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How did the judges not punish Verstappen and will Sainz become the leader of Ferrari? Singapore Analysis

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:58:41

How did the judges not punish Verstappen and will Sainz become the leader of Ferrari? Singapore Analysis

September 18, 2023, 15:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Egor Orudzhev analyzes Russell’s accident, Lawson’s great performance and Stroll’s decision not to start.

The permanent expert of the championship, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series, Egor Orudzhev, answered the main questions after the results of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, which for the first time in a long time ended with a victory that was not for Max Verstappen.

Is Red Bull’s decline an isolated event or has it been affected by a new FIA directive?

I don’t know, but the next race will answer that. For now, this is a simple guess. On the one hand, yes, there was no speed all weekend, even during daytime practice, but Singapore is a special track. I remember that during the times of their dominance, Mercedes also suddenly started driving slowly here. Then we will find out everything in Suzuka.

How do you explain Russell’s accident at the end of the race?

George was simply wrong. I don’t think he copied Norris’s maneuver, which also touched the wall. Rather, I went a little wider than necessary. There is only one path in that place. But when you drive very close to a car, you are always a little wider than the person in front. First of all, so that the result is better (straighter). Secondly, so that aerodynamic grip is lost a little less. And Russell just went a little overboard. At that moment you don’t look at the wall he touched: you look inside the turn. And maybe more. So it’s just a very small mistake in a very unfortunate place for such a mistake.

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Did Sainz take too much risk when he allowed Norris to enter the DRS zone?

Since Norris was never able to attack him, it means that everything was under control. It is one thing to defend yourself against a car with tires similar in condition to yours and another when there is a difference in the composition. Carlos did everything well.

Could Sainz demote Leclerc to Ferrari’s number two spot?

No, it can’t. So far there have been two races in a row where he was ahead. But in Monza Leclerc’s pace was better. This time there was a difference. He wouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly. Now they are not fighting for the championship and therefore can fight each other.

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Pérez received 5 seconds for contact with Albon and nothing for contact with Tsunoda. What do you think of these verdicts?

Analyzing the judges’ decisions in F1 is a useless exercise. No stability. In the same situations, different drivers will receive different penalties. Five seconds to throw a person against a wall is, in my opinion, strange. Everything is obvious there.

Verstappen was not sanctioned for any of the three qualifying episodes…

I’m surprised Max wasn’t penalized for the pit lane episode. Stopping in the fast lane for 18 seconds and getting nothing… Just amazing! The Tsunoda blockade? The judges “were on top” this weekend. In my opinion, they did a simply disgusting job.

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Lawson finished in the top 10 and scored his first points. Do you already have a contract for 2024?

Liam looks great. It’s great that he gets one more race and if he shows up there too, Red Bull will have to think hard. I am always in favor of young people and I would be happy if they signed him.

How would you comment on Stroll’s brutal accident in qualifying? Was it the right decision not to start?

I don’t know if they made the right decision or not. Yes, Lance got out of the car himself, but no one outside knows if he was injured or if there was a painful shock, since Stroll jumped out of the car so quickly. Or maybe there was something else. It is possible that Aston simply failed to prepare the car. When people withdraw from a race like this, it means there are reasons they don’t want to express to the public. I will not speculate on whether it is right or wrong: only they from the inside know the full picture.

Walk after a fall in the classification


Will Red Bull win all the remaining Grands Prix? If not, from whom do we expect victories?

We will find out in Japan, but now this question has lost its former interest. They haven’t won all the races. It is clear that the championship is still a first leg, Max’s championship is also a matter of time. So what difference does it make if they win seven more races in a row or two? They’ve already won 15, right? But if the loss of pace is really related to the directive, then it will be interesting. Then both Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren will be able to continue competing.

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