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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“Have a headache”. The great goalkeeper was up in arms against Wimbledon for the admission of the Russians

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 14:37:23

Tennis has become the sport where sanctions against Russian and Belarusian players turned out to be as light as possible. When in 2022 sports organizations began to withdraw participants from Russia and Belarus en masse, the ATP and WTA limited themselves to ordering them to compete in neutral status. However, this was not enough for the Wimbledon organizers, and they eliminated the Russians and Belarusians, for which the ATP and WTA deprived him of rating points. In effect, the tournament became an exhibition, although it remained incredibly prestigious.

This year Wimbledon has gone down the drain. Tennis players from Russia and Belarus were still allowed to play, but on the condition that they sign a declaration of neutrality. However, the great Czech hockey goalie Dominik Hasek, who had previously criticized Russia on more than one occasion, did not like this. According to Hasek, such a Wimbledon decision is nothing more than… a CBO announcement.

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“Yes, this year Wimbledon made an excellent announcement for the special operation (the wording was changed in accordance with the official position of the Russian Federation). The organizers of the WTA, ATP and Wimbledon are responsible. However, the government of a country can always ban or expel foreigners! Will the Czech government be able to do this at the WTA tournament in Prague in August? Dominik wrote on his Twitter page.

At the same time, Hasek was not embarrassed that the previous Wimbledon clearly outlined the position on the decision in relation to Russian and Belarusian tennis players. Sally Bolton, general manager of the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), which is in charge of organizing the tournament, said everything went well. “It’s a difficult decision. But we think it’s the right one for this year’s competition. All these athletes are competing as neutrals. They all signed the declaration. Everything went very well,” Bolton quoted the Daily Echo.

And even the world’s first racket, Iga Sviontek, spoke in a stylized way. “What will be the reaction of the Wimbledon fans to the performances of the players from Russia and Belarus? It’s hard for me to guess what the audience will do. I think it’s good that Wimbledon asks the players to state their position and asks them what they think about the situation in Ukraine, who they support. We have to show good values, which is what I personally intend to do. Taking into account the events of the past year, I think this is fair, ”the WTA press service quotes Swiatek.

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What else did Hasek say?

Why does Hasek so regularly criticize Russia? Perhaps he is trying to fill his worth as a politician? Very possible. It was previously reported that on July 11, the Czech will address members of the European Parliament with a proposal for Russian and Belarusian athletes. The former goalkeeper will recommend excluding Russians and Belarusians from sports competitions. Hasek will speak to the most influential MEPs from the main factions and committees, including, for example, former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, French and Baltic politicians and others. He is also scheduled to meet the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

And in June, Hasek encouraged athletes from Russia and Belarus to ask questions about political issues. “If for the media, journalists, life is more valuable than any game, then such questions should be asked of Sobolenko, Ovechkin and all Russian and Belarusian athletes after each match! Let’s stop being afraid of the NHL, WTA and ATP, they are trying to intimidate you.

Dominik Hasek at the Nagano Olympics

Photo: Getty Images

To all journalists and media. Do you think it is more important after the match to ask Sobolenko, Ovechkin and other Russian and Belarusian athletes about winning shots and goals or about their attitude towards Russia’s actions (wording has been changed in accordance with the official position of the Russian Federation)?” he wrote on his twitter.

At the same time, not everyone in the Czech Republic agrees with Hasek. Czech journalist Adam Foreit commented on Dominik’s criticism of the Czech government for not prohibiting Czechs from acting in Russia at the legislative level. “It is interesting that Hasek does not want to point fingers at individual citizens who have consciously decided to work in Russia. He prefers to simply deprive them of that choice. Every player who is now going to play in Russia for the financial enrichment of himself and his family makes it clear that he does not care about everything else that happens off the ice. Never let any of these players represent a country that respects human rights again. After all, they chose themselves.

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In addition, Hasek calls for Russian athletes to be banned from participating in Western competitions such as the NHL, ATP, WTA, because they allegedly advertise Russia. I’m not sure that collective punishment of people can lead to anything good in the long run. Dominik Hasek also recently admitted that he is thinking about a political career in the future. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. As stubborn as Hasek is in his beliefs, he lacks a broader long-term view, and it’s clear that he exaggerates the least important. We don’t need such politicians”, Extra.cz quotes a Czech journalist.

And our legendary Olympic hockey champions Vyacheslav Fetisov and Boris Mayorov spoke more clearly and succinctly about the regular attacks on Russia by Hasek, who played for Spartak in 2010-2011. “Nothing surprises me anymore. In general, Dominik played with us; in my opinion, he played for good money. Why do you deprive others of this opportunity to play and win? Some shit happens. Let him return the money he earned here, then everything will be fair,” Fetisov said in an interview with VseProSport.

“Dominik Hasek is a fool. It is surprising that a person who played in Russia for Spartak for a whole year is doing such things. And it is absolutely impossible to understand what Russia did wrong to him. Why so much negativity towards our country? It’s very sad to hear those things from him. But maybe he just has problems with his head, that’s all, ”Mayorov said in an interview with RT in June.

How do the Russians perform at Wimbledon?

In men’s singles, Andrey Rublev and Roman Safiullin have already reached the fourth round, and Daniil Medvedev has already reached the third round. Aslan Karatsev withdrew from the fight in the second round, losing to Rublev and Alexander Shevchenko in the first.

In women’s singles in the third round of the tournament, the Russian derby Anastasia Potapova – Mirra Andreeva will take place. In addition, Ekaterina Alexandrova and Anna Blinkova will try to reach the 1/8 finals; the latter will have a match with the second racket in the world, Arina Sobolenko. Daria Kasatkina dropped the fight in the third round, Veronika Kudermetova – in the second, Lyudmila Samsonova, Kamilla Rakhimova and Margarita Betova (nee Gasparyan) – in the first.

Wimbledon 2023 runs until July 16. Follow all the events in the “Championship”.

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