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Monday, May 20, 2024
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He left the taxi driver and woke up famous. Where did the main MMA pop philosopher Murad Legend come from?

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 09:24:00

He left the taxi driver and woke up famous. Where did the main MMA pop philosopher Murad Legend come from?

Igor Nekrasov February 8, 2024, 13:00 Moscow time

“You damaged the example of your sisters,” head shaking and uncompromising fights made Murad a star of freak fights.

In MMA pop culture, which has become very popular lately, there are many colorful characters. However, not all of them can attract attention, but there is one who literally entered the industry like a whirlwind and became one of the most popular participants in monster fights. We are talking about the main philosopher of pop MMA, Murad the Legend.

Israpil Magomedovich Ramazanov, or Murad the Legend, became popular by pure chance. But he grabbed this opportunity with both hands and won’t let it pass him by. In the summer of 2021, Ramazanov became the hero of a video posted on the Internet by autoblogger and taxi driver Vadim Ivanov. During the taxi ride, Ramazanov behaved very eccentrically, made a lot of noise and cursed, while uttering phrases that later became memes. The next day, the video went viral on the Internet and Ramazanov, who never paid the taxi driver, became instantly popular and received the nickname Murad the Legend.

Why are pop MMA fights so popular?

We live in the era of pop MMA and abnormal fights. Why is this so popular?

Famous blogger and founder of the Hype FC league Askhab Tamaev took part in Murad’s promotion. He made several videos with Ramazanov, gave him a BMW and invited him to fights in his promotion. Then Israpil ended up in pop MMA, where he gained even more popularity. It must be said that Murad showed himself quite well in the cage, especially in wrestling: good physical data allowed Ramazanov to win victories and get even more PR. And, of course, there would be no popularity if it were not for Murad’s behavior. Or his legendary phrase “You offend your sisters with examples”, which no one could understand for a long time, or a sudden somersault on his head during a press conference, or flying off a chair – Ramazanov constantly remained in the news, although not always in a positive way.

Legend of Murad

Photo: from personal archive.

Several times Murad found himself involved in various unpleasant situations, which ended with trips to the police station and fines. At the same time, Ramazanov continued his performances in martial arts and moved to the “Our Business” league, where he suffered the first defeat of his career against Andrei Cherkasov. By the way, after this the Legend took revenge on Cherkasov, convincingly winning the second fight.

It must be said that Ramazanov did not always meet equal opponents in the cage. For example, he fought against a taxi driver whom he had not paid and, of course, won confidently. Or he fought with Oleg Mongol, who did not equal Murad either in age or weight category. However, except for a defeat by Cherkasov, Ramazanov scored victories in all other fights.

Another MMA pop star: Oleg Mongol:

He defeated Otar Kushanashvili and broke his bazooka hands. Who is Oleg Mongol?

The fights between Murad and Vadim Vadimych stand out. Ramazanov met the blogger twice and won twice. But the most interesting thing was not the fights themselves, but the promotion of him. It was at the press conferences before the fights with Vadim Vadimych that the phrase “You hurt the example of your sisters” appeared, which perhaps became a slogan for the entire pop MMA industry. Any Ramazanov press conference is a show that he puts on, perhaps unintentionally. The legend is not entirely clear, but the funny and aggressive comments led to the fact that, summing up the results of the year, the “Our Cause” promotion recognized Murad as the philosopher of the year. Well, just like industry, so are philosophers.

Legend of Murad

Photo: From personal archive.

The eccentric Murad continues to gain popularity and is almost the main star in the world of pop MMA. He gets millions of views at press conferences, at fights, and actually looks good in the cage. Of course, it makes no sense to compare his level with that of a professional fighter, but in pop MMA you still have to look for a person who can force Murad to fight.

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