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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Does Riccardo have a chance to replace Perez and will McLaren catch up with Ferrari? Grand Prix Analysis

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 18:23:56

Does Riccardo have a chance to replace Perez and will McLaren catch up with Ferrari? Grand Prix Analysis

Jul 24, 2023 10:00 UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Egor Orudzhev assesses the highlights of the stage in Hungary and declines to praise Peres for a breakthrough.

Egor Orudzhev, permanent expert of the Championship, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series, answered the main questions after the results of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, which ended with a new victory for Max Verstappen.

How do you explain that difference in Red Bull’s pace in qualifying and the race with identical setups?

Apparently the updates they brought helped with the tires. It’s all hackneyed – if you take time out of the lap and can drive at the same pace without slipping on the track, the rubber will live noticeably better and there will be a difference in pace as a result.

What do you think of the incident with the Verstappen Cup on the podium? Has something similar ever happened to you in your career?

No, I haven’t. In general, a fun curiosity. I wonder if a new cup will be made for Verstappen?

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Perez: the hero of the race when starting from ninth or not?

Not once again. There is no heroism in losing another qualifying and driving slow cars. It’s not the second, which means the job isn’t done.

Could Hamilton have done something different at the start to at least not miss out on two McLarens?

If he had started better, then the lineup would have been different. He could have been a little more aggressive on the second turn, maybe Norris would have been left behind.

How was the Hungarian Grand Prix? The main thing:

A great record from Red Bull and Verstappen – no one has won in F-1 for so long!

Every time someone has problems in qualifying, because they were passed at the end of the warm-up lap. This time with Russell. Can you do something about it?

Nothing. Although of course you can come up with a different qualifying format, where everyone rides separately. But then there will be complaints about how boring and unfair it is, because the last one to go has the advantage. So that’s part of the game. Yes, you have to be cocky and find a place for yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult, but that’s part of racing. There are 50 cars in the GT World Challenge, and somehow they manage.

What do you think of the new ranking format?

By the way, I like this format. Many cars look different depending on the rubber. This results in more unpredictability.

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McLaren is 80 points behind Ferrari and 97 points behind Aston. Will it catch up or not?

They have all the possibilities. At the moment, McLaren looks like the second team in the peloton, and there are still many stages to go. If they continue to upgrade/improve the car, then there are many possibilities.

He comments on Zhou’s bowling at the beginning.

Guanyu was simply wrong. Perhaps he affected the lost start, and did not calculate on the braking.

How the Alfa Romeo driver caused the accident:


The F-1 driver fell asleep at first, and then knocked out three! Bowling at the Hungarian Grand Prix by Zhou

What do you think of Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1?

Great what to say. I didn’t quite understand how he ended up being taller than Tsunoda. After all, after the first lap, he was last and made the second pit stop very early. But the tactic paid off. The fact that he was able to pass at the same time as Tsunoda in qualifying, that’s great. But he doesn’t know the car. That’s great, it will be interesting later.

Does Daniel have a real chance of making it to Red Bull in 2025 or even 2024?

That is the question to ask Sergio. Everything is in his hands. If he gets second place then Riccardo will have little chance. After all, why does a team need two leaders and throw the blanket in the pits, if it can have a leader and a stable runner-up? So I guess it’s all in Cheko’s hands.

Is anyone else in danger of being sacked from F1 before the end of this season?

Perhaps Ferrari strategists?

Choose the worst racing driver in Hungary:


Who is the worst Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix driver?

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