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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Ban Fedotov of the KHL and the fight against salary cap circumvention. Morozov told everything

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 19:49:21

Today in Moscow, KHL President Alexei Morozov and League Vice President Sergei Dobrokhvalov answered journalists’ questions in an informal setting. The topics of Ivan Fedotov, the salary cap, the crossover playoffs, the naturalization of foreign players and many other pressing topics were touched on. Let’s talk about the most interesting moments of the meeting.


About the Fedotov case

“Fedotov signed a contract, the league registered it. But there is a note about the disqualification until December 31, 2023. We declared it for the season, but Ivan was disqualified by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Lawyers are working on the matter.

If nothing changes, Iván will not play on September 1. Technically, it turns out that the team applies an hour and a half before the game. The inspector enters this application into the database, and if a green light comes on next to the player’s name, then he can play. On day 1, an hour and a half before the game, we will know if it will be in the game app and then we will tell you how we will react.

We all want to help a kid who missed a year, served in the military, and wants to play hockey. He intentionally signed a two-year contract with CSKA and wants to continue his career here. We are doing everything we can to help you. I think we will meet on September 1 and tell them what we have done. For everyone, this is an important question. We understand the seriousness of the situation. We know all the laws and penalties. Lawyers are working now, but there is no definitive answer. Everyone understands the consequences that can have.

Igor Esmantovich answered urgent questions:

“Who is Tardif? What kind of war with the NHL? The fiery speech of the CSKA president on the Fedotov case

They say that CSKA pressured us to register Fedotov’s contract? We speak with the Club and find out that they have an agreement. I talked to Fedotov, I asked him questions: what kind of notifications did he receive from the NHL, how did he talk to Philadelphia. Nobody pressured us. We took a break to figure it out, we asked questions on the NHL, he asked Daley. Then the hockey player was asked if he wanted to play for CSKA. We registered his contract after consulting with lawyers who said we could do it.

Ivan Fedotov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

We had partner lawyers from a foreign company who gave us the opinion that the situation could be interpreted in different ways. We spoke with NHL Vice President Bill Daly to find out how they view this situation. They say that the contract was carried over to the new season, but the player was not notified. The player had force majeure, received a summons and was unable to sign any contract. CSKA is now filing an appeal.

The IIHF recognizes the NHL contract. But he has no signed contract for the 2023/2024 season. The player sent documents indicating that he has a contract only with CSKA ”.

Everything you need to know about the Ivan Fedotov case:

Wow! The FHR temporarily banned Fedotov from playing for CSKA. Chronicles of the main business of our hockey.

On the possibilities of renewing the agreement with the NHL

“A year ago they refused to sign it. I don’t think anything has changed during this period. Of course, in the future we will have to work on this issue and they should also be interested in these issues being resolved more quickly.

Games with NHL clubs in the future? We ourselves made a proposal to hold several matches, the clubs became interested in us, and everything was discussed in the board of directors. We work on this with the NHL, but they are more interested in playing games between their teams and we would like the NHL team to play with our club, for example, Washington – Dynamo, to please our fans. They have their own plans. We have now postponed this conversation.

About the salary cap and Prokhorkin

“Skip the salary cap by re-signing contracts? We are working. We carefully analyze each trade and each signing. You can look at it from different angles. This season the contract goes down and the next goes up. This can be beneficial for the agent and the player, because the contract expires and the same conditions on which the contract ended can already be claimed. Immediately the club, saving now, complicates the task next year, because it will not be possible to negotiate with these players. Without the player’s wish, no one can renew the contract.

Exchange of Prokhorkin in Sochi to terminate the contract? We need to change the rules. Two years from now, the same bonuses will be included in the salary cap. We are doing everything possible so that the clubs are in the same conditions and the championship is more attractive”.

About the crossover playoffs

“Was a crossover tie-breaker introduced to separate CSKA from SKA? We worked on this issue for a long time, a working group was created and we put the proposal to a vote of the clubs. They supported the introduction of a crossover tiebreaker starting in the second round. It will give fans more interest in the playoffs.

We did not leave the CSKA and SKA couple, there was no such logic, because nobody knows who will be in the semifinals next year. But now there can be two teams from the West or two teams from the East in the final. There is an intrigue that will add interest to the championship”.

Alexey Morozov and Sergey Dobrokhvalov

Photo: KHL press service

On the limit of legionnaires and their naturalization

“We want to show that the limit should be increased. The KHL considers five to be the best option. Next year we will sit down from the Ministry of Sports, we will discuss the issue.

The naturalization of legionnaires is the voluntary will of a person. Everything is done according to the law. We don’t see any problem here. When our national team returns to international competitions, coaches will have more options.”

On the new Russians in the KHL:

New Russians. Who and why among foreigners becomes Russian in the KHL?

About the opportunity to refuse to hold the championship of Russia and become independent.

“There is a law. All competitions held in Russia must be controlled by the Ministry of Sports. Without them, no professional competition can be held. You have to be on the competition calendar. If we don’t get involved, bookmakers won’t be able to accept bets on our matches, players won’t be able to get rankings, etc. We live by these laws. FHR is the controlling organization.

I repeat, at the moment we have a law on sports that the Russian Hockey Federation organizes competitions. We all respect the law and we must coordinate the celebration of the championship with the FHR. That’s the law.”

On the possibility of new clubs joining the KHL

“How is the work of incorporating new clubs into the KHL going, in particular Sokol? We work a lot with Lada and show everyone how to do it. At the moment we have not received any more applications to join the KHL. Everyone understands that infrastructure will be needed: a stadium, hotels. We will not drag anyone into the league. There has to be the will of the region, of the team, of the management of the Club. We are in contact with Krasnoyarsk. So far they don’t talk about wanting to join the KHL.”

About relations SKA – Sochi and SKA – Lada

“Before in the KHL everyone was talking about the exchanges between SKA and Sochi, and now Lada can also find herself in the same situation? So far this is not visible. We will monitor all transfers. A lot of work has been done with the management of Lada upon his return. We worked a lot on this topic during the exchanges between SKA and Sochi. We need to make a decision so that other clubs do not suffer. Perhaps we can set a limit on the movement of players between certain clubs. But if you remember the exchange of Nikishin from Spartak to the SKA, then under the restrictions this would not have happened. We want everyone to be on an equal footing.”

About doping in Tolpar

“We are waiting for RUSADA’s decision. We know what’s going on there. All the other players passed the tests and no doping was found. RUSADA understands that he cannot make a decision quickly. At the moment, players with positive tests are not allowed to play. We’re trying to speed up the process, understand what’s in store for the guys.

Sanctions to the doctor who doped them? RUSADA is investigating. You have to prove guilt. Sanctions are likely. The guys are young, the whole race is ahead.

Alexey Morozov and Sergey Dobrokhvalov

Photo: KHL press service

Sergei Dobrojvalov

On the relationship between the ruble exchange rate and the KHL salary cap

“There is definitely no point in revising the salary ceiling due to the growth of the exchange rate (foreign currencies against the ruble. – Approx. “Championship”). So you can review it four times a year. We definitely won’t do that.”

About showing KHL matches abroad

“It has become more difficult to communicate with foreign partners to show KHL matches, I don’t think there will be any changes compared to last season. We maintain relations with everyone, but foreign partners are afraid. The interest, the public request: all this is there, but the partners are afraid. In India, Africa and China there is still no special interest in the show. First of all, we must work to promote hockey there.”

On the sand for the All-Star Game

Will the KHL All-Star Game take place in St. Petersburg? We do not officially announce the city of the match. I think that in the first weeks of the championship we will do it”.

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