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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Cheat codes for GTA: San Andreas: how to get money, vehicles and weapons

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 11:14:59

Cheat codes for GTA: San Andreas: how to get money, vehicles and weapons

Anatoly Lukmanov July 4, 2023, 14:15 Moscow time

In a cult game, it’s more fun with cheats!

GTA: San Andreas is, without exaggeration, a cult game on which more than one generation of gamers has grown. As soon as we learn about the cheat codes, we completely forget about the plot and just have fun, like in no other game.

Tired of the police? You can call a tank from the sky and destroy everything around you. Do you want to buy cool clothes? Just enter the coveted command and get millions of dollars. We remind you of all the cheat codes that abound in GTA: San Andreas.

The most famous tricks

Cheat CodeWhat it doesHESOYAMRecovers health, gives armor and $250kBAGUVIXGives infinite health with protection against bullets, fire and impactAEZAKMIThe police will not react to your actionsVKYPQCFMaximum resistanceLFGMHALSight jumpYECGAAGet a jetpackAEDUWNVCJ does not want to eat moreNATURALTALENTAll skills are pumped to the maximumASNAEB Eliminates all starsLJSPQ KIncrease the star level to 6

Photo: Rockstar Games

weapon cheats

Cheat Code What It Does LXGIWYLA Amateur Weapon Set (Knife, Bat, 9mm Pistol, Shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, Spray Paint) KJKSZPJ Professional Weapon Set (Knife, Desert Eagle Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun) , Tec -9, M4, Sniper Rifle, Fire Extinguisher, Flamethrower, Grenades)UZUMYMWPsycho Weapons Pack (Chainsaw, Silenced Pistol, Combat Shotgun, MP5, M4, Stinger, Remote Explosive)FULLCLIPInfinite ammo and no reload shotsNCSGDAGThe level of Highest skill of all weapon species OUIQDMW Auto-aim when shooting from a vehicle

Tricks to get transportation

Cheat CodeWhat Does AIWPRTONMeanGet Tank?KRIJEBROGet LimousinePDNEJOHOGet Hotring Racer 73RZHSUEWGet Golf Cart AKJJYGLCOget ATVAMOMHREROGet Tow TruckJUMPJETObtain HydraOHDUDE FighterGet Hunter HelicopterUBHYZHQGet Dump TruckJQNTDMHGOget JeepA GBDLCIDOget Big Wheel JeepEEGCYXTOget BulldozerKGGGDKPOget Airbag

Photo: Rockstar Games

Cheats for CJ status and the gang in the city

Cheat codeWhat it doesOGXSDAGGrespects the mostEHIBXQSOGives maximum attractiveness to girlsBTCDBCBMakes CJ fatKVGYZQKMakes CJ thinBUFFMEUPincreases CJC’s musclesVWKXAMInfinite OxygenEEGCYXTGang members replace ordinary people and fight each other constantly

Cheats for traffic and car settings.

Cheat CodeWhat it doesCOXEFGUGives nitro to all carsCPKTNWTCars in area explodeXICWMDAAll vehicles turn transparentZEIIVGTraffic lights are always greenYLTEICZAggressive drivers appear and run over everyoneLLQPFBNAll cars turn pinkIOWDLACAll cars turn blackRIPAZHACars start to take off when acceleratingBGKGTJHS only cheap cars circulate around the city and slow carsGUSNHDEOnly expensive and fast cars drive around the cityJCNRUADOther vehicles come into contact with your car explodes

Photo: Rockstar Games

time and time

Cheat Code What It DoesAFZLLQLSSunny WeatherALNSFMZOCloudy WeatherAUIVRVQSRainy WeatherCFVFGMJMisty WeatherMGHXYRMStorm CWJXUOCSystormYSOHNULASpeed ​​Up TimePPGWJHTASpeed ​​Up GameLIYOAAYSlow Down TimeXJVSNAJIt’s always midnight in the game (00:00)OFVIACAlways Orange Sky

Photo: Rockstar Games

other tricks

Cheat CodeWhat it doesAJLOJYQYPeople fight with golf clubsFOOOXFTATAll people have gunsSZCMAWOCJ commits suicideASBHGRBElvises go everywhereIAVENJQHits really hardCRAZYTOWNAll villagers go crazy and kill each otherSJMAHPERrecruit any man and give him a gunBEKKNQVCJ attracts girlsAF PHULTLIncludes theme nin jaBGLUAWMLVillagers kill each other with rocket launcher

Vice City was also fun with cheats

GTA: Vice City cheats: how to get money, weapons and vehicles

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