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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Harrison Ford Returns to ‘Indiana Jones’ One Last Time: ‘Wheel of Fate’ Movie Review

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:37:18

For me, “Indiana Jones” is an emblematic series. As a child, I would laugh at the execution of a pretentious swordsman, worry about the missing hat, and point the hero to the correct Grail. It seems I cleaned all three cassettes down to the holes and knew each scene by heart.

It was for such fans that the Wheel of Fate was made. It’s a nostalgic old-fashioned movie that feels like it was made 40 years ago. Unfortunately, this approach has not only advantages, but also catastrophic disadvantages.

The video is available on Meloman Afisha’s YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Disney.

Film premiere in Russia

Officially, “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate” will not be shown in Russia, but the theatrical release is still expected. It is unknown when, as the main distributor of Hollywood movies stopped its activities due to pirates and competitors.

What happened:

In Russia stopped the release of new Hollywood films

good old indiana jones

“Wheel of Fate” pleases fans from the very beginning. It all starts with a flashback in which Indiana infiltrates a Nazi hideout. For this episode, the hero has been elegantly rejuvenated: the ’80s Harrison Ford feel is real on screen. Jones has classic activities: he jumps on the roof of a train, easily defeating enemies and making sarcastic comments even while hanging.

The scenery, the fights, the jokes, the images of the characters – all this is shown so well that you immediately return to childhood. This is how Indiana solved problems 40 years ago, this is how it twisted the enemy’s finger.

Unfortunately, the outdated approach has enough problems. Take at least the details that you did not bother with. Escaping from the Nazis, Indiana opens the car door, knocking out the driver with a powerful jab and knocking him to the ground. The hero is already stepping on the accelerator, but that’s bad luck: a German officer and his entourage sit in the back seats.

The question immediately arises: “How did they not notice the poor knocked out man next to the wheelbarrow?” But it’s better if the movie doesn’t ask such questions.

young indiana looks great

Photo: Disney

With the main plot, where Jones got tired of adventuring and retired, the situation is similar. Once upon a time, banal adventures for the sake of another artifact were great fun, but by 2023 there were too many movies with a similar idea. Now the viewer needs to be entertained not only with platform jumping and talk about old things, but also with drama, unexpected turns, an interesting villain.

On the “Wheel of Fate” all this is not.

The plot is simple, not even Mads Mikkelsen saves the image of the antagonist, and the mysticism is prohibitively ridiculous.

Mikkelsen tries hard, but the script killed the villain

Photo: Disney

However, fans will easily forgive the outdated approach, laughing at Jones’ jokes, rooting for him in fights, and shedding tears in the finale. But if you’ve never been crazy about Indiana, you’ll get bored quickly.

Harrison Ford is the heart of the film and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is its engine.

Harrison Ford is already 80 years old, but it seems that he only wins and gains charisma. Do not expect from the legend of the previous fuse and cool tricks, but with acting, he is fine.

When Ford’s hero looks at the enemy, the flames flare up. When joking, the villains make biting one-liners. When he smiles, even a cold heart melts. We have a great actor in front of us, and every minute of the film confirms this.

Although Indiana does not want adventures this time: he is tired and longs for peace. Therefore, Jones’ niece, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, becomes the engine of the film. The actress rose to fame when she wrote the script and starred in Fleabag. She then appeared in Han Solo, she came up with Killing Eve and made Bond’s farewell as touching as possible.

In Wheel of Fate, the heroine Phoebe is the personification of passion and energy. She drives the action, adds drama, and wows with laughter. If the old people go to the movies for Jones, then the new audience will love his niece more. It’s nice that Waller-Bridge sometimes steps off the writer’s desk and is allowed to shine in blockbusters.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is adorable

Photo: Disney

But Mads Mikkelsen is nothing to praise. He plays normally, but he has the villain too bland. It’s hard to believe that someone came up with such a banal motivation for the character.

Worth seeing?

If you’ve been a fan of Indiana Jones since childhood, you’ll love Wheel of Fate. This is a normal adventure movie with lively fights and good jokes. But for everyone else, it’s better to skip the novelty: it’s painfully old-fashioned.


Young Indiana looks amazing. Harrison Ford is still good. Looking at the Phoebe Waller Bridge is nice.

I dont like him

Banal argument The villain is terrible Mystique clashes with the absurd.

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