear.

Look, Xi Jinping was elected president and a week later he came to Moscow and signed very important agreements with us.

His idea of ​​”one belt, one road” is turning into a wonderful planetary project.

After that, Mishustin brought almost the entire government to Beijing, and they held meetings there, signed large-scale contracts…

And we are developing, which is very important, not only the raw materials sector of the economy, but also the scientific and technical areas.

And in this sense, China now leads by example.

This year, its auto industry has produced 28 million cars of all makes and types at 30 companies.

The People’s Republic of China is now becoming the locomotive of the world in this area as well.

India is developing successfully and confidently.

– What do you think of our prospects?

– In fact, not a single African country has supported Western sanctions against us. We have many friends in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Therefore, we have great and very good prospects.

We recently held the third international economic forum in Orel, prepared a real program and showed what can be done even under these conditions.

The enterprises of our people, for example, the Grudininsky collective farm in the Moscow region, have become the best even under sanctions.

We do not take a penny from the state, we pay huge taxes, the social sphere is excellent, excellent schools, excellent career guidance, high salaries.

– What are they?

– Grudinin in the collective farm now has an average salary of 114 thousand. And people queue up to get a job there.

As for the children… Just now we met with the government, we discussed it, what is everyone worried about? There are not enough teachers in the schools, and there are not enough doctors in the hospitals and polyclinics.

At Grudinin’s, we now have nine first grade classes. Excellent housing, plus a salary – a package of social support. Now there is everything for children. Near. Learn, lead by example and move on.

If we cut social services in the country as a whole, we will begin to wither away.

Better to invest in the latest technology.

Right now, thousands of companies have invested in the military-industrial complex. They are paid, they pay taxes. And in that sense, this locomotive pulls the country’s economy. And we have three locomotives.

– What are they?

– Military-industrial complex, agricultural sector and construction.

Here, invest here and you will get a great return.

– Thank you, Comrade Secretary General!

– Come on, I’ll hug you.

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