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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Before the arrival of Ancelotti, another coach will work with Brazil. It seems that Neymar brought it

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 23:37:35

Before the arrival of Ancelotti, another coach will work with Brazil. It seems that Neymar brought it

Dmitry Zimin July 5, 2023, 16:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Fernando Diniz will qualify for the World Cup and prepare the national team for the Copa América.

Starting in the summer of 2024, the Brazilian team will be led by Carlo Ancelotti. His candidacy began to be discussed immediately after leaving the 2022 World Cup five times. But then it seemed impossible. After all, back in the summer of 2022, the Italian said that he was not going to work anywhere except at Real Madrid. And when he’s done there, he’ll end his career.

Apparently, the Brazilians were able to find the necessary arguments. And they convinced Ancelotti to lead the team after the end of the contract, that is, from the summer of 2024. The season in Spain will end at the end of May. In the event that Real Madrid reaches the final of the Champions League, at the beginning of June. That is, Carlo will start working with Brazil immediately before the next official tournament: the Copa América, which will start in the US on June 20.

Prior to that, Fernando Diniz was named interim coach. The man is 49 years old. And before that, he managed only clubs.

Carlos Anchelotti

Photo: Florence Tan Jun/Getty Images

In Brazil they believe that Diniz is Neymar’s candidacy. Even though he doesn’t play for the team

First, some context: Tite left the national team immediately after the loss to Croatia. He was terribly crushed by the result in Qatar, because the team already blew up in the quarterfinals. The Brazilian federation did not have a clear decision, so they temporarily appointed Ramón Mendes, from the U-20 team. He played three friendly matches. It was immediately clear that this would not last long.

Will Brazil finally rule again under Ancelotti?

Brazil made a fateful decision. Will the best coach help Neymar win the World Cup?

Ancelotti wanted to see from the summer of 2023. But he refused to terminate his contract with Real Madrid ahead of schedule. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to find a person with similar gaming ideas. According to ESPN, the president of the federation, Ednaldo Rodríguez, met with the team leaders Alison, Casemiro and Marquinhos before the last friendly matches. And he asked his opinion. They unequivocally voted for Diniz. It is alleged that his candidacy was pressured for a long time by Neymar, who still has a great influence on the players of the national team. Although he has not played in the national team since the end of 2022. It was at his request that the current leaders pointed to Diniz.


Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

This is what Neymar wrote about him in the summer of 2022 on social networks: “I really like Diniz. It is a pity that in Brazil they pay very little attention to him.

And so President Rodríguez commented on the appointment of an interim coach.

ednaldo rodriguez

President of the Brazilian Football Federation

“He did not change his philosophy, he always had the same method. And I really like how he progresses tactically. The main thing is that his style is similar to that of Carlo Ancelotti. They have almost the same mentality. This is a very important point.”

It is curious that Diniz, 49, will combine work at Fluminense, which he has led since 2022, with the national team. Since 2009, he has changed jobs 17 (!) Times. True, I went to some clubs several times. There was also status: Atlético Paranaense, Santos, Vasco da Gama, Sao Paulo. He has won the Sao Paulo State Cup twice and the Rio de Janeiro State Championship once.

What games will Diniz play? He definitely has no chance of screwing everything up.

Fernando will prepare the team for eight games: six in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and two friendlies. At the same time, they have already asked him to enter the Ancelotti headquarters in 2024, as well as to go to work in the Brazilian Olympic team to be able to take it to the 2024 Games. Diniz has given his provisional approval, but the date has not yet been confirmed. official appointment.

We predicted the election in favor of Carlo in December:

5 reasons why Ancelotti is the perfect coach of Brazil

He will start working with the national team in September; then the Brazilians are scheduled for the first 2026 World Cup qualifying match with Bolivia. Immediately after – the match with Peru. Until the summer of 2024 we have to play with Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina. In addition, two friendly matches are scheduled in Europe before the start of the Copa América. One of the competitors is Spain. The second team is still unknown.

But in any case, the coach has little chance to mess something up. And complicate Ancelotti’s task of reaching the 2026 World Cup. After all, six of the ten teams in the selection will enter the final part. And the seventh will have a chance to break through in the play-offs. It is hard to imagine Brazil in this capacity.

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